Thrive Themes releases Rise Theme

Rise theme is the latest member of the Thrive Themes club. This new theme has a simple, polished design that focuses on readability and typography and it's ideal for both bloggers and affiliate marketers. In fact, it was designed with input from expert affiliate marketer, Zac Johnson himself … [Read more...]

Windows 8.1 Unveiled: What’s New for Business Users

Big Microsoft Windows update alert! Microsoft last week unveiled the first major update to Windows 8, dubbed Windows 8.1. And from the looks of it, it seems like a major update! Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 8, was released in October last year, and received a very mixed reception, mostly … [Read more...]

Facebook Planning to Give it’s ‘Notes’ App an Upgrade To Rival Tumblr

If rumors are to be believed, Facebook is planning to give it's 'Notes' app a much-needed overhaul in order to compete with microblogging platforms, such as Tumblr in particular. Notes, as you may recall, was (and still is) Facebook's blogging platform. It comes as an 'app' with every Facebook … [Read more...]

Interesting Things to Come Out of Google I/O

Google's keynote conference, the Google I/O, is an annual developer-focused conference keynote held by tech-giant Google on an annual basis. I/O stands for Innovation in the Open. The Google I/O features highly technical, in-depth sessions focusing on many of Google's products and services, … [Read more...]

YouTube to Launch Paid Subscriptions for Certain Video Channels

According to reports, YouTube is ready to roll-out a pay-to-subscribe model for certain video channels - which means that users will be charged money in order to subscribe to certain YouTube channels, and watch videos. Reports claim that this paid-subscriptions or 'premium-content' mechanism has … [Read more...]

3.4m Defected Vehicles Recalled (& Other Big Automobile Recalls)

Automotive giants Honda, Nissan and Toyota have recalled 3.4 million vehicles as part of a global recall after a fault was discovered with their front passenger-side airbags. According to five separate incidents - two in the US and three in Japan - faulty airbags, manufactured by leading Japanese … [Read more...]

7 April Fools’ 2013 Pranks By Businesses

Personally, I'm not a big fan of April Fools', but even I'll admit, some of the pranks are quite entertaining to say the least! Even corporations and businesses have started to get in on the act - from Google tot Hulu to Canon to Twitter and just about anyone else that you can think of - playing … [Read more...]

Samsung Pushing the Envelope with Its New Flagship Phone; Galaxy S4 Will Come With Eye-Tracking Scrolling!

Electronics giant Samsung must’ve made a fortune with their super-popular Android-powered Galaxy line of phones and tablets. The Galaxy S-series phones have proven to be extremely popular, have broken numerous sales records, and safe to say, have given the likes of Apple (and the iPhone), HTC, Nokia … [Read more...]

iPhone Goes From Being the Best-Ranked Device in Customer Satisfaction to 5th Best

iPhone 5 has been around for a good few months now, and whatever your opinion about the new iPhone and Apple as a company might be, you have to admit that it is one of the most powerful, capable and aesthetically-pleasing smartphones in the market right now. As promised, Apple gave the iPhone 5 a … [Read more...]