Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review: Is It the Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that there is so much info on affiliate marketing out there, that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start.

And that’s why most people who get into the affiliate marketing game fail.

They try a strategy they read about in a blog post or in a Facebook group, and it doesn’t work for them.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review

Last updated: July 19, 2021
Initially published on: July 21, 2019
Product rating: 4.8 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary
Learn the best affiliate strategies from the #1 ClickFunnels affiliate, Spencer Mecham. Covers a wide variety of traffic sources including Youtube, Adwords, FB Groups, Tik Tok, Blogging and more.

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So they give up.

That’s why I want to introduce you to an affiliate marketing course that personally took my own affiliate marketing business to the next level.

After years of frustration at trying to promote ClickFunnels, it’s the training that put me on the path toward and finally qualifying for the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

And that course is Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0.

I really love this course, and in this Affiliate Secrets review I’m going to show you everything you will learn from it, and how it helped me level up my own business.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 logo

Here’s what I’m going to be covering:

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What Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is an end-to-end affiliate marketing course by super affiliate Spencer Mecham.

Like the previous 2 versions before it, the course covers everything you need to know to validate, start, grow and manage a profitable affiliate business — all while showing real-life examples from Spencer’s own affiliate business portfolio.

But what’s changed in 3.0?

Pretty much everything.  While the same general format has stayed the same from 2.0, Spencer has completely reshot the entire course to ensure the advice remains current.

Some traffic sources have been removed, like solo ads, Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora.  These have been replaced by others sources that Spencer is getting results with now like FB groups, Tik Tok, and blogging.

(Note: If you are an existing Affiliate Secrets customer, the old 2.0 course is still accessible from your Thinkific account)

As before, Spencer also broke the course into parts; one for the core training material, and one for generating traffic  — which used to be a smaller, less comprehensive part of the course.

We’ll be looking at both parts of the course in this review.

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Who Is Spencer Mecham?

So far you’re probably thinking: “Damn, this Spencer guy sounds like some kind of marketing deity.”

Well he sort of is.  See he was the first person to hit one million dollars in ClickFunnels affiliate commissions, and the first to join the 2 Comma Club as a ClickFunnels affiliate and with the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

But he’s not just some one-trick pony.

Spencer is one of the top Legendary marketer affiliates, he’s won the BuilderAll Dream car, and done really well with a number of other affiliate programs.

And he did this all in a relatively short amount of time (under 3 years).

Still it’s one thing to be a successful affiliate marketer.  But it’s another to be able to teach what you know to others.  And that’s what makes Spencer stand out to me.

Spencer's office

Since he launched Affiliate Secrets, he’s been credited by at least 10 other ClickFunnels Dream Car winners for helping them qualify for the Dream Car.  And I can vouch for that as well, since he helped me too.

He also runs one of my favorite Facebook groups, Automation Nation which is where I actually learned about Affiliate Secrets in the first place.

Oh, and he’s also a really nice and humble guy as well as you can read from the interview I did with him.

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Who Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0 For?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is targeted to people who want to learn Spencer’s system for affiliate marketing.  This is the same system he’s used to become the top ClickFunnels affiliate.  And he’s adapted it to have great results with Legendary Marketer, and many other affiliate products as well.

The course is not cheap…and in fact it has gotten more expensive over time.  So if you are looking for more free stuff, then you should check out Spencer’s free courses (which are quite good) or his YouTube channel instead.

But if you want to learn actionable strategies that have worked well for Spencer and many others that he has taught then you will find that Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is well worth the investment.

Finally, Affiliate Secrets is for action-takers. Even with all the different strategies laid out from start to finish, you still need to put consistent effort into implementing the material, as well as the patience to see it through.

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What Are Some Of My Favorite Things About Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Awesome thing #1: It’s packed with information

And not in an “ugh, this is overwhelming” kind of way, either. All the video content and resources are logically segmented out, meaning it’s only relevant when it needs to be relevant. (And some might not be, depending on your approach.)

Despite the name, this isn’t just about affiliate marketing. It’s closer to being a full-stack marketing course.

It’s about understanding what makes a great niche, finding proven products, building a web presence, selling to an audience, leveraging automation, and virtually everything else that comes with running a successful online business.

In fact, the traffic module covers so many ways to drive traffic that it had to be broken out into its own mini-course. And make no mistake, this module alone could be sold as a standalone course.

Affiliate Secrets video contents

Awesome thing #2: Spencer holds nothing back

When you’re buying a product from such a high-profile figure, it’s natural to wonder if it really is the full package.

I mean, you don’t get to become one of the highest-paid ClickFunnel affiliates without having a few aces up your sleeve, so you’ll be pleased to know Spencer poured his heart and soul into the course material.

I’m talking about everything from the big picture strategy to the nitty-gritty tactics he uses in his day-to-day work, complete with real examples and results from his own affiliate business.

Most affiliates avoid showing students their live sales dashboards for fear of giving too much away. Spencer doesn’t hesitate for a second.

Affiliate Secret is his complete system on a platter.

Awesome thing #3: A huge focus on blogging this time around

The third iteration of Affiliate Secrets 3.0 features the single biggest module, and it happens to the blogging module.

Despite having a successful blog of his own, Spencer recognized that he wasn’t necessarily the best person to teach this subject.

As a result, he sought out someone else with more experience growing highly profitable blogs, and decided to bring in Nate McCallister for one of the most in-depth training portions of the course.

Nate runs Entreresource.com which is one of my favorite blogs to read.  He’s also a former ClickFunnels Dream Car winner, and he’s really a great person to learn blogging from.

Nate McCallister

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What could be better about Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Thing #1: It could use some editing in places

This is a 2-part course with dozens of lessons across a large number of modules, and some of the videos can go on for as long as 30 minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with having long videos, but when some of that time involves waiting for Spencer to load pages and dig through tabs to find what he’s talking about could be edited a little better in my opinion.

A few well-placed edits would make the experience of consuming the content noticeably better.

Although, this is admittedly very nit-picky.

A Look Inside Affiliate Secrets 3.0

Part 1: Affiliate Secrets (Core Training)

This is the first part of the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 training.

It focuses on the initial stages of setting up an affiliate business, with everything from choosing a niche, to picking the right products and building an email list to promote offers on autopilot.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the modules:

Module #1: Niche

Niche research

Niche research is the classic starting module of any marketing-based course, and it makes a return in the third version of the course.

While these started as a somewhat longer module, Spencer explains that most of his students picked only a handful of niches when going through the training, which is why it’s now much more concise.

In the video, you’ll learn what a niche is in the context of building an affiliate business, the three high ticket categories you should focus on, and how to position yourself through strategic sub-niches.

Overall, this lesson is about becoming a big fish in a small pond, and ultimately becoming “the guy” in your industry.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – Niche (choosing a good niche)

Module #2: Products


With your niche in hand, you’ll need to figure out exactly what products you’re going to promote.

Spencer explains that every niche has tons of products, but being selective with what you promote and maintaining trust with your audience is key.

You’ll even get a breakdown of how he promotes specific, high ticket and recurring products for the most profit, and how you can replicate his approach for similar results.

This module also features a few examples from Spencer’s own portfolio, including Clickfunnels, a funnel-building software with 40% recurring commissions (and one that still accounts for a large chunk of his overall revenue).

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – Products (how to pick products)

Module #3: Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets

Most affiliate courses would have you create a website before anything else. Not this one. Not Spencer.

Instead, Affiliate Secrets 3.0 focuses on building your email list above all, and emphasizes why an email is worth more than anything else when it comes to a  long-term marketing strategy.

Much of this module is about giving value upfront in the form of a free incentive, particularly something that solves an immediate problem.

While this does add another step to the process, it’s absolutely worth it to be able to consistently market to that person for days, weeks, months or even years.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1- What makes a good lead magnet?
  • #2 – Designing and delivering your lead magnet

Module #4: Landing Pages 

Landing Pages

Getting into the more comprehensive modules, this one kickstarts the marketing process by exploring landing pages in more detail.

A landing page will allow you to promote the lead magnet you created in the previous module, and provides a platform to send consistent traffic to while simultaneously building your email list.

Spencer also goes over some of the best landing page builders for different scenarios, including the pros and cons of each. (Spoiler: These are Elementor, Landingi and, of course, ClickFunnels.)

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – Builders
  • #2 – What makes a good landing page?
  • #3 – Intro to bridge pages
  • #4 – Split-testing and popups
  • #5 – Building bridge pages
  • Assignment

Module #5: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The most important thing next to generating traffic are the emails you send to your list, and so this module goes deep into the nuances of email marketing.

In fact, Spencer wastes no time showing you his own email marketing results (through ActiveCampaign), and in particular how a recent Clickfunnels email campaign generated well over 5-figures.

More than just showing off, Spencer spends a lot of time on the importance of nurturing a list, how to keep it engaged, and how to use modern email marketing platforms to store, segment and automate the entire process.

This is one of the most comprehensive modules in the course, and it’s where Spencer’s experience as a high-level affiliate really begins to shine through.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – Intro to email marketing
  • #2 – Setting up Gsuite
  • #3 – Email marketing terms
  • #4 – Capturing emails
  • #5 – Building email automations
  • #6 – Soap opera sequences
  • #7 – Shotgun sequences
  • #8 – Anatomy of an affiliate sequence
  • #9 – Email examples part 1
  • #10 – Email examples part 2
  • +6 more lessons (too many to list)

Module #6: Bonuses


A bonus, or set of bonuses, are often used by affiliates to incentivize a sale through their affiliate link as opposed to a competitor’s link.

This is an effective strategy because it adds another layer of value to the offer that very few other affiliates are willing to compete on, and it also allows you to create urgency by applying some kind of limit to those bonuses.

The lessons in this module take you through the entire process of creating bonuses, including what types of products they work best for, what types of bonuses to create, and where best to promote them.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – When to use bonuses
  • #2 – Best kinds of bonuses
  • #3 – Bonuses landing pages
  • Resources (links)

Module #7: JV Launches

 JV Launches

Joint Ventures (JV’s) are collaborations between vendors and affiliates that benefit both sides, and they’re most often established during new product launches.

New products can be extremely profitable for affiliate promotions, but knowing which promotions to take part in isn’t always easy. Spencer makes a point to highlight a failed collaboration in his business, and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

This module also goes into the ethics behind JV’s, ensuring you are only promoting products that will truly benefit your audience, and doing your homework on the people you go into business with.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – JV launches
  • #2 – Launches big picture
  • #3- Pre-launch
  • #4 – Live-day/post-launch

Module #8: Pro Tip/Access

Pro Tip: Access

This is somewhat of an optional module, but it dives into a concept few other courses are willing to address; giving your audience direct and personal access to you.

Spencer explains that providing access is a great way to build a connection, bring people into your personal ecosystem, and ultimately increase affiliate sales — something that will really move on the needle early on in your business.

You’ll also get some tips on what channels to use, and how to manage your time to get (and give) the most value from this approach.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1- Pro tip/access

Module #9: Adwords


The final module is about running paid advertisements through Google, which is the single easiest way to make money with an affiliate business according to Spencer.

With that being said, he’s very clear that a paid strategy is not for the faint hearted. While it can lead to quick profit, the truth is, the majority of affiliate products out there won’t net a positive return on your ad spend.

This module goes into everything from finding the right affiliate programs, to running auctions and choosing keywords. You’ll also get the inside scoop on some advanced tactics.

Lessons included in this module:

  • #1 – Overview
  • #2 – Finding programs
  • #3 – Auction
  • #4 – Keywords
  • #5 – Campaigns and ad groups
  • #6 – On screen demo
  • #7 – Callouts and extensions
  • #8 – Advanced techniques part 1
  • #9 – Advanced techniques part 2
  • #10 – Reports
  • #11 – Important info

Part 2: Affiliate Secrets (Traffic Edition)

This is the second part of the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 training.

While the first part of the course took you through building the necessary assets of your affiliate business, this goes deep into the various platforms you can leverage to send traffic to those assets, ultimately generating more leads and sales.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the modules:

Module #1: Facebook Organic

Facebook Organic

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook you’ll know it’s often used by affiliate marketers to promote products and services.

As Spencer explains in this module, Facebook is still a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level, and show people that you’re an authority in the space (remember, it’s all about becoming “the guy”).

You’ll learn how to execute an effective affiliate marketing strategy on Facebook without tripping the spam alarm, and you can see this unfold through a dummy account created specifically for this training.

In fact, Spencer goes as far as showing you how to promote Affiliate Secrets 3.0 using this very strategy in order to recoup the cost of admission.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson #1 –  Big Picture
  • Lesson #2 – Optimize Profile
  • Lesson #3 – Making Friends Part 1
  • Lesson #4 – Making Friends Part 2
  • Lesson #5 – Daily Posts
  • Lesson #6 – Value Post example
  • Lesson #7 – Conversation Starter
  • Lesson #8 – Selling

Module #2: YouTube


YouTube is Spencer’s favorite way to drive leads when it comes to affiliate marketing, and his most passive source of traffic since starting out.

Spencer makes a case for making YouTube a priority when starting out, as it’s much easier to rank video content in YouTube compared to written content in Google, which makes it a much faster source of traffic.

The module takes you through the underlying nature of YouTube and how you can use it to drive traffic, as well the steps to create your channel, brainstorm viable content ideas, batch video production, and properly optimize your videos for YouTube algorithm.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson #1 – Big picture
  • Lesson #2 – Search vs social
  • Lesson #3 – Types of videos
  • Lesson #4 – Content ideas
  • Lesson #5 – Creating video (tools)
  • Lesson #6 – Batching
  • Lesson #7 – Outline
  • Lesson #8 – Algorithm
  • Lesson #9 – On page
  • Lesson #10 – Video metrics
  • +13 more lessons (too many to list)

Module #3: TikTok


Spencer kicks this one off by acknowledging how appealing TikTok is as a traffic-generation platform for affiliate marketing, but that most people have it wrong.

While TikTok started life as a music-based video sharing platform, the viral nature of the platform still works incredibly well for other content-centric businesses, including affiliate marketing.

Spencer even highlights some of his own successes with TikTok, having sold $3,000 worth of real estate packages and 10-15 Legendary Marketer packages through TikTok traffic alone.

This module goes over the whole process of creating and filling out your TikTok account, how to optimize for the most reach, and even how to leverage live video for explosive results.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson #1 – Intro
  • Lesson #2 – Engagement
  • Lesson #3 – Editor
  • Lesson #4 – Content ideas
  • Lesson #5 – Algorithm
  • Lesson #6 – Watch time
  • Lesson #7 – Random tips
  • Lesson #8 – CTA
  • Lesson #9 – Duets, stitches, responses
  • Lesson #10 – Going live

Module #4: Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

This module goes deeper into the Facebook platform, specifically looking at building and growing your business through a Facebook Group.

Spencer explains that Facebook Groups allow you to create a real community around your brand, opening the door to a much more personal connection with your audience.

The lessons show you how to create a brand new group from scratch, how to attract new members, how to post in your group to reach the most people, and how to make affiliate sales the right way.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson #1 – Intro
  • Lesson #2 – Creating group
  • Lesson #3 – Group funnels
  • Lesson #4 – Algorithm
  • Lesson #5 – Growing group 1-500
  • Lesson #6 – 500-10000
  • Lesson #7 – Post formatting
  • Lesson #8 – Comment ladders
  • Lesson #9 – Lives
  • Lesson #10 – Moderation
  • Lesson #11 – Analytics
  • Lesson #12 – Ecosystem
  • Lesson #13 – Assignment

Module #5: Blogging

Facebook Groups

This is by far the single biggest module in the course with 61 lessons in total, laid out in a “4-week challenge” structure.

It starts with a quick message from Spencer, who introduces Nate McCallister as the instructor for the majority of the upcoming lessons — someone who has been able to generate 7-figures through his own blogs.

You’ll then be taken through the entire process of starting a blog from scratch, including choosing the right hosting, installing WordPress, adding the necessary plugins, and creating your first posts.

Of course, Nate also tackles everything to do with SEO, including keywords, competitor analysis, backlinks, and more.

Spencer makes an appearance at the end to show some of the strategies that are working on his own blog, and they make a nice addition to the groundwork already laid by Nate.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson #1 – Overview
  • Lesson #2 – Critical Terminology
  • Lesson #3 – Email, Hosting and Theme Recommendations
  • Lesson #4 – Choosing a Niche
  • Lesson #5 – Finding Affiliate Products
  • Lesson #6 – Choosing a Killer Domain Name
  • Lesson #7 – Buying Your Domain in WPX Hosting
  • Lesson #8 – How to Install Wordpress in WPX Hosting
  • Lesson #9 – Make These Small Changes
  • Lesson #10 – Installing Thrive Themes Product Manager
  • +51 more lessons (too many to list)

Buy Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Today

How Much Does Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Cost?

Everytime Spencer releases a new version of Affiliate Secrets, there’s a corresponding price increase.

Which means that the price for Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is $997. Which is $100 more than Affiliate Secrets 2.0 was.

But one of the perks of locking yourself in at the current price point, is that you get updates of Affiliate Secrets for life.  I personally got in on Affiliate Secrets 1.0 (back when it was $397) and I’m so happy I did.

Also, keep in mind that Affiliate Secrets also has a very nice affiliate program, and Spencer pays out 50% commissions.  So you can make up the cost of the course with just 2 referrals.

And if Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is really is out of your price range, make sure to subscribe to Spencer’s YouTube Channel and take all of his free courses instead.  They’re all worth watching as well.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best affiliate marketing training course, then look no farther than Affiliate Secrets 3.0.  Spencer has created the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training out there by far.

Not only was it one of the biggest influences for me to help me qualify for the Dream Car, but more than 10 other Dream Car winners have also vouched for the course as well.

Yes, Affiliate Secrets is not cheap.  But it’s a worthwhile investment to learn the system of one of the best affiliates in the world.

If you’re still on the fence, watch the free Affiliate Secrets webinar that Spencer uses to presell the course. Like everything Spencer does, it’s packed with value and you’re going to learn a lot from it.

Buy Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Today

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Bonuses

Did my Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review get you excited to sign up for this amazing affiliate marketing training program?

Why not get some extra goodies as well by grabbing my exclusive Affiliate Secrets bonuses.

Bonus #1: 30 Days of Personal Mentoring from me over FB messenger ($997 value)

FB Mesenger Support

Got a question? No problem. I help all my affiliates by providing one on one mentoring that will take your business to the next level.

Whether you need any help implementing any of the modules in Affiliate Secrets, or you just want to talk to me about affiliate marketing in general, you have full access to me for 30 days.

Bonus #2: Software In a Box Membership Access ($1,997 value)


The goal of Software in a Box is to help you earn more high ticket affiliate commissions.

As a member, you will get your own personal dashboard which allows you to create unlimited Group Convert and Watcher Spy software accounts.

These can be used as bonuses to help sell Affiliate Secrets 3.0, or any other affiliate product. Or just used as lead magnets to grow your email list.

Group Convert is one of my favorites softwares. I’ve personally used it to add over 4,000 email leads from my personal FB group. It’s a setup once and forget software that will make a huge difference in your business.

Watcher Spy is my secret content marketing weapon. I use it to follow my favorite influencers and use it for content ideas, learn marketing strategies, and to network. And it really complements the Affiliate Secrets training as well!

Plus, I will also be adding future softwares into this membership which you will also get bonus rights to. This includes my next software product called FP Affiliate Extractor.

Bonus #3: Three “Software in a Box” Bonus Licenses ($450 value)

I want to help you make your first few Affilite Secrets 3.0 affiliate sales as easy as possible. And help you quickly recoup the cost of your purchase.

So I am also going to be giving you three Software in a Box membership bonus licenses that you can use as bonuses to make Affiliate Secrets 3.0 affiliate sales for yourself

Creating bonuses is hard, but you now have a Done-For-You irresistible Affiliate Secrets 3.0 bonus offer ready to go from the beginning!

I’m personally using these licenses as a bonus myself, and I’ve proven that it’s an amazing incentive to get people to click on your links. And others have been using these licenses successfully as well.

How Do I Get My Affiliate Secrets Bonuses?

All you need to do is signup for Affiliate Secrets 3.0 using THIS LINK. Make sure to open the link in an Incognito Window in Chrome or a Private Window in Firefox to ensure you get credit.

Once you signup, reach out to me using this contact page. And I will send you your bonuses within 24 hours after verifying your purchase.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you enjoyed this Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review post. Please note that any links inside this article may be affiliate links for Affiliate Secrets. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, thanks! Any money we make keeps this site running and allows us to keep producing high-quality reviews.
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  • i love Spencer Mecham and his funnels strategy is one of the best and very easy to follow his steps and start making money as affiliate in day

  • too says:

    With information overload and cost of the program, what other expenses (clickfunnel account, email system account like activecampaign, and pay ads) should we consider, and how much on top of the cost of the program say for the 1st month, or even 3 months?

    For a beginner with a job and family, it’s a lot of money thrown in before seeing a ROI.

    • Chris Fong says:

      So you don’t necessarily need ClickFunnels to use Affiliate Secrets effectively. But investing in a good email autoresponder is definitely a must. And if you follow some of the paid traffic strategies, you will certainly need a budget for that.

      But if you choose to use a platform like Youtube, you can cut down on the expenses quite a bit.

  • Aryan Simon says:

    The product already has version 3.0, can you rate it? I love your quality reviews.

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