Facebook Planning to Give it’s ‘Notes’ App an Upgrade To Rival Tumblr

If rumors are to be believed, Facebook is planning to give it’s ‘Notes’ app a much-needed overhaul in order to compete with microblogging platforms, such as Tumblr in particular.

Notes, as you may recall, was (and still is) Facebook’s blogging platform. It comes as an ‘app’ with every Facebook account, and lets users post write and share blog posts on their Facebook profiles, tag their friends in them, and share their blog posts with their friend-list.

Notes was never the most popular Facebook app – unlike, for instance the Events, Messages or the Photos app. And after the last Facebook redesign and the Timeline interface that came along with it, the Notes app was pretty much dead and forgotten.

Now though, Facebook intends to change that – and give Tumblr a run for it’s money too!

Tumblr, as you may or may not know, is a very popular micro-blogging-slash-social-networking website, that allows users to create and design their own blogs, post short (or long) posts, add multimedia to their posts (images, videos, the whole shindig), share their blogs posts with others, as well as add tags to their blogs and images in order to be found easily. Users can also make their blogs private.

Tumblr has been announced since 2006, and has steadily rose in prominence – as of May 2013, it hosts more than 108 million blogs and contains 50.8 billion posts in total! Last month, Tumblr was bought by Yahoo! for a cool $1.1 billion. It was rumored that Facebook was also one of the parties interested in purchasing the micro-blogging platform, but it is believed that they were out-bid by Yahoo’s mega-offer.

Now though, it appears that a design overhaul for Notes is in the works.

Earlier, TechCrunch reported that Facebook had hired the team from Storylane back in March for this very purpose. Storylane is a blogging platform described by its founders as “the home for personal thoughts and stories that go deeper than a quick Facebook or Twitter update”.

Notes were launched back in 2006, however it’s use has been sporadic at best. Notes essentially provides a very no-frills, stripped-down version of blogging. For instance you can’t change the skins or the interface in any way whatsoever, and the only thing you can do is write a simple blog-post, add images and videos, and that’s about it.

In essence, it is a place where you can essentially write a longer version of a status update.

But now it seems Facebook means business, and hopefully, users will wake up to a shinier and better version of Notes very soon.

And when it comes to integrating Facebook with blogging, there’s plenty of potential too, what with a billion people on Facebook – with more than half of them active users. If Facebook does go ahead with this, it will certainly give Tumblr a run for it’s money (it won’t be easy, since Tumblr has quite a loyal fanbase) and it ultimately might even go on and rival some of the big boys (like WordPress) at some point in the future.

Watch this space for more Notes and Facebook updates in the coming weeks.