How To Get More Traffic with TikTok

What’s the fastest way to get organic, FREE traffic?

Blogging? Nope.

YouTube? Nope

Facebook? Nope

Each of these platforms takes quite a bit of time to get results with.

But there is one platform that has the potential to get you traffic right away. And that’s TikTok.

For those of you that don’t know, TikTok is a video sharing social network. But what makes it different is that all the videos on the platform are 60 seconds long or less.

And it’s not just for dancing millennials.

TikTok offers huge potential to get traffic to your offers… very quickly.

I did some research on how some of the top affiliates are leveraging TikTok in their business. And I’m going to share with you how you can do the same.

So if it’s a fit for your style, you should jump and start using it as soon as you can.

Why use TikTok for affiliate marketing?

There are several reasons why you should consider using TikTok as a platform to get traffic.

Videos are much easier to create. TikTok videos need to be less than 60 secs long and the average TikTok video is just 15 seconds. Plus, no fancy video recording equipment is needed as you can publish directly from your smartphone.

You don’t necessarily need to talk. Some of the most viral videos I’ve seen on TikTok feature people just pointing or watching other videos. I’ll show examples below.

It’s easy to leverage other people’s content. TikTok encourages you to use other people’s videos using built-in tools like Stitch and Duet. And smart marketers are using them to their advantage.

Be a copycat. You can do really well on TikTok just by doing some research and following what works with others.

Original stuff is great too. If you’re putting out original content with a great hook, you can also blow up as well.

How successful affiliates are blowing it up on TikTok

Take a look at the screenshot below.

Legendary Scoreboard

I highlighted the top 6 affiliates for one of my favorite affiliate programs, Legendary Marketer.

What do they all have in common?

Each of them is using TikTok as one of their main drivers of traffic. (And Legendary commissions)

Brian Brewer has been the top Legendary affiliate for a while now.  And he’s already reached Platinum affiliate status. ($100k+ affiliate commissions with Legendary)

Spencer Mecham is actually ClickFunnels’ top affiliate (over $1 million commissions) but he’s also crushing it with Legendary.

But even relative newcomers to affiliate marketing are having success with TikTok as well.  Darryl Gray is a 17-year old high school student and Austin Becker just started taking affiliate marketing seriously in the last few months.

Both saw success with TikTok very quickly and it shows that anyone who puts in the work can get results fast too.

I’m going to use these four, to show you examples of the types of TikTok videos that do really well.

(Click the images to play the actual videos)

TikTok Example #1: The “No Talking” Videos

Don’t like the sound of your voice? I found a lot of popular TikToks where there’s no talking in them at all.

A whole video could consist of you just reacting or pointing to text on the screen like these two.

Darryl Gray Tik Tok 1Austin Becker 1

TikTok Example #2: The “Under 10-second” Videos

While TikToks can be up to 60 seconds long, they don’t have to be. Here are some really short videos that have done well.

Both these videos are under 10 seconds long.

I bet you can do videos like this too.

Brian Brewer Tik Tok 1Darryl Gray Tik Tok 2

TikTok Example #3: The Stitch Video

The Stitch feature gives you the ability to embed video snippets from other users into your own.

So a cool trick is to take a really popular video and leverage their hook (that made them go viral) into yours.

In the two videos below, Brian and Darryl stitched videos from a popular TikToker named Rachel Meaders.  As you can see from her profile her videos have gotten over 27 million likes.

RachelMeadersTikTok profile

They took clips from a couple of her most viral videos and created their own videos from them.  And you can see they went viral too.

Brian Brewer Tik Tok 2Darryl Gray Tik Tok 3

TikTok Example #4: The Duet Video

Duets is another built-in feature that lets you play a video side by side with another video.

Again, just research viral videos from other content creators to duet with.

And your own video can be as simple as just you “watching” the other video like below.

Austin Becker Tik Tok 3Austin Becker Tik Tok 2

TikTok Example #5: The Original Content Video

As with every platform, original content that provides value does really well on the platform.  Have an interesting hook and you could get millions of views like Spencer did below.

Spencer Tik Tok 1Spencer Tik Tok 2

How You Can Start Getting Traffic with TikTok

You’ve now seen real examples of marketers using TikTok to get real traffic to their offers.  And I’ve shown you that the process isn’t really all that difficult now that you see what works.

No, not every TikTok video you put out, will go viral.  Even for these guys.

But since videos on TikTok are simple to make, it’s easy to put several videos a day.  And you can get results very quickly if you consistently publish content following these proven examples I just showed you.

To get started, I recommend picking up this $1 TikTok course called 15 Second Free Leads. It will show you how to set up your account in a proper way. And give you a good affiliate offer (Legendary Marketer) to promote with your videos.

As a bonus, anyone who picks up the course will get my list of The Best TikTok Marketers To Follow. This will give you an unlimited source of TikTok content ideas.

Good luck!

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