Samsung Pushing the Envelope with Its New Flagship Phone; Galaxy S4 Will Come With Eye-Tracking Scrolling!

Electronics giant Samsung must’ve made a fortune with their super-popular Android-powered Galaxy line of phones and tablets. The Galaxy S-series phones have proven to be extremely popular, have broken numerous sales records, and safe to say, have given the likes of Apple (and the iPhone), HTC, Nokia and Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson) a serious run for their money!

It’s pretty interesting actually – Galaxy S3 actually beat the iPhone 4S (its direct competitor) as the bestselling smartphone in the Q3 and in Q4 of 2012! Earlier this year in January, Samsung announced that it had sold a 100 million Galaxy S-series phones – with the Galaxy S3 selling 40 million units alone (getting to the 20 million mark in just a 100 days)! The S3 also comprehensively outsold the iPhone during the Holiday season. According to stats, almost 190,000 units of the S3 sell every single day!

So yes, the numbers do look very good indeed for Galaxy, which is also the biggest smartphone shipments now, with a healthy 31.3% market share. Compare that with Apple’s market share of just 14.6% in the smartphone market, and that really tells you the story!

And while Samsung may be trailing behind Apple in the tablet market (for now), thanks to the strong sales of Apple’s uber-famous iPad, it’s quickly catching up with the Galaxy and Nexus line of tablet PCs. Samsung’s market share in the tablet industry doubled last year, going from 7.3% in 2011 to 15% in Q4 2012.

You have to admit that those are some pretty impressive numbers (understatement!). But I digress. The point of telling you all that is that there’s a reason why Samsung’s doing so well as far as smartphone and smart-devices are concerned: innovation!

While innovation, creativity, and the ‘wow-factor’ was once Apple’s forte, Samsung, along with Google and its propriety cellular OS – the Android – have been constantly pushing the envelope as far as putting awe-inspiring and innovative new features in concerned. One such feature is the Android’s voice-operated personal assistant Google Now, which in my opinion is much better than it’s Apple equivalent, Siri.

According to a report in the NY Times, the soon-to-be-released Galaxy S4 brings another pretty awesome feature to the table – eye-tracking technology! The S3 has a fairly basic version of such technology in it, which detects when you’re not looking at your phone or when you’ve looked away from your phone and turns the phone’s screen off. Now though, the same tech is being taken to a whole new level!

With the eye-tracking technology on the S4 (or the S IV, as people might like to call it), you’ll be able to scroll through e-books, webpages, text messages and whatnot simply with the movement of your eye, rendering finger-scrolling completely useless!

It should be an interesting feature – especially in terms of its implementation and how effective and useful it ultimately turns out to be – if at all. The important thing here is that once again, Samsung and Google have left the competition in the dust, bringing an innovative, out-of-the-box idea to the table – and idea that could very well turn out to be a useful one, and perhaps down-the-road be implemented in a way that allows it to be used to do a bunch of tasks on a smartphone.

Mark your calendars for the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement ceremony at Times Square, New York – March 14, 2013 is when Samsung plans on making the big announcement. That is when we will know more about the new phone, its specs, and of course, get a release date too. Till then, here’s a leaked image of the new phone, with a few specs in what looks to be a screenshot of a presentation slide (courtesy GSM Arena):

samsuns galaxy s4 leaked image