The 9 Best Places to Add An Email Optin Form To Your Website

There is no doubt that email marketing remains the best and most effective way to market your products and services to potential customers. SEO is very unstable and Pay per click marketing can be extremely expensive.

Email on the other hand is very stable, as long as you cultivate your list wisely. Plus, it’s the most targeted approach since your subscribers have chosen to listen to your message.

Therefore, the more subscribers that you can get on your list, the more sales you will be able to get.

How can you get more email subscribers? The easiest way is to add email optin-forms on your website. In this post, I’m sharing 10 high converting places you can place an optin-box on your website to get more subscribers today. While placing your optin form in all these spots may be overkill, pick a few of these and watch your email subscribers jump through the roof.

1. Sidebar

The top of a site’s sidebar is definitely the most common spot that site owners will place their optin forms. It’s prominent, catches the eye, and quite easy to implement on most websites.


2. Feature Box

Having a feature box with email optin form might be the most highly converting space on your site. It’s a little harder to implement since you will have to come up with a design that fits your site. But it’s worth the effort.

BoostBlogTraffic for uses the Feature Box for a great effect as you can see here:


3. After Your Posts

Adding an optin box after each of your posts can be a very effective strategy. If a person has read through the entire content of your posts, that certainly means they were interested in you’re writing. This is the perfect time to capture their email address with a well placed optin-form.

Here’s how Jay Baer does it on his Convince & Convert blog:


4. Footer

This works using the same principle as the After Post email optin. A user that has scrolled down to your footer is normally an engaged visitor. So why not add one here?

SocialMouths features a very prominent footer optin-form on it’s site.


5. About Page

The About Page is a very underrated spot to place an email optin-form. But it can be very effective since the about page is often one of the most visited pages on your website.

Check out Brian Dean’s About page on Backlinko for an example:


6. Header Toolbar

The header toolbar can be a great place to put an opt-in form. It’s always visible, no matter where your visitors are on your page. While you can always roll your own, two great services for adding a header toolbar to your site are HelloBar and ManyContacts.

Here is ManyContacts in action on KaiserTheSage.


7. Lightbox Popup

Some people really hate lightbox popups. These are popup boxes that appear after a certain amount of time on a site asking for an email address. While they are annoying to some, they are still quite effective. Use a plugin like Hybrid Connect to help you add a well designed lightbox popup to your site.


8. Slide In Popup

This is similar to the lightbox popup, but a little less intrusive. After a certain amount of time, this is a box that sort of slides up on the bottom of your screen and asks for your email address.

Use a plugin like Optin Monster to add something like this to your site. Here is how it looks like on BloggingWizard.


9. Click To Subscribe

You don’t always need to be so in-your face with your email popups. Pat Flynn has these click to subscribe buttons on his website. So when you press the green button, that’s when the optin-box appears. While it’s an additional step, your email suscriber is even more qualified since they choose to click on the button themselves.


What Autoresponder Should You Use?

To make use of any of these email optin-forms, they need to be used in conjunction with an autoresponder. So which autoresponder should you use? Aweber seems to be the best of the bunch, as it’s well known for it’s email delivery reliability, ease of use and good customer support.

Aweber also has very nice split testing capabilities, so you can test out your signup forms in each of the places we’ve mentioned and see exactly which spots convert the best.e

They offer a $1 free trial and while there are no official Aweber discount codes, you can save an additional 15% off by going through AutoresponderGeeks.

GetResponse and Mailchimp are also other alternatives you might consider.

Final Thoughts

Are you placing email optin-forms on your own site? Let us know in your comments what the most effective places are for you.