Hostgator Discount


In the web hosting world, Hostgator is probably one of the best known hosting companies.

While this site is not hosted on Hostgator, I do have both a Hostgator Baby and a Hostgator VPS account for hosting several of my other sites.

I’ve been a Baby plan customer since 2008 and have had my Hostgator VPS account since 2012.

What I like most about Hostgator is that they are consistently reliable.

Contrast that to my previous web host, where I had a very bad experience with them with constant downtime and worst of all, no communication.

It’s a business’ worst nightmare to have their site down, and not knowing why, and when it’s going to go back up.

Fortunately, Hostgator is quite the opposite. While they are certainly not perfect, their servers are quite stable in my experience. And their support, while not the fastest, is still very good.

Hostgator Pros

  • Reliable servers – There was one infamous incident a couple of years ago, but overall I have been quite pleased by the uptime of Hostgator’s servers
  • Good support – Offers all the support types you would want, from Phone, Live Chat and Email every day and at any time.
  • Cheap plans – Their shared hosting plans are quite affordable. Plus it’s easy to find discounts.
  • Easy One Click Installs – Install popular scripts like Wordpress with just a single click. You don’t need to be a techy to get your next website up and running.
  • SSH Access – For the advanced user, SSH access makes it much easier to manage certain aspects of your account.

Hostgator Cons

  • Support not as fast as they used to be – Hostgator support times used to be blazing fast! After being bought by X, they are now pretty average with wait times up to 10-15 minutes during peak hours.

Here is a look at their control panel which is basically your standard rebranded cPanel. From here you can pretty much setup every aspect of your hosting account from adding your domains, to setting up Wordpress.


Hostgator Pricing

Hostgator offers all different types of web hosting plans, although they are probably best known for their shared hosting accounts.

For shared hosting, I would recommend the Baby plan which I have. This plan gives you unlimited sites for the regular price of $7.96 a month. You can also save additional money by purchasing 2 or 3 years annually.

Hostgator also has VPS plans, Dedicated Servers and they also recently introduced Wordpress hosting.

Hostgator Deals

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to find some good deals on Hostgator plans.

First, there are some great Hostgator coupon codes that you can use. Use the promo code SBTHOSTING and you can save 25% off which will save you more money when purchasing any Shared hosting or Wordpress hosting plan.

If you need more high powered hosting like a VPS or Dedicated server then Hostgator usually provides their own internal coupon codes to save you 40% automatically.

Finally, Hostgator has plenty of seasonal discounts that you can take advantage of as well. For example, last Memorial days, they were offering 50% off hosting. And you can be sure there will be some great Black Friday deals as well.

Our Hostgator Discount

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