6 Big Brands and How They Use Their Facebook Pages

Facebook of course is, by far and wide, the most popular social networking website out there, and the statistics are just amazing; they pretty much speak for themselves: over 1 billion registered users (that’s 1 in every 7 people on the earth!), with over half-a-billion active users!

Which is why it is such a great marketing and advertisment platform for brands, businesses, organizations and companies.

Therefore business – small or large – NEED to have a strong presence on social media, in particular on Facebook. This is a fact, and there’s no two ways about it.

All successful business in the world have made concious asnd concerted efforts into creating a strong presence on Facebook.

Here are the Facebook pages of 5 of the most biggest brands on Facebook, and the lessons that all business can learn from their success:

1. Facebook

facebook's official facebook business page

(No. of likes: 90 million)

Rather unsurprisingly, it is Facebook’s very own official page (Facebook on Facebook!), that takes the cake as far as the biggest pages on Facebook go. At the time of writing, the Facebook page has crossed the 90 million ‘Likes’ mark, making it the biggest, most-liked page on Facebook.

While the page isn’t one of the most active I’ve come across – Facebook updates it a few times every month at the most – what makes it really successful is the fact that it is used effectively. This means that Facebook uses this page to post content that has a universal appeal – such as interesting content from all over the world, how people and businesses are using Facebook effectively, as well as other videos.

They also use it to provide updates about the social network to people through this page (such as this post on Graph Search), and interesting statistics.

2. Youtube

youtube's official facebook business page

(No. of likes: 72.6 million)

Youtube’s official Facebook page is closing towards 73 million likes on Facebook at the time of writing. And it’s easy to see why.

Youtube uses it’s official Facebook page to not only post news and updates about the video-hosting website itself, but also shares interesting videos and content posted on Youtube by people like you and me as well.

It also posts new videos and content from famous celebrities, musicians and bands on it’s page. The page is quite active, and several updates are posted each day.

Hence, all people looking for interesting content and videos to watch on Youtube need to do is Like their Facebook page, and they will have it delivered right on their timelines!

3. McDonald’s

mcdonalds official facebook business page

(No. likes: 27.8 million)

McDonald’s official Facebook page has just under 28 millions likes.

McDonald’s uses the page to post interesting updates about the company itself. In particular, updates about new additions to the menu in McDonald’s outlets all over the world are posted.

In addition, McDonald’s also regularly engages with it’s customers, such as by asking questions like these, and keeps the page active by posting several updates.

Their page is quite multimedia-rich and almost every McDonald’s post is accompanied with images – which is a great strategy since images are said to increase the user engagement. They use images of food as their cover photos, which is actually a pretty good marketing strategy since that is the first thing one sees when landing on a Facebook page.

Another great thing about their page is it’s description, which says: “Dedicated to everyone who says, “i’m lovin’ it”. To our super fans – We salute you.” A nice gesture which makes their fans feel special.

4. Coca Cola

coca colas official facebook business page

(No. of likes: 62 million)

Coca Cola’s Facebook was actually started by 2 Coke fans, and today the page has a massive 62 million likes!

The page description says: “The Coca-Cola Facebook Page is a collection of your stories showing how people from around the world have helped make Coke into what it is today.”

Now owned by the company, the page is used to post periodic updates about the organization, especially some of its marketing campaigns. It also posts images aimed at advocating a lifestyle of positive change and social good. It also asks users to adhere to certain rules when posting on, or interacting with their page.

One of the things I like about their page is that they don’t ‘sell’ or hawk Coke products on the page.

Another really cool aspect about the page is the various ways it encourages and promotes engagement. Coke’s Facebook page uses Facebook applications to encourage people to participate and engage with the brand. Check them out.

5. Victoria’s Secret

victorias secrets official facebook business page

(No. of likes: 21.9 million)

The popular lingerie and women’s apparel retailer Victoria’s Secret has been able to build a massive following on Facebook, and is quite close to hitting 22 million Likes on Facebook. And it is no surprise that the brand has been able to build such a massive following, and is so popular on Facebook.

The company uses the page to spread the word and promote their products, post updates about promos and rewards, and of course post images and videos of some of the most stunning women you will ever see!

The page is very product-oriented, which means you will mostly find updates about their products on it – which isn’t a bad thing by any means. Updates are frequent, and almost all of them are accompanied with an image or a video of either the brand itself, or one of it’s products.

Victoria’s Secret also uses Facebook apps in order to increase engagement, drive sales, and allow customers to get in touch with the company – there are apps for singing up for the company’s official mailing list, getting in touch with their customer service, looking for job openings at the organization, and subscribing to their instagram feed.

Their Facebook page description, which reads “Welcome to the official Victoria’s Secret page, where Angels, Bombshells & the sexiest fans on Facebook get their fix for everything VS” does a great job of connecting with their fans by making them feel special.

6. MTV

mtv's official facebook business page

(No. of likes: 43 million)

I was a bit surprised to discover that MTV has such a massive following on Facebook, which also makes it one of the biggest business-pages on Facebook. However once you go on their page, it’d easy to see why this is the case.

The page has tons of content – and updates are posted numerous times in a single day. But above all, MTV’s Facebook page does a tremendous job in reaching out to it’s demographic and tagret market through it’s Facebook page.

Like a business who knows who it wants to target, MTV posts periodic updates about musicians, bands, artists and popular celebrities, as well as related to popular movies, TV shows, and other things from mainstream media.

For instance at the time of writing, most of the updates on the page were a part of a campaign designed to spread the word about the MTV Movie Awards scheduled for the 14th of April 2013. MTV asks its Facebook fans to vote for best performances, and people who they would like to see win in different categories. A very good engagement strategy!

They’ve even developed a Facebook app for the awards.

Most of the updates are quite interesting, and are accompanied by images and link back to the MTV official website.

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