Best Marketing Blogs and News Aggregation Websites

The internet is BIG, and expanding at a rapid pace with the passage of each second. There are millions upon million of websites out there now, which means that not only is there more news on the internet than what you could possibly ever consume, there’s more news and more information is being put up on social mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, as well as the countless other websites every single day.

The point is that because of the sheer magnitude of the information that is being put up on the internet, it is humanly impossible to be able to consume it all.

Luckily, that’s where news aggregation websites and services come in.

What these news ‘aggregators’ do, is combine information from many different sources of your choosing – such as based upon one or more of your interests, or focused on a particular interest or niche – and present it to you, the user, in a much more clear, concise, user-friendly and readable/consumable manner.

Here are a few such websites – aka. the best news aggregation websites and services from all over the internet. The creme-de-la-creme of news aggregation services!

1. BloggerScope


Since I work in the Internet Marketing industry, and everything that has anything to do with SEO and IM is of interest to me, BloggerScope is an absolute godsend!

BloggerScope tracks some of the best, most-influential authority blogs and websites in the internet marketing niche (as many as 64 of them) as well as many top marketing blogs on the internet and presents the top posts from these blogs in a easily-consumable manner.

As new posts get published, they are ranked by popularity, but you also have the option to sort by the number of social media shares (Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets, etc) each post gets, as well as in a chronological order (according to when these posts were published).

Visitors also have the option to switch between top posts or top blogs, and one of the great new features that’s been added to the website is to view CommentLuv enabled blogs only.

It’s a very useful and an all-round great website to stay on top of what’s happening in the marketing niche!

2. AffDaily


The whole point of a news aggregator is to ensure that news remains easily-consumable without getting too overwhelming, and is presented in an easy-to-read manner.

That is where AffDaily excels!

AffDaily is an affiliate marketing news aggregator, and one of the best in the business. For affiliate marketers, bloggers, internet marketers, people working in SEO and SEM, etc, it is an excellent one-stop quality resource.

The website arranges information according to popularity in 3 separate columns – popular today, popular yesterday and popular last week – and each website gets its own box. So you or any visitor can easily see popular posts from a specific blog, or posts that were popular today, yesterday or last week.

You can customize what you want to see (and what you don’t) – and essentially get information only from relevant blogs or ones that interest you – by signing up for a free account.

A great website, although that interface could use some work.

3. Marketing Land/Search Engine Land

search engine land

Not news-aggregators, but two excellent websites for keeping abreast of all things marketing!

Born out of Sphinn – a popular SEO-news community – Marketing Land provides users with excellent quality articles on many different categories and niches related to online (and traditional) marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, as well as technology.

Popular categories include social, mobile, strategy, analytics, and content, to name a few.

The website is frequently updated, and all articles are well-written and are of top-quality. The content is well-researched, and thought-provoking. You will also be able to find some excellent discussions in the comments section of each article.

It is one of the first websites that I check when I begin work every morning.

Be sure to subscribe for their free newsletter called Marketing Day, which is published on a daily basis.

Search Engine Land is Marketing Land’s sister website, and once again like it’s other half, is an outstanding resource for up-to-date information on everything going on in the world of marketing and all it’s niches.

There’s plenty of quality content to browse through at any point of the day, and more excellent articles and features are added to the website frequently, to the many different categories on the website.

Once again, an excellent resource to browse through while having that morning coffee before beginning work!

4. MobGrind


MobGrind is a great news aggregation service which caters specifically to the mobile niche.

It includes news and popular/latest posts from all mobile blogs and the top mobile websites, as well as mobile marketing news from the likes of Google.

The truth is that there are many companies talking about mobile marketing now, and with the surge in the number of smartphones out there, mobile marketing has attained quite a bit of popularity. MobGrind is a great website which brings all this information together one a single, user-friendly, easy-to-find and easy-to-browse platform.

The website actually does a pretty good job in putting all kinds of mobile ad news in one single place. So instead of going to many different websites to look for information, or search for it on Google (for instance), the website brings all the best blogs and posts in a single place, and aggregates them all in this great site.

It would also be an excellent idea to check MobGrind’s parent website, IMGrind, as it is regularly updated with some excellent content on internet marketing and related niches.

5. NewsNow


NewsNow is a very popular news feed aggregator based out of the UK, providing content, posts, news and information on a wide variety of topics, niches and categories.

It can also be used to get top information on search engines from some of the best, authority sources out there. Very useful and handy tool that you might want to consider bookmarking in your browser.


  • Lisa K says:

    I was just introduced to Bloggerscope recently, but I really love it! I have it bookmarked and it’s my daily read every morning now.

    I especially love the new CommentLuv category. I know everyone thinks CommentLuv is about commenting to get links, but I like it more for just making connections with my fellow bloggers.

    • Chris Anderson says:

      Lisa, thanks for the comment! I agree, CommentLuv is excellent for connecting with other people in your niche through Twitter, Facebook and social media in general. And the backlinks don’t hurt either do they 😉

      – Cheers, Chris.

  • John says:

    Nice list, but my favorite news aggregator is

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