Best Legendary Marketer Bonus [Worth $17,969]

If you want to learn how to start an online business, and become a successful digital marketer, then Legendary Marketer is one best training programs I've been a part of that will teach this.

You'll learn both the mindset and the skills necessary to become an online entrepreneur.  

To help you in your journey, I'm also offering several bonuses for anyone that purchases Legendary Marketer using my affiliate link.

Legendary Marketer Bonus

Legendary Marketer Bonus #1: Unlimited Chat/Email Support ($997 value)

If you buy through my link, you will get unlimited email and FB messenger access to me where you can ask me anything you want about using Legendary Marketer or how to promote it as an affiliate.

Although, I am still fairly new to Legendary Marketer itself, I’ve been successfully promoting many other affiliate programs for a long time.  I've even qualified for the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

You’ll be getting your very own  mentor, who’s a 6-figure a year affiliate.  (Read my Full Origin Story Here)

I’ll help you get started with Legendary Marketer and show you the strategies you need to promote it properly.

Not sure how useful my help will be?  Here's a couple of testimonials about my coaching from two of my students: Lyndon Scott and Ben Arkell.

Legendary Marketer Bonus #2: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle + Bonus Rights ($15,984 per year value)

This bonus is a game changer, and will single-handedly pay for your Legendary Marketer account.

As part of the Tier5 Mega Software Bundle you’ll be getting access to the following software products:

Tier5 Software Bundle
  • RoboContact - Lets you target any location and keyword and the software will build you a list of leads and even do the cold outreach for you  - $297/mo 
  • DomainLeads - This software gets you fresh leads daily from anyone that's registered a domain name - $197/mo
  • InvoicingYou - Simple yet powerful invoicing software that gives your clients an easy way to pay you online for your products or services - $97/mo
  • Magic Zap - Create custom personalized sales pages and fire off automations when people visit your site  - $97/mo
  • Sticky Reviews - A social proof software that displays real reviews from your customers. Increases conversions by over 15% - $47/mo
  • Link Wizard - A link tracking software that lets you see where your traffic is coming from so you can understand what is working for you  - $47/mo

You’re getting the full versions of each of the softwares, which if you purchased separately would cost you $9,384 per year.

But that’s not all.  Not only do you get full access to these softwares, but you also get to offer them as part of YOUR own bonus bundle by giving you the T5 Software Bonus rights... for as long as you remain an active Legendary Marketer subscriber under me.  

Tier5 Bonus Rights

Bonuses are the best way to sell any affiliate product including Legendary Marketer and now you have 6 different softwares you can include as part of your own bonus offer.  These rights alone would cost you $6,000 per year if I showed you how to get them.

Legendary Marketer Bonus #3: Access to CF Follow Up Pro ($297 value)

CF Follow Up Pro is an amazing set of ActiveCampaign automations and training that was developed by Dream Car winner James Hurst.

Using the affiliate data from your ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard, it will automatically follow up with all your affiliates via email to provide them with the support they need to use and thrive with ClickFunnels.

And that means more recurring commissions for you.

How does this relate to Legendary Marketer?  Well, Legendary actually uses ClickFunnels to build out its own sales funnels.  And once you get access to your back office where you'll be to insert your own ClickFunnels affiliate link.

So you may start getting ClickFunnels commissions and referrals just by promoting Legendary!  So you'll be able to take full advantage of CF Follow Up Pro.

Normally James sells this for $297 on his own, but I purchased the resell rights to this awesome product from James. And I’m offering it for free as part of my bonus for people who purchase Legendary Marketer using my link.

Legendary Marketer Bonus #4: Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs List White Label Rights ($297 value)

Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs

I’ve been maintaining a Google Sheet that currently contains a list of 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs.  It’s the largest list of its kind and you can view it right here.  It’s constantly being updated as I find new affiliate programs.

With the white-label rights to this document, you can pass it off as your own and add links back to your own site if you wish.  It also works really well as a lead magnet or as a resource you can give away on your blog or Facebook group.

Legendary Marketer Bonus #6: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White Label Rights ($197 value)

I took a look at the Facebook ads of 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs and created this amazing swipe file for you to study and use.

Inside, you’ll see the entire ad copy and images of millionaire marketers like Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Ryan Levesque, Peng Joon and more.

You can use this resource as an inspiration for your own Facebook ads or use it as a great lead magnet to give away as well and build your email list.

Legendary Marketer Bonus #7: Group Convert Silver Plan Account  ($197 value)

Setting up your own Facebook Group is an awesome way to build your brand, and promote the products you love to use, including Legendary Marketer.

But what would make your group even better is if you had access to all your member’s email addresses.  You can do this manually, but it’s time consuming and tedious. 

Instead, use the Group Convert Google Chrome extension I’ll be giving you, to capture your FB group leads with just one-click.

I’ll be giving you one Silver Plan account which lets you manage up to 3 FB groups with it.  This normally would cost you $10 a month, but you’ll be getting this amazing bonus for free.  I also wrote a tutorial if you want to see exactly how Group Convert works.

Legendary Marketer Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Legendary Marketer product all about?

Legendary Marketer is an online business training with a focus on the 4 core high ticket business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Events & Masterminds
  • Coaching & Consulting

All of the trainings are done via high quality video.  

Legendary Marketer is made up of low, mid and high ticket products.  All of which you can promote as an affiliate.  Affiliate commissions range from 40 to 60%. 

What makes Legendary unique is that you'll be assigned a business plan coach who you can actually talk to.  Your coach is there to keep you accountable and to help you take action.

Ok,  want to get your bonuses!  How and when will I get them?

All you need to do is sign up for the Legendary Marketer Marketer's Club using THIS LINK.

If you have successfully signed up to me, I will get an automatic notification from Legendary Marketer about your signup.

Within 24 hours, I will send you an email with instructions on how to get your Legendary Marketer bonuses.

How will you help me promote Legendary Marketer if I sign up under you?

Everyone who signs up under me will get access to a private Facebook group I run.  This is where I am going to be sharing everything I do to promote Legendary as an affiliate.  

You'll see what exactly I do and what results I'm getting. 

Plus as part of this bonus you're getting unlimited FB messenger access to me. So you can get help from me directly and ask any questions you have.

What if I already have a Legendary Marketer account. Can I still get your bonuses?

Unless, you sign up with a new email address, there's no way to switch under me and get the bonuses that way.  However, you can pay a one time fee to get my bonuses with my CF Affiliate Power Pack.

How much does Legendary Marketer actually cost?

Legendary Marketer is made up of of several different products, so the price you actually pay can vary.

Here are the costs:

  • 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge - FREE (no CC required)
  • Legendary Marketer Book - Free + $9.95 shipping
  • Marketers Club - $30 per month
  • Traffic Rolodex - $247
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint - $2500
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint - $2500
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint - $2500
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint - $2500

You can purchase any or none of the products above.  But the key is you do not have to buy any of these products to promote them. 

Check out my Legendary Marketer pricing page if you want more info on the cost of every product.

Is there a cheaper option to try out Legendary Marketer?

Yes, you can sign up for the free 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge using THIS LINK.  You don't even need to have your credit card to try this out.

However, you won't immediately get my bonuses unless you purchase a paid Legendary Marketing product like Marketer's Club or Traffic Rolodex.

Have you actually made any money promoting Legendary Marketer using these bonuses?

I'm still a relatively new affiliate of Legendary Marketer.  So I can't wow you with amazing screenshots right now.  But I have signed up my first handful of accounts under me and I expect this to grow in the coming months.

Legendary Marketer Commissions
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