How Brands Took Advantage of Facebook Downtime

Facebook apparently went down for a few hours this past Monday, and the internets, perhaps unsurprisingly, went berserk without their favorite social media website! The social website was back to a 100% after just a few hours however. Brands and businesses – big and small – however, took to Twitter and other social networking websites in order to take advantage of this downtime and post some pretty interesting tweets, and of course get information across.

Here’s how a few brands used #FacebookDown as a marketing opportunity and took to Twitter to market themselves, and post important and even clever messages during the outage:















  1. Hahaha! Everyone had a mean of capitalizing on it! Some of those tweets were indeed funny!

    • Emma Jackson says:

      Haha yes. If you search the hashtag #FacebookDown on Twitter, you’ll come across some very funny tweets!

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