Who are the Top Legendary Marketer Affiliates? (And why you should follow them)

If you want to be a great affiliate marketer, then it pays to learn from the best.

You might think that means investing in some sort of coaching or mentoring.  That might work, but that’s beyond the budget of many people.

However if you don’t mind doing a little learning on your own, I have an even better way.

And that’s by learning from some of the top Legendary Marketer affiliates.

Why Legendary Marketer?

There is a reason why I’m spotlighting Legendary Marketer.

It’s one of the best online training programs I am a part of.

I’m a really big fan of Legendary because they have excellent affiliate marketing training, that teaches strategies that are working for people right now.

And they have built up a very nice community around it as well.

Legendary Marketer community

So what would you do if you had a chance to learn from some of the most successful Legendary affiliates?

And you could discover the secret sauce that makes them tick.

How much would you pay to listen to them drop value bombs?

Well, you don’t have to pay anything because I’ve made it all available for free in this post.

Most affiliate programs don’t share who their top affiliates are. (BuilderAll is another) You may be able to do some digging and find a few of their best affiliates. But it would be challenging to locate them all.

That’s why I really like the Legendary’s Scoreboard feature. It’s available in the back office and it gives you a real-time look at who the top affiliates are.

Legendary Marketer Scoreboard

But a less well-known aspect of Legendary are the Wakeup Legendary calls that Dave Sharpe does every day. These shows typically run between 40 minutes to an hour and many of them feature live interviews with Legendary affiliates.

These interviews are a goldmine of knowledge.

And the fantastic part is that they are all free on the Legendary YouTube channel. You don’t even have to be a member of Legendary to watch them.

Wakeup Legendary videos

So using the Scoreboard, I’m able to see which Legendary affiliates are doing well. And using the Wake Up Legendary videos as a starting point I’ve done some research to find out how they are getting their results.

I didn’t do this so you can copy them. (Although a couple of them offer share funnels which they WANT you to copy)

Instead, use this knowledge as inspiration for your own affiliate promotions and point yourself in the right direction of what’s currently working.

I promise that if you take notes, watch their interviews and check out their communities and content that you will learn a lot.

And not just about promoting Legendary Marketer specifically. But also affiliate marketing in general.

Alright, let’s take a look at the top Legendary affiliates!

Editors Note: These are the top affiliates at the time of publishing.  The list is constantly changing, so I’ll be updating this list of affiliates in future updates.

#1. Calvin Hill

TikTok: @powerofpublish
YouTube: Power of Publish
Website: powerofpublish.com
Tech stack: ClickFunnels/ConvertKit

Calvin Hill is the current top Legendary affiliate. Calvin started off as a music producer in the hip hop industry and learned his marketing chops while trying to sell his own music.

Before he joined Legendary, he started working as an Uber driver for 6 months. Not really to earn money, but more to learn the platform and understand how it worked.

He then created a YouTube channel called The Simple Driver that taught Uber drivers how to run their own business. It got the attention of Uber themselves, where he was flown out to their HQ and got to be in commercials, sponsorships and turned this into a multiple 6 figure business for himself.

Why you should follow Calvin

Calvin promotes Legendary in a variety of ways under his brand Power of Publish.

Hi TikTok channel though is must follow.

He started his Tik Tok back in January 2021 and he grew it to 300k followers in under a month. At the time of this post, he’s up to 1M+ followers and 5.4M likes.

#2. Sarah Ravel

TikTok: @theblondeaffiliate
Tech stack: ClickFunnels/AWeber


Sarah Ravel is the newcomer to the Legendary scoreboard. She used to be a grocery store clerk until she came across Legendary through Tik Tok. She only decided to join the 15-day challenge after watching some of these same Wakeup Legendary interviews on YouTube.

Currently, she’s only promoting Legendary using her Tik Tok. She was able to get to 19k followers in 24 days and she’s almost at 108k followers today.

A couple of Tik Tok tips I learned from Sarah is that you can take any Tik Tok trend in any niche. And put your own spin on it to work for your personality and whatever it is you are selling. She also tries to leave things open-ended so viewers will ask questions and she can engage with them.

She plans her videos every morning, and always tries to keep things fun and light.

Why you should follow Sarah

Sarah is not a big-name marketer like a few of the people on this list. And as far as I can tell, she’s currently only using Tik Tok and email as her main marketing channels.

But despite that, she’s really come out of nowhere to become one of the top Legendary affiliates. If you are struggling to find success as an affiliate, her story will resonate with you. And provide inspiration that you can do this too.

#3. Stacy Lafantaisie (La)

TikTok: @makemoneywithstacyla
Facebook Group: Make Money Online with Stacy La
Website: TheStacyLa.com
Tech stack: BuilderAll

Stacy La is another one of the rising stars with Legendary.

She is a former nuclear plant worker from Canada, who was working 12 hour shifts (day or night) for 4-5 years. She heard about Legendary on accident through a Tik Tok video. When she got started herself on TikTok, she hit 120k followers in 19 days.

Her Wakeup Legendary interview contained lots of great advice about Tik Tok.

  • You only have 1 sec to catch someone’s attention
  • Treat that first second like it means everything
  • If you have a video that goes viral, keep pumping out content
  • Be consistent. Stacy made a goal to post 3 times a day
  • Think of your Tik Tok’s in the same way as paid ads
  • Do what works, but also don’t be afraid to try new things
  • If you focus on helping people, you will get what you want

Why you should follow Stacy

I can immediately tell from watching Stacy’s content that she’s on her way to becoming a top affiliate marketer brand for herself.  Her video style is a great one to model from.

Her personal Facebook group is very active, and she’s inside there every day answering questions from people in her group.

If you join her email list, you can also get access to her BuilderAll funnel and get her email swipes.

#4. Brian Brewer

TikTok: @brianbrewerofficial
YouTube: Becoming Legendary
Facebook Group: Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income w/ Brian Brewer
Website: Affiliate Escape Plan
Tech stack: ClickFunnels/Drip

I’ve already written about Brian in this case study. He was the top Legendary affiliate for many months, although he’s dropped down a little bit recently. He did hit 2x Platinum ($200k in Legendary commissions) back in March.

Brian quit his restaurant job to do affiliate marketing full-time in 2016. He first started out with product review blogs and SEO. He would create niche sites and sell Amazon products.

Like the other top Legendary affiliates, Brian uses Tik Tok as one of the main drivers of traffic. But instead of solely relying on Tik Tok, he uses it as a platform to seed his YouTube channel (he has multiple) and Facebook group.

He also does Facebook ad retargeting, which I don’t see a ton of other affiliates doing as well.

Why you should follow Brian

Brian is a must follow whether you want to be better at promoting Legendary, or just affiliate marketing in general. He’s extremely knowledgable in all aspects of marketing, and you will learn a lot just by watching any of his content.

He also provides his own Legendary bridge page funnel for you to clone, and he has a free affiliate marketing course called Affiliate Escape Plan which is excellent.

#5. James Neville Taylor

YouTube: Taylor Your Best Life
Facebook group: Rapid Profit Machine
Tech stack: BuilderAll

James has really been coming on strong with Legendary lately.

But he’s better known for being the #1 BuilderAll affiliate. He also has an inspiring story of depression and near suicide and coming back from it which you can learn more about in his Wakeup Legendary Interview.

Why you should follow James:

James is different from most of the other top Legendary affiliates in that Tik Tok is not a big part of his success.

Instead James is very successful with a lot of different traffic sources including paid ads.

He’s also the creator of the Massive Affiliate Blueprint (MAB), which is a complete Done-For-You system in BuilderAll that his members can implement for themselves. As a MAB member myself, I know that Legendary is one of the programs that he recommends inside.

#6. Thomas Garetz

YouTube: Thomas Garetz
TikTok: @thomasgaretz
Tech Stack: ClickFunnels/GetResponse

Thomas Garetz also has an interesting story. He started doing drugs at an early age, and became a heroine addict. He got clean 4-5 years ago and in 2019 he started affiliate marketing.

He found Legendary 6 months into his journey. And he got laid off of his job when the pandemic hit in March 2020.  He also was able to use Tik Tok to blow up his YouTube channel which has now gone past 129k subscribers.  He’s the most recent affiliate to hit Legendary platinum status.

Why you should follow Thomas

If you want to learn YouTube, then Thomas is one of the best people to follow. The free content on his channel is excellent, and he also has his own paid YouTube course as well.

He’s also been a speaker at the Legendary Mastermind events, so if you purchase that you will get to listen to his talks there as well.

#7. Spencer Mecham

YouTube: Buildapreneur
TikTok: @spencerhacks
Website: Buildapreneur.com
Tech Stack: ClickFunnels/ActiveCampaign

Spencer is probably better known as being ClickFunnels #1 affiliate. I’ve interviewed him in the past, and he’s an all around nice guy.  But Spencer has also been killing it with Legendary as well and he hit Legendary Platinum status back in February.

Spencer has really found a way to blow up his Tik Tok. He hit 207k followers and 1 million likes in 90 days. But he also has a big YouTube channel, Facebook group, and even blog which he leverages to promote Legendary (and many other affiliate products).

Watch the interview above and you can see how exactly he uses all these multiple traffic income streams.  It’s really very interesting.

Why you should follow Spencer

Spencer is another must-follow if you are into affiliate marketing.  His YouTube channel is excellent and he puts out really good free content every day on his channel.  If you are new to the game, you should also check out his free courses.  His premium paid course, Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is also well worth the investment.

You should also join his excellent Facebook group, Automation Nation.  I’ve personally found so many great people to network with from just his group alone.  Which has helped my own online business grow dramatically.

How you can be the next Top Legendary Affiliate

What’s pretty cool about Legendary is that anybody can be the top affiliate at any given time.  For several months, Brian Brewer and Spencer Mecham were battling it out for the top spot.  But now, a relative newcomer like Calvin Hill has overtaken them both.

And while there are several well known marketers on this list, the fact that people like Sarah and Stacy are also on this list shows that you don’t have to be a guru to get great results with Legendary.

Here’s what I would do to get your name to the top of the Legendary Scoreboard.

First, go through this post again and watch as many of these interviews as you can.  Take some notes, and then pick the one affiliate that really resonates with you.

Next, dive into their content. Join their email list and Facebook group (if they have one).  I’ve provided links to the main content platforms for everyone on this list.

This will give you ideas for content and strategies that you can use to promote Legendary yourself.  Model what that person is doing, but don’t copy!  And always be thinking of ways to put your own spin on things.

You have your own skill and experiences that are uniquely you which you can use to your advantage.

If you haven’t joined Legendary yet, then you’re in luck.  Because I have some bonuses that can really help you start seeing success with Legendary even faster.  All you need to do is join under me using my link.

Here is what you get:

  • Access to my Legendary case study group. You will get a real-time look at my own personal Legendary promotion and results.
  • The ability to use my own email follow-up system. This will get more of your Legendary members to buy the high ticket offer and help you earn more commissions per member.
  • My list of Legendary Tik Tokers to follow. These are people that are crushing it with Tik Tok and Legendary.  And you can model your content after these marketers because you know it works.
  • Help getting approved as a Legendary affiliate. It can be a little challenging to get accepted into Legendary if you have no experience. But I’ve had good success vouching for my affiliates and getting them in.
  • My personal help. Plus you will get support from the other successful Legendary marketers inside my group.
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