Legendary Marketer Review & Bonus [2021]: Is it the Best Online Marketing Training Out There?

Some time ago, I bought a course called Dream Car Profits from a super affiliate named Jacob Caris.

Inside were some of his best strategies for winning the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

But what was most intriguing about his course was the bonus chapter at the end where he mentioned he was promoting this program that worked really well with ClickFunnels.

Legendary Marketer Review

Last updated: May 16, 2021
Initially published: June 21, 2019
Product rating: 4.7 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary
One of the better training programs I’ve seen for building your own successful online business. It also has an awesome affiliate program.

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That program was called Legendary Marketer.

Although I didn’t sign up right away, it put Legendary on my radar.

And a few months later I finally signed up to see what it was all about. After going through much of the content I was so impressed that I decided to create a real-time case study FB group around it.

But because the program has been changing at a rapid pace I’ve also noticed that there is a lot of outdated info about Legendary Marketer out there.

Legendary Marketer Logo

So in this Legendary Marketer review, I will be giving you the most current, up-to-date info on the platform.

Here is what I’m going to be covering:

And if you are just here to get my bonuses you can skip to the bottom and click this link to grab my Legendary Marketer Bonuses.

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What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a complete training program for online marketers that is made up of several low, medium, and high ticket products. It’s the brainchild of David Sharpe, who’s done over $200 million in online sales in his career.

David Sharpe - CEO of Legendary

I was first exposed to David through the infamous Empower Network program. It used to be one of the hot new MLM’s back in the day, but it infamously crashed and burned and went bankrupt in 2017.

This is why I hesitated to jump on the opportunity right away.

But as I dug more into David’s story I saw that he had left Empower a couple of years before it went down. And as I watched some of the initial training, I felt more comfortable with David as a person and was impressed by how charismatic and smart he was.

The core set of products that Legendary Marketer offers primarily consists of different video trainings. But they also do live weekly webinars and the very high-end products are actually Mastermind live events.

Everyone enters Legendary Marketer through one of their front-end low ticket offers which range from $1 to $7.  You will then go through the 15-Day Challenge where you are introduced to some of the concepts that Legendary teaches and gives you a taste of what the program is about.

What’s unique about Legendary is that every member is assigned a business advisor.  You’ll talk to him as you go through the challenge.  And he’s someone you can contact for help, and keep you accountable so you can get the most out of the program.

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Who is Legendary Marketer for?

The training for Legendary Marketer is mostly geared toward beginner and intermediate marketers who are looking to start and grow their own online businesses. Legendary is all about teaching you the core fundamentals you need to succeed with ANY online business.

What I like is its philosophies closely match those of Russell Brunson and what he shares with the ClickFunnels community. Especially concepts, like creating sales funnels and value ladders, and using stories to sell, are a big focus of both programs.

Legendary Value Ladder

Legendary also offers something for more experienced affiliate marketers as well. Which is an extremely lucrative affiliate program.

That’s because all you need to do is sell their low-end products like the Legendary Marketer affiliate book, Copywriter’s Playbook, or 15 Second Free Leads (a Tik Tok Training) which are all under $2.  Which makes it really easy to introduce your audience to the Legendary ecosystem.

Once they are in, they will automatically be introduced to their high-end Business Blueprint product during the 15 Day Challenge.  This means you can earn some big affiliate commissions ($1,000+), just by leveraging Legendary’s own sales team to help you close these sales for you.

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What are the best parts of Legendary Marketer?

Best Feature #1: The trainings are actually good

What I like most about Legendary Marketer is that I know people who go through the training are going to get value from them and it’s going to help their online business in a meaningful way if they take action.

The Legendary affiliate marketing book is packed full of value for just $1.99.

And the Tik Tok course (15 Second Free Leads) is a steal for just $1.  In fact, all the current top Legendary affiliates are using Tik Tok as one of their main traffic sources.

Everyone also gets access to the 15 Day Online Business Challenge which gets you taking action right away and headed down the right path with Legendary. Just the first 3 days alone contained several aha moments for me.

Marketers Club is also packed with some great content. Not only do you get access to training and interviews of 6 and 7 figure affiliates but there is a weekly webinar replay you can watch that will walk you through a specific marketing concept.

Legendary Marketers Club

This keeps the content fresh and helps to keep you engaged.

Best Feature #2: The affiliate system is awesome

Legendary Marketer has one of the best affiliate backends I’ve seen.

First Legendary gives you the complete funnels for all their front-end offers. So if you’re a ClickFunnels user, you can just directly integrate them into your account.  This allows you to customize the funnels as you like, and work with any 3rd party email service.

You can also just use standard affiliate links to promote the offers.  Their affiliate links support adding a tracking id (subid) which lets you track where your sales are coming from.

If you use Aweber, GetResponse, or SendLane as your email autoresponder, you can directly integrate with them inside the backend. Which gives you the option to have Legendary or yourself (or both) to follow up with your leads.

If you don’t use these 3 email services, don’t fret.  I created a free chrome extension called LM Affiliate Extractor which enables you to integrate with any other email service using the magic of Zapier.

I really enjoy the cool gamification features like the affiliate badges and the leaderboards that add a little bit of competitive spirit to promoting Legendary.

Legendary Marketer Leaderboard

And finally, you can also add your ClickFunnels, Aweber, and GetResponse affiliate links into the backend.  So if any of your Legendary referrals purchase these products, you earn the commissions on them as well!

Best Feature #3: Legendary Marketer is constantly evolving for the better

Legendary Marketer as a program is constantly being updated and improved.

The weekly live trainings were added in early 2019. And the Copywriters Playbook and Tik Tok front-end offers were added in 2020 which added additional ways to promote the training.

The Marketer’s Club consistently is rolling out new content.  And the most recent update was a complete revamp of Affiliate Marketing Blueprints inside the high ticket Business Blueprints package.  Combined with the live Decade in a Day training (a whole day live training for FB ads), this makes the bundle even more attractive for people to buy.

Legendary is also constantly testing different upsell products to their different offers.  Some of them are converting really well, like their Super Affiliate Secrets product (which actually features this site!).   This increases the average cart value of your paying members by quite a bit.

Plus some of the old rules that made Legendary less palatable for some were changed for the better.

Most notably, we now have the ability to promote any product in the Legendary Marketer ecosystem without having to purchase it.   So Legendary Marketer is no longer be considered “pay to play”.

Best Feature #4: Support is super responsive

As a member of Legendary Marketer for more than a year now, I’ve actually had a ton of questions.

What I’ve been really impressed with is how responsive their support team is.

Even when the support platform they use (Zendesk) says chat has left for the day, I often get someone responding to my question.

It’s a little thing but it gives me more confidence that David has put together a really good team.

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What I don’t like about Legendary Marketer

Bad Part #1: You have to jump through hoops to get accepted into the affiliate program

Although there are some affiliate programs that require you to be manually approved, Legendary Marketer takes it a step farther.

Everyone who joins Legendary will have to complete the entire 15-Days of the Challenge before you can even apply. This also means you have to have scheduled and made at least 2 calls with your business advisor.

Only then can you actually apply to the program.

But Legendary does not accept everyone as an affiliate. They want people with experience and who will promote Legendary the right way. So there is no guarantee that you will get accepted.

Although one good thing about this is that there is less competition for you to worry about. 🙂

Bad Part #2: You have to pay to unlock higher affiliate commissions

Yes, you can promote Legendary Marketer as an affiliate for free.

But Legendary actually has 2 levels of payouts.

To get the highest affiliate commissions you will have to signup for the Pro plan which is $29.95 a month. This lets you earn the full 40-60% commissions on most products.

The table below shows the affiliate commissions for each of the products for the Basic (free) and Pro levels.

Legendary commissions

Bad Part #3: Not everyone can join Legendary Marketer

Unfortunately, Legendary Marketer has a pretty restrictive list of countries that are blocked from joining.  This is due to restrictions with their payment processors and affiliate eWallet provider.

If you are on the blocked countries list, you’re basically out of luck for signing up.

You can find the full list of blocked countries here.

If you are promoting Legendary as an affiliate like I am, you will definitely find this limitation frustrating.

Pro tip: Whenever this happens, I now point people to Jonathan Montoya’s 3-Day Challenge program as a good Legendary alternative.  Like Legendary, it has a cheap front-end offer ($7), but lets you earn high ticket commissions from the main Freedom Breakthrough course.

A look inside Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing training made up of many different products.

So what you get from it as a customer depends on which products you have purchased.

At the time of this review, you can only join Legendary Marketer through four different front-end funnels: the Legendary ebook, Copywriter’s Playbook, 15 Second Leads, and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.

There used to be a couple of other funnels that you could join through, but they are currently being reworked.

So let’s look at the book first.

Legendary eBook

There used to be an actual, physical Legendary book that you could purchase.  But it quickly became out of date as Legendary Marketer evolved.

However, David Sharpe recently published a new ebook titled the Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing and it’s one of the low ticket products that introduce people to Legendary.

Legendary book

The book is jammed packed full of value, and it’s a must-read for any affiliate marketer, newbie, or otherwise.

You will learn both the fundamentals and other essential evergreen strategies as well.

The price of the book is only $1.99.

Get the Legendary Book

Copywriter’s Playbook

Copywriting is the #1 high-income skill that any marketer should master.  Good copy will help you make more sales, period.

Crafting your copy around your story is the best way to convert your leads into actual paying customers.  And the Copywriter’s Playbook teaches you how to do that.  The product is an 8 module video course that delves into the different aspects of creating good copy.

I actually bought this product when they were first testing it for $47 and I thought it was really good value for the money.  But for $1?  That’s a no-brainer.

Get the Copywriter’s Playbook

Copywriter's Playbook Graphic

15-Second Free Leads

The hottest traffic source for Legendary Marketer is Tik Tok by far.  All the top Legendary affiliates are using it with amazing results.

But I see a lot of beginners are having success as well with Tik Tok.

What makes Tik Tok enticing for marketers is that you can get a lot of traction with it in a short amount of time.  Just by creating short, little videos.  This makes it the perfect platform to get some quick results, which will help bootstrap your success.

15 Second Free Leads is a recorded training put together with 4 of Legendary’s affiliates who have seen some really great results using Tik Tok for their business.  If you don’t mind being on video, this product is well worth it for only $1.

Get 15 Second Free Leads

15 Second Free Leads Legendary Tik Tok Course

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

As the name suggests, this is a series of lessons over 15 days that teach you the fundamental concepts of building your own online business.

I personally love the recent changes to the challenge. All the videos pack so much value and if you haven’t been exposed to these concepts before you will learn a lot.

Legendary Marketer 15 Online Business Builder Challenge

And it’s not just the video lessons.

This is also where you’re going to get on a call with your assigned business advisor. The coach is there to support you by answering any questions you have and give you advice on how to get the most out of Legendary.

The 15-Day Challenge costs a $7 one time fee if you purchase it standalone.  However, if you go through one of the 3 front-end offers above, you will get access to the challenge for free.

Marketers Club

The Marketers Club product is the only Legendary offer right now that pays out recurring affiliate commissions.

So what is it? It’s basically a set of training modules that feature both interviews with 6 and 7 figure marketers and training videos on specific online marketing topics.

Marketer's Club Nathan Lucas

Some of the modules inside include:

  • Kevin Harrington (from Shark Tank fame) Interview (48 min)
  • Mark Harbert Interview (103 min)
  • Nathan Lucas Interview (over $1 million in Legendary commission) (86 min)
  • The Journey to 250,000 Youtube Subscribers (149 min)
  • What to Do and Say to sell more stuff (42 min)
  • You’re One Story Away: How to Use Story to Succeed Online (56 min)

My favorite trainings are the interviews with Nathan Lucas (the top Legendary affiliate) and Jacob Caris (one of my mentors).

But I think the best value of the Marketer’s Club is the webinar replays you get access to.

Every week, Matt Heltzel, Legendary’s Chief Marketing Officer does a live webinar focused around a specific topic. And after each one, the replays get posted into the Marketer’s Club.

These are super valuable, especially if you are not familiar with the topic that he’s covering.

For example, on one of the replays I watched, Matt showed how he creates ads for a real Adwords campaign he was running for his wife’s business. These are practical lessons that you can put into practice yourself right away that will really help your online business.

Traffic University

Next, let’s look at a high-ticket product that Legendary offers called the Traffic University.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any affiliate marketer. You need traffic for people to see your offers and click on your affiliate links.

Traffic University specifically teaches you how to use various paid traffic strategies.

Legendary Traffic Rolodex

Each of these trainings are conducted by a company called AdSkills.

AdSkills is an on-demand training company that specializes in paid advertising methods. It’s run by Justin Brooke who ran his own 7 figure digital ad agency that made millions for his clients.

If you signed up directly with Adskills, you would have to pay $5k to get access to them. But since these are part of the Traffic Rolodex, you’ll get access to these 8 modules for just $1,497.

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Youtube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0

While I have only gone through the Facebook Ads module so far, I’ve been impressed with all the content I’ve watched so far. This is not just high-level fluffy stuff they are teaching. You’re getting an in-depth foundation on how to start getting traffic for each platform.

Business Blueprints Starter

Now let’s move into the main high ticket product that Legendary Marketer offers.

In Day 2 of the Challenge, David Sharpe talks about the Core 4 high ticket business models, which are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Products
  3. Events and Masterminds
  4. Coaching & Consulting

These business models work because they meet these 3 criteria that make you money.

  1. Getting more customers
  2. Doing repeat business with those same customers
  3. Selling higher ticket products to increase revenue

So as no surprise, Legendary has business blueprints for each of these 4 high ticket business models. Each blueprint is a full video training that does a deep dive on each topic.

For example, here’s a look at some of what’s inside the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.  This was recently revamped and it’s much improved over the old version.

Legendary Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Dave Sharpe is the instructor for this updated course and it now covers topics like organic Facebook marketing, Tik Tok, and YouTube with lots of case studies for each platform.

During Day 5 of the challenge, you will get the opportunity to purchase the Blueprint Starter package where you’ll get access to all 4 blueprints for just $2,500.

My favorite part of the bundle though is the Decade in a Day live workshop that you can attend.  It’s a whole day virtual workshop with Matt and Dave where they walk you through their simple 5-step affiliate formula for setting up a FB ads campaign.

And at the end of the training you get all the ad copy and images you need to run this same campaign yourself.  It’s a great way to get your first affiliate marketing sale, and lots of Blueprint members are getting results with it.

Live Events

Finally, there are the high ticket events that Legendary Marketer offers as part of the Business Blueprints with Mastermind bundle.

I have not attended any of the live events of Legendary so I can’t comment too much about that. But you’ll notice that some of the videos that are in the Marketer’s Club are from some of the talks given at these masterminds.

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How I’m promoting Legendary Marketer

After I qualified for the ClickFunnels Dream Car, I decided I wanted to start a new affiliate income stream. And the product I decided to promote was Legendary Marketer.

I chose Legendary because I truly believe in the philosophies they are teaching and I liked the recent changes they made to the program.

And of course, I saw the huge upside in promoting them as an affiliate.

But I didn’t want to promote it as I do with any other affiliate program.

I feel that 99% of affiliates aren’t very transparent with what they are doing to promote any product.

You hear about the successes, but you never hear about the failures.

Which makes sense, because everyone is afraid of being copied.

However, I want to do something different. So what I’ve been doing is documenting everything I do to promote Legendary and sharing it with a small group of people who are willing to invest in their own success.

So I launched my Legendary Case Study offer which is a real-time training and case study that I’m conducting inside a private Facebook group.

Inside I share all the methods that helped me become a 6-figure affiliate marketer and applying them to promote Legendary Marketer as well.  This includes all the SEO strategies I’ve been using to get all the first page rankings on this site.

I’m really excited to do this, and it also has the added effect of keeping me accountable to my students.

And so far, it’s working.  I’m just got my 3x Gold Badge ($30k+) commissions and have already made 21 high ticket Blueprint Bundle sales with the program.  Which should tell you that the Legendary Marketer value ladder funnel converts and works!

Pretty cool right?

Join my Exclusive Legendary Case Study group

Legendary Marketer Pricing

Since Legendary Marketer has so many different products, the cost of Legendary depends on which products you end up purchasing.

The most cost-effective way to join through the Copywriter’s Playbook ($1), Tik Tok Course ($1), or the Affiliate Marketing eBook ($2).  This will also get you access to the 15-day challenge for free.

Here’s a quick summary of the current pricing for each product:

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge$7 one-time
Legendary Marketer Book $9.95 one-time
Legendary Marketer’s Club$30 per month
Traffic Rolodex$247 one-time
Affiliate Business Blueprint $2500 one-time
Digital Products Business Blueprint$2500 one-time
Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint$2500 one-time
Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint$2500 one-time
Marketer Mastermind$8,000 one-time
Entrepreneur Mastermind$12,000 one-time
DFY Brand Builder$10,000 one-time
DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle$15,000 one-time
Legendary Leadership Group$30,000 one-time
Legendary Pro Affiliate Account $29.95 per month

While there are no Legendary Marketer discounts per se, you can take advantage of some upsells that will save you some money.

The first is the upsell for Marketer’s Club. You can opt to pay yearly and get it for $179. This is a savings of almost 49%.

For more info, check out our Legendary Marketer Pricing page.

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Everything else you need to know about Legendary Marketer

Is Legendary Marketing a scam?

I read a lot of Legendary Marketer reviews prior to writing this one, and a lot of them allude to Legendary being a scam. That’s unfortunate because Legendary is definitely legit. It’s a professionally put together program and its training is top-notch.

And they’ve really put a lot of effort into being both ethical and compliant.  So you really can be proud of promoting the program.

Most of the negative things that people are saying are based on outdated information from earlier iterations of Legendary Marketer. Or they have ulterior motives like promoting programs like Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Legendary Marketer a MLM?

No, it is not.

Since David Sharpe used to be part of the Empower Network which was a MLM, a lot of people get the impression that Legendary Marketer is also the same.

Legendary Marketer is not a MLM because it only has a single-level affiliate compensation system.

Do they have an active community?

The Legendary Marketer community is not as big as ClickFunnels. But it’s still growing quite rapidly. If you have any questions, you can get help from the official FB group.  There’s also a Legendary Marketer Affiliates group, and a private group for Blueprint Buyers as well.

If you need help promoting Legendary Marketer as an affiliate yourself, you can join my private case study FB group here.

Is the Legendary Book worth buying?

The new Legendary Book is really great way to introduce yourself to the value that Legendary brings.  It’s only $1.99 so it’s a no-brainer to get it.  And you can finish reading it in a couple of hours.

How do I get your Legendary Marketer bonuses?

You’ll qualify for my bonuses if you purchase ANY of the Legendary Marketer front-end products through my link.  Bonuses will be delivered to you automatically, within 24 hours.

What if I already have a Legendary Marketer account. Can I still get your bonuses?

Once you have purchased a Legendary Marketer product, your email address is linked to your original referer for life.   If this is the case for you, you can still get my bonuses if you sign up for ActiveCampaign or Super Affiliate Accelerator using my link as well.  Just let me know, and I will manually handle that for you.

How will you help me promote Legendary Marketer if I sign up under you?

Everyone who signs up under me will get access to a private Facebook group I run.  This is where I share everything I do to promote Legendary as an affiliate.

You’ll see what exactly I do and what results I’m getting. You can see the full details on my Legendary Case Study page.

I will also be giving you a complete Legendary Email Follow-up system you can use to get all your affiliates through the Legendary value ladder and purchasing the different Legendary products.  This includes email automations and the email swipes which will help you greatly increase your Legendary affiliate commissions.

Final Verdict

There are so many ways to make money online these days. But getting started is the biggest challenge for most people starting out.

And that’s what makes Legendary Marketer so valuable. It will teach you the fundamentals that you need to form the foundation of a successful business. From there, it will help you build up the rest of the skills you need to take your online business to the next level.

And if you’re looking for a lucrative affiliate program to promote, Legendary has that too. Few programs can offer the value ladder that Legendary has.  Which means more affiliate commissions for you.

Want to see for yourself?

All you need to join through one of the low-ticket front-end offers like the Legendary affiliate marketing ebook.

For just $2 this gives you:

  • The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook so you can learn how to finally make money with affiliate marketing.
  • The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge that takes you through step by step video tutorials to learn David Sharpe’s complete “Affiliate Domination Formula”.
  • 1-1 Business Plan consultations with a Legendary business advisor to keep you accountable and taking action.
  • Affiliate Domination Ads, Email, Video, Phone Scripts, Email Templates, Video and Phone Scripts so you start promoting Legendary using proven, converting assets.
  • (Bonus) 30 Days Facebook Messenger Support so you can get free 1-1 mentoring from myself to help you start achieving results with Legendary sooner.
  • (Bonus) Access to my exclusive Legendary Case Study Facebook Group access so you can see exactly how I’m promoting Legendary, avoid my mistakes and model my successes.
  • (Bonus) My Ultimate Legendary Marketer Followup System so you can use the same email automations and emails that I use to follow up with all my Legendary leads and members and earn the most commissions per member.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today, go through the 15-day Challenge, and apply to become an affiliate.  Once you are accepted you can start earning those sweet high-ticket affiliate commissions.

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Legendary Marketer Bonuses

Did you enjoy this Legendary Marketer review?

Why not get some extra help in starting your online business with these exclusive Legendary Marketer bonuses.

Here is what you will get:

  • Bonus #1: 60 Days Mentoring Over FB Messenger ($1,500 value) - Got a question? Stuck with an issue? No problem. I help all my affiliates by providing one on one mentoring over FB Messenger and I will make sure you succeed with promoting Legendary Marketer as an affiliate.
  • Bonus #2: Membership to my secret Legendary Case Study Group (Priceless) - Inside, you will get a fully transparent look at how I'm promoting Legendary Marketer. I'm sharing all the content I publish, SEO strategies I'm using to rank them, and insights into all my stats.

  • Bonus #3: Access to my Ultimate Legendary Marketer Followup System ($997 value) - How do you ensure that you're earning the maximum affiliate commissions from all your Legendary affiliates? Easy...by following up with all your leads and members when they sign up under you. This system includes my entire Legendary email swipe file plus the automations I use to target each of your leads based on where they are in the Legendary value ladder.

To qualify for my bonuses just purchase ANY Legendary Product using my affiliate link.  This includes the Legendary ebook, Copywriter’s Playbook, or 15 Second Free Leads.

Legendary Marketer Pros

  • Great onboarding with the 15-day challenge
  • Amazing affiliate backend
  • Passively earn ClickFunnels commissions while promoting Legendary
  • Get help and support from your own personal business coach
  • Weekly webinar replays in the Marketer’s Club
  • Legendary Products are constantly being updated
  • Comprehensive paid traffic strategies inside the Traffic Rolodex
  • No affiliate poaching. Once you’ve brought someone in, they are your lead for life
  • Very responsive customer support

Legendary Marketer Cons

  • No guarantee to be accepted into the affiliate program
  • Can only get audio and transcripts for some of the lessons
  • No focus on SEO strategies
  • Need to pay monthly to earn the highest affiliate commissions
  • High ticket live events are super expensive
Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you got value from this Legendary Marketer review. Please take note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links for Legendary Marketer products. That means that if you buy through one of our links, we may get an affiliate commission for it. If you do click on one of our links, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows us to keep producing these high-quality reviews.
About Chris Fong

Chris Fong is a blogger and a 6 figure a year affiliate marketer. He enjoys helping others learn about different marketing tools and helping people achieve success online.

  • Richard says:

    Hi. Interesting reading about this system. I have read about it, but unsure what it was about.

    The coach calls, is it sort of a sales call?

    And I love your sticky widget, what type of widget is it?

    • Chris Fong says:

      Hey Richard. So there’s definitely an upsell as part of the challenge. But they don’t really hard sell you on it and if you don’t want to take it they’re not going to pressure you into it.

      The coaching calls are mainly about helping you get through the 15 day challenge and keeping you accountable. And being having a live person that you can ask questions to if you need help.

  • Soon Leong says:

    Hi Chris Fong,

    I would like to discuss with you regarding this business. Please correct me If I am wrong.

    Well, If I pay $29.95 Monthly to be a Pro Affiliate Account, So I should not upsell to make the higher commission, right?

    After becoming a Pro Affiliate Account, I promote it to make a higher commission on all sale products like advance training.


    • Chris Fong says:

      Hi Soon, yeah if you’re serious about promoting Legendary Marketer, i do recommend getting the Pro affiliate account. If you stick with the free plan, you might kick yourself because someone upgraded to the blueprint bundle and you only earned $250 commissions instead of $1000.

  • Sophia says:

    Hey Chris. What do I do to be accepted into the affiliate program. Since you said there is no guarantee

    • Chris Fong says:

      Hi Sophia, if you don’t have any affiliate marketing experience it might be a little difficult, but if you do have some, you should be able to get in.

      The other thing you can do is ask your sponsor (the person you signed up for Legendary under) to vouch for you. I do that for all my Legendary affiliates and they’ve approved every one.

  • Hishma says:

    Hi Chris, this review is super unbiased, well said and so useful. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  • Hi Chris,

    Do you have a day Job?

    One of the bad feature you listed about was that they could improve consistency across the training modules. And here I believe you are talking about having an audio transcripts of the training.

    But you said you would love to consume the audio of such training “when you are riding to work”.

    That statement pique my interest.

    I was like… Do you still have a day job or are you referring to when you are riding to your work place where you work on your online business. Kinda like your office.


  • Jenny says:

    Hi Chris!

    Just curious about your opinion but out of all of the affiliate marketing programs that you have joined do you recommend the legendary marketer over any other make money online affiliate marketing program? There are so many programs out there and I don’t want to fall for the next shiny object and I’m very cautious of what to join due to my Current expense and experience with past failures. My goal is to become a successful affiliate marketer to leave my day job one day.

    Thank you for your thorough review, bonus, and thought.


    • Chris Fong says:

      Hi Jenny, yes I do recommend Legendary Marketer, because their training is good and they have an amazing value ladder. Not many other programs let you promote a $2 product and give you the realistic potential of earning $1k and even $3k commissions.

      • Jenny says:

        Hey Chris!

        Thank you for the response! I definitely value that you respond back to the comments! Looking forward to join under your link soon! I am hoping that the Legendary Marketer will bridge the gap and information that I am lacking with the programs that I am currently in. I love the bonuses that your offering, especially since I’ve tried affiliate marketing before, failed, quit, and now trying to attempt it again to hopefully becoming successful. Hoping to be a 6 figure affiliate marketer one day! Thanks again!

  • Edd says:

    Hi Chris

    Very detailed review of Legendary. Just want to ask, Dave mentioned in the video about becoming a freelance affiliate marketer but it looks like the program is just promoting Legendary products. Is this correct? Will the book or the 15 day challenge help me promote products other than Legendary’s? Or is there a different product you can recommend instead?


    • Chris Fong says:

      Hey Edd,

      No, not at all. The book and Challenge both teach you fundamental principles that will help you promote any product, not just Legendary. For example Dave’s Story Selling Formula is pretty universal and will improve all aspects of your marketing.

  • Hi Chris,
    You mention that in order to be accepted as an affiliate, we need to make at least 2 calls with our business advisor during the 15 Day Challenge, but that’s actually not true. For myself, I proved to them I had experience building funnels and promoting products on my websites, and they let me in (without making those calls).
    Thanks for the comprehensive review.

  • John Hinds says:

    Hi Chris

    I have been thinking about trying something like this and had a look around. I think the fact that you get your own business advisor is a great selling point.

  • Ryder says:

    I’ve joined the 15-day challenge, but will not be able to afford any of the high-level content. I can swing the $30/month, but definitely not anything else at this time. Will the course still be helpful to me as a beginning affiliate marketer? And does my poverty eliminate my chances of them letting me join their affiliate program?

    • Chris Fong says:

      Hey Ryder

      Yes, Legendary is particularly suiting to helping beginner marketers and will help you regardless if you purchase their high ticket products. And you can be accepted as an affiliate as well. Although if you are totally new you might have issues being accepted

  • Ana says:

    I have seen your case study and I loved it. I am doing LM right now and I love it.

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