The Best Pinterest Pinning Strategy for Pinning Lots of Pins Fast

On Pinterest speed matters. 

No one wants to spend all their time bulk posting a bunch of pins.  It’s both tedious and time consuming and there are much better ways to spend your time.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite technique that I’ve been using to do precisely this.

Pinterest has been one of my best traffic sources for a long time.  Anyone can leverage the platform if they take the time to learn how it works.

But here’s the thing.

The less time you spend posting pins on Pinterest, the more time you can actually devote to growing your business and doing stuff such as, say, writing for your blog.

To use this technique, you’re going to need a Tailwind account, which if you promote your content on Pinterest or on social media, you probably already have.

Also, make sure you have the Tailwind Publishing extension for whatever browser you’re using already installed.

Anyway, here’s how this super fast pinning technique works.

Step-by-step Pinterest Pinning Strategy


Sign into Tailwind with your account.  On the left side menu, go to Publisher > Drafts

The first thing to do is ensure you don’t have any existing drafts in your Tailwind Drafts. If you do, you need to clear them out by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Remove All button.


Your drafts page should look like this once all drafts are cleared. Be sure to do this before moving on.


Choose a board – any board – from your Pinterest account, in which you would like to pin something to. It could be any board from your list of existing boards on your Pinterest. Choose one, and move to the next step.


Once you have picked your board, use Pinterest to search for content for that board, typing in a related and relevant keyword/keywords. This will bring up a bunch of related pins to your search.

I simply entered ‘blogging tips’ in the search bar for this purpose.


Here’s where things get interesting. Click on the Tailwind browser extension icon, this will open up a new window, containing all the pins from the search page.

Click on the Tailwind extension icon on the top of your browser.


Choose any ONE pin to schedule (yes, one) from this page. Then click on the Go Schedule button at the bottom of the page which will then open up in a new window like this:



Which brings us to our ‘hack,’ and stay with me on this. Take the newly opened window, and drag it all the way to the left of your screen, so you can see the window which contains the previously-searched pins, that we were on earlier.

Alternatively, leave this new window open and simply switch back to the search results page.



Simply hover your mouse on another picture on the search results page, click on the Tailwind’s blue button to schedule another pin, and wait until it comes up in the newer window.

What this does, in the background, is add that pin to your drafts page. 



Rinse and repeat, which means continue doing this with as many pins as you want, depending on the number of pins you want to pin on the chosen board.

Keep adding pins to your drafts this way. Notice how it now says 7 Drafts at the bottom of this window.


Once done, go to Tailwind’s account, into your drafts, where you’ll see all the pins that you just saved.  Use the schedule box on top to pin all pins to the board which you have initially chosen. This will schedule these pins to be pinned on this board in the subsequent days. Voila, you’re done!

Go back to Drafts in Tailwind, and simply enter the name of the board you want all these pins to go to.

In this example, I did step #8,  7 times and end up with 7 drafts. You can add as many pins as you want to your drafts, and ultimately add them to the board all at once.

Step 10:

Repeat these steps for the next Pinterest board you want to bulk pin to.

Final Thoughts

It will take a couple of tries to get used to the rhythm of executing this pinning technique.  But once you get it down, you’ll definitely notice how much faster it is to pin to your boards in this way.

You can schedule hundreds of pins a day using this technique, and let Tailwind handle the rest.

It’s just one of reasons why Tailwind is the best service to use with Pinterest.

If you don’t have Tailwind yet, sign up for the free trial (no cc required). It will let you schedule up to 100 pins to your account for free.

Take the Tailwind Free Trial

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