How to Start a Business or Personal Fan Page on Facebook

A Facebook fan page is an excellent multipurpose tool to get the word out about something, get exposure, build backlinks, build a following, spreading awareness, build rapport with your fans and followers, promote a brand or a business, promote an event or an activity, to use as a marketing platform, and tons of other things!

Businesses as well as individuals are using Facebook pages to get the word out about themselves, and why not. Facebook pages are free, and above all, Facebook is now home to over 1 billion people – which means that roughly 1 out of 7 people in the world are on Facebook!

Anyone with internet access can create a page on Facebook about, for instance, their website, photography, their high-school class, their e-commerce business, their personal blog, or about their own daily activities. The possibilities are endless! Plus Facebook also allows people to tweak their privacy settings easily so that they can control what information goes online.

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook pages is that they are completely separate entities from your own personal profile, which means that you can draw a line between what you want to share with your family, friends and people in your circles, and what information you want to make public.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create and properly set-up a Facebook page for your business or yourself:

1. Go to this link to get started with creating your Facebook fan page.

2. From this page, choose the type of page you want to start. The main options include the following:

  • Local Business or Place (with many different sub-categories inside it): Choose this if your page is about a business or a place (such as a restaurant, a store, school, etc.).
  • Company, Organization or Institution: Like the first one, this too includes a plethora of sub-categories, but these include institutions such as Automobiles, Church, Education, Legal, or University, instead of a specific business or a place.
  • Brand or Product: choose this if you page is about a specific brand or product – sub-categories to choose from here include the likes of electronics, clothing, cars, software, tools, movies/music and so on.
  • Artist, Band, Public Figure: this one’s pretty cool! Choose this option for, well, it is quite self-explanatory isn’t it! If you page is about a famous person, such as a musician, athlete, writer, doctor, a movie star, a politicians or even a fictional character, choose this!
  • Entertainment: includes sub-categories like movie theater, magazine, sports team, TV show or a studio, to name a few. Choose this if your business or brand falls into the entertainment category.
  • Cause or Community: once again, quite self-explanatory. This particular option doesn’t include any sub-categories, but if your Facebook page is about a particular cause or an event for instance, or just a community where you want people to interact with each other (such as a photography community).

facebook fan page options for fan page categories and sub-categories

Generally speaking, it can be a bit confusing as to know which option to choose from the above, especially since a lot of the sub-categories overlap; they are present in many of the main ones.  Hopefully, the points above will help you to choose the right one.

Once you’ve decided what sort of a page it is that would be the most appropriate in your particular situation, enter any information that is required (such as the name, and address if needed), and click Get Started.

3. You will now be taken to your brand new Facebook fan page. At first sight, it can be a bit over-whelming! Take a few minutes to get used to the different elements of your fan page, and get accustomed with the interface. Most of the things are pretty similar to your profile page: you can change your page’s profile picture and cover photo, and post on its wall like you would normally do.

4. Scroll to the top of the page, and click on Edit Page – this is where you can change just about anything and everything about your Facebook page. The drop-down box allows you to update your page’s info, manage permissions, assign and change admin roles, and a lot more. Try clicking on each option and getting accustomed with each one of them.

facebook fan page settings

5. Fill out as much information about who is for and/or what’s it about in the basic information section. Make sure that the information that you want to make public is put here, as Facebook pages can be seen and accessed by anyone. Remember that none of the fields (apart from the category and page name) are mandatory, so you can choose to fill as much or as little information as you want. Once done, save changes and go back to the page to look at the changes.

6. Hover your mouse over the profile pic to upload one, ditto for the cover picture. A profile pic should ideally be the logo of business or brand, or a picture of a person if the page is about a public figure. This picture will appear besides your name, whenever you post an update on your own wall, respond to someone else’s comments on your wall, or post on another page, for instance.

7. Similarly, put up a cover photo for your Facebook page. Cover photos are great, as they allow you to be really creative, and get the attention of a visitor as soon as he or she lands on your page. Use this excellent 851×315 px real-estate on your page wisely. Create an interesting cover photo yourself, or hire a designer to do it for you. For instance you could put up a photo of the band performing on the stage, or a back-stage photo of an actor, or use this space to announce promotions or special features and so on, depending on the nature of the page.

8. Starting posting updates on your page. For new pages, my recommendation is to post at least one update-per-day. With the passage of time, this may vary, but refrain from sending out too many updates or spamming your fans; that will only drive them away. Instead, post a few good, well-thought-out messages a few hours apart from each other. Make sure that these messages are highly relevant to your blog, and are targeted towards its audience.

9. Use different ways and techniques to start building your likes, and getting more people on your Facebook fan page. Start off with inviting people on your personal Facebook profile to ‘like’ your page by suggesting it to your friends – there’s an option to do that right from your Facebook page. You can also email people about it, so these are good places to start off. Other options include buying ad-space on Facebook (read all about it here) which will put up the link to your Facebook page on the profiles of people you target. You can target people via certain demographics, such as location for one. Add a logo to your Facebook page on your blog/website, and maybe even do a post on your blog and send out an email about it to your subscribers. Put the link of your page on all your print material as well (business cards, ads, etc.) as well as to your email signature. Finally, start a contest on your Facebook page in order to build likes and get more people on board. In fact this is quite effective as well. For instance choose something to give away (VIP backstage access, or dinner for 2, etc.)  on your page, and ask people to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your page or one of the posts on your page to enter the contest. Choose a winner (or two, or more!) through a lucky draw at the end. There are tons of things – free and paid-for – that you can do to get more likes on your Facebook page.

Dubai's facebook fan page, an excellent example of a well-designed facebook page

Example of a well-designed Facebook Fan Page, with all the details filled-out as well as a beautiful cover photo!

10. Keep those updates coming, and try adding variety (such as through multimedia) to your posts. Use pictures, images, videos, infographics and links to your posts. According to many studies, engagement levels of Facebook posts with images are much higher than posts without images, such as plain-text posts. Good luck with your brand-new Facebook page!