Best Work-From-Home Jobs Out There

It’s ‘the dream’ right? Working from home, choosing your own timings and working hours, setting up your own schedules and flexible working hours, working the comforts of your home and, oh yes, saving up on travel costs and time!

If this is your dream, I’ve got good news for you! There are plenty of things that you can do in order to earn your bread from home and live off it easily. Forbes recently put together this list of some of the best work-from-home jobs out there.

For me, here are five of the best work-from-home jobs out there that anyone and everyone reading this could look into:

1. Software Devs and Software Engineers

According to Forbes, the median weekly earnings of a software engineer working from home equals $1,549, while the median salary per annum comes to around $85,000. Not bad at all!

With the passage of time, the need for good software developers is on the rise as well, and writing great code is something that you think is your forte, it may be a good idea to look into working as a freelancer software developer.

Perhaps you could start by looking for and bidding for jobs on websites such as Freelancer and Upwork  – all of which are excellent sources of work because of the sheer amount of software-dev-related work posted on these websites. Definitely a good place to start and who knows, if business picks up you could end up doing it full-time and living the dream!

2. Financial Managers

If you’re good with numbers and money (and have the necessary qualifications to back it up) telecommuting as a financial manager could also be another good option. Forbes says that the median weekly earnings of a financial manager working from home amount to $1,227, and the median salary comes down to $99,000.

This also means that it remains one of the best, most well-paid things you can do if you are planning to switch your office for your home. FlexJobs, for instance, has some good accounting and finance telecommuting/part-time job openings that you may want to look at. Then there are plenty of other places to look at as well, such as, Glassdoor and Yahoo Jobs, to name just a few.

3. Graphic Designers

Another great option for folks looking to work from home is graphic design. While the number of people (and organizations) providing such services is on the rise – especially as freelancers and on the internet, the good news is that so is the demand. Individuals, small businesses, organizations, and corporations out there are looking for good graphic designers and graphic designing services.

One look at one of the many online freelancing websites (such as those mentioned above) will tell you that there are hundreds of graphic designing jobs posted on these websites on a daily basis – from graphic design to logos, to illustrations and so on. Forbes puts the median earnings of telecommuting graphic designers at $890/week.

Read this article to learn about the steps you have to take to become a graphic designer

4. Writers

According to Forbes, writers, content creators, and authors working remotely have median weekly earnings of $987 and a median salary of $55,000. Not the most lucrative when it comes to some of the other jobs on this list, but nonetheless, there’s still money to be made!

With the evolution of Google and the internet in general, coupled with the increasing emphasis on excellent content and the development of creating good content strategies, writers and content producers are in-demand!

For instance, Upwork alone has around 3000-4000 writing-related jobs posted on their portal right now! This number of course includes a wide variety of writing, proof-reading, blogging, editing, translating and/or content-development-related jobs.

5. Radiologists

I’ll admit this one took me by surprise a little bit – radiologists working from home? Turns out, there’s a large number of telecommuting radiologists out there! What’s even more surprising, they are earning big bucks! Yes, according to Forbes, radiologists working from home are bagging $1,975 per week median salary!

So not only do you get to work from home and enjoy all the perks, benefits, and advantages that come with it, you are compensated very well for it! According to ABC News, Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of says that “A lot of radiologist work can be done from home now because you’re studying images, reviewing files, Skype with patients, and that can all be done remotely.”

It’s a sought-after medical specialty and allows people to telecommute while making a good living from the comforts of their home.