Helium10 Review: Is It The Ultimate Toolbox for Amazon Sellers?

There’s a lot of money to be made by selling products on Amazon.

But you can’t just pick any random product, throw up a listing and expect it to sell well.

Smart Amazon sellers do their research first.

They find hidden gem products that don’t have as much competition.

They figure out which keywords to target.

Helium10 Review

Last updated: April 7, 2021
Initially published: April 7, 2021
Product rating: 4.7 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary
If you’re selling on Amazon, then Helium10 is an essential suite of tools that will make your life much easier.

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And they optimize their product list around those keywords so they can start getting that sweet Amazon traffic.

Doing this type of research on your own is very difficult and time-consuming.  So much so that you probably won’t end up doing it at all.

Luckily, there’s a better way.

And that’s with Helium10 pro suite of tools.  It’s the essential toolkit for any Amazon seller and I’m going to show you what’s inside in this Helium10 review.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

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What Is Helium10?

Helium10, founded by Manny Coats and co-founder Guillermo Puyol, is a suite of tools designed to help Amazon Sellers in a variety of ways, from product selection to listing optimization and more.

The suite is made up of 17+ different Amazon-based tools grouped into one of 4 core categories, including:

  • Product Research: Includes Black Box, Profitability Calculator, Trendster, Review Downloader, Inventory Checker, and Xray
  • Keyword Research: Includes Magnet and Cerebro
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Includes Profits, Alerts, Inventory Protector, Refund Genie, and Follow-Up
  • Listing Optimizations: Includes Scribbles, Frankenstein, Index Checker, and Keyword Tracker

The goal of these tools is to take otherwise time-consuming and complicated tasks that have plagued Amazon sellers for years and distill them into a series of intelligent tools that save you both time and money.

While Helium10 isn’t the first of its kind in the Amazon seller space, it’s certainly one of the most ambitious in terms of its range of applications.

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Who Is Helium10 For?

Well, obviously it’s for Amazon Sellers. But more specifically, it’s for sellers who are looking to streamline and scale up their operation.

Whether it’s hours spent optimizing product listings or days spent finding gaps in the market for a new line of products, Helium10 is purpose-built to fast-track those laborious and/or repetitive tasks.

Even if you operate on a small scale with little desire for growth, the maintenance and listing optimization tools will help you keep things running smoothly while also squeezing the most profit from your current listings.

Spoiler alert: If you’re an Amazon seller looking to buy your time back, whether it’s to focus more on growth or simply reduce your workload, there are few better solutions that actually deliver.

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A Look Inside Helium10

Product Research

There’s nothing worse than pumping your savings into a new product only to find out you backed the wrong horse. (Been there, done that)

Using Helium10’s product research tools, you’ll be able to view, sort and filter Amazon’s product data to find those golden products in record time, so let’s have a more detailed look at them.

Black Box Tool

This is their primary product research tool.

You can almost think of Black Box as a search engine on top of Amazon search engine, but with an extensive range of filters to narrow down products that fit your criteria.

For example, I can find products in the ‘Kitchen and Dining’ category that meet my desired price range, review count, shipping tier, seasonality, sale to review ratio and countless more data-points.

black box

And it’s not just products.

This interface allows you to switch between products, keywords, competitors and product targeting (search by ASIN) — so you can approach your research in a variety of creative ways.

The results also gives you a birds-eye view of the product, including basic information such as the number of images, variations, weight and listing age, as well as sales figures and trends over time.

 view of the product


This is part of the free Helium10 Chrome extension, and it allows you to evaluate the Amazon products result pages you’re looking at.

All you need to do is activate the extension, select the Xray option and it will generate an analysis of all the products on the current page, including revenue, price, review counts and FBA fees.

Xray-Amazon product research

This is a slightly more “old school” way of doing product research and I personally prefer the features Black Box offers for this type of thing, but you can never have enough data to work with.

If you’ve ever used JungleScout then you’ll be very familiar with this tool. The biggest difference, however, is that Xray is free to use.

Review Downloader

This is another feature from the free Chrome extension, and as the name suggests, it allows you to download the reviews from specific Amazon products.

Unlike most review extraction tools, this gives you the ability to pre-filter reviews that are actually helpful to you, including limiting by verified reviews, reviews with images or reviews of a particular star rating.

Review downloader

You can use this tool as part of your product research, including looking at negative reviews on competing products to give your own product a distinct advantage in that area.

You can also use this on your own product listings to identify new keywords that aren’t already being utilized, especially when coupled with other Helium10 tools such as Frankenstein (more on that later).

Inventory Levels

Yet another feature of the free Chrome extension, Inventory Levels allows you to check the inventory of any Amazon product listing.

This tool will check all seller accounts of a given product and return the exact stock level for each of those sellers — assuming it’s under 1,000 units. (Yes, this leverages the “checkout trick” that most people have to do manually.)

Inventory Levels

Whether you’re a private label seller, wholesaler or arbitrager, you can use this information to edge out your competitors for the buy box, or even identify possible hijackers.


You’ll find this one in the Helium10 dashboard, and it will help you identify seasonality in different niches by studying the performance of specific products over time.

Unlike the previous tools, you will have to supply the ASINs and keywords which means being more deliberate about the products you want to research as opposed to throwing a wide net.


Once you supply this information, however, Helium10 will pull back the pricing and sales rank of that product over time. You can even see this data all the way to a products humble beginnings.

You’ll also get a Google Trends snapshot for your keywords to see if there are seasonal similarities in Google’s own search engine.

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Keyword Research

Like any search engine, Amazon still relies heavily on keywords to understand when and where to show your product listing.

While you can certainly make educated guesses about what specific keywords you should be using to describe your product, nothing beats hard data. As you can probably guess, Helium10 has a couple of handy tools for exactly that.


Magnet (or Magnet 2.0 thanks to a recent interface update) is the main keyword research tool in the suite. It allows you to generate a list of thousands of keywords from a list of one or more seed keywords.

This will help you uncover search terms people are using to find products similar to yours, meaning you can plug the same keywords into your own listing to get more eyeballs on your product.

Magnet keyword research

Unlike other keyword research tools, Magnet is able to pull back related keywords that are vastly different to the seed keywords because it reverse engineers the keyword profiles for any products it finds.

Of course, you can also filter and slice the keyword list to drill down the data, such as setting a minimum search volume, number of words, or based on their proprietary Magnet IQ score — the relationship between the number of competing products and the search volume.

Finding untapped keywords is one of the easiest and most effective ways to gain more organic reach on Amazon, and this tool makes it stupidly easy to uncover those gems.


With all the hype surrounding Magnet, what gap could Cerebro possibly fill?

While Cerebro is another keyword research tool, it’s not seed keyword-driven like Magnet is. Instead, it’s ASIN-driven, meaning you plug in a product ASIN and get related keywords out.

Cerebro keyword research

This is much more effective for single-product research, such as doing a deep-dive into a specific competitor.

To give you one example, this can give you insights into the high-volume keywords a single product ranks for, and ultimately which keywords drive most of their sales. Of course, you can slice and filter this data similar to what you can do with Magnet.

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Ongoing Maintenance

If you already run an established Amazon store and you’re not looking to expand your product line, you might find little use for the aforementioned tools.

With that being said, even maintaining an existing store can have its challenges, whether it’s keeping tabs on sales trends, monitoring unforeseen changes to your listings, or reclaiming costs from lost or damaged stock.

Let’s take a look at some of the maintenance tools available in Helium10 (and there are more than you probably thought).


Profit is the single most important metric for an Amazon seller, which makes having an Amazon finance management tool all the more crucial.

Profits is just that. It syncs directly with your Amazon seller account, and after entering your product and shipping costs, it will calculate running totals for things like revenue, margins, promotions, and refunds.

You can also pull reports for specific time periods as well as compare sales trends. For example, comparing the current month to last month’s figures, or larger time periods such as Q1 to Q2.

This level of reporting allows you to quickly identify sudden jumps or declines for individual products, whether it’s to patch any holes or even capitalize on some unexpected promotion.

I should say, this one is only available on paid plans. The more expensive Diamond and Platinum plans, in fact.


Alerts does exactly what it says on the tin; It hooks into your Amazon seller account and alerts you when specific events take place in regards to a product (or multiple products).

This could be anything from losing or winning the buy box, a sudden change in the number of sellers for that product, a change to pricing or dimensions, or perhaps a change to the product title or category.

These alerts can come in the form of an email or SMS message (or both), and you can even set ‘Do Not Disturb’ hours if you prefer to keep all work communication stays in work hours.

The best part is you can enable monitoring for single ASINs with the flick of a switch, so it’s viable on both a small and large scale.

Inventory Protector

Offering coupon codes is a great way to increase FBA sales and generate reviews for both new and aged products, but this generosity can often be exploited on Amazon.

If it’s not shady competitors looking to clean out your inventory, it’s “coupon stackers” who plan to make a quick buck off your diminished margins. Fortunately, the Inventory Protector tool prevents this from happening.

It works by limiting the number of products any one person can purchase from you when applying a discount code, but the features also apply to products outside of promotions too.

It’s a life-saver of a tool by any measure, and you have to wonder why this functionality isn’t built into the Amazon backend already.

Refund Genie

It’s no secret that Amazon products sometimes get lost or damaged, and while Amazon often reimbursed you for those cases, you’d be surprised how often they fall through the cracks.

Refund Genie syncs up with your seller account and looks for possible cases where you should have been reimbursed by Amazon, but for whatever reason… wasn’t. By doing so, it allows you to identify and recover product costs that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

The tool generates a report that you can submit to Amazon every 30 days, so you still need to go through that process. And admittedly, you’re not guaranteed to get all of it back.

Still, a few minutes with Refund Genie each month could more than pay for your Helium10 membership depending on the volume of sales you produce.


This one handles email communication with your Amazon customers — which, as you know, doesn’t work like traditional email marketing since Amazon doesn’t reveal email addresses.

Using Follow-up, however, you can get many of the same benefits including the ability to leverage email automation to trigger custom messages and sequences at just the right time.

You can use this to prompt buyers for feedback or reviews or even encourage further sales, and templates are provided to speed up the email creation process.

Finally, Follow-up provides a dashboard with stats that mimic traditional email marketing platforms, including emails sent, emails opened and communication “opt-outs”.

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Listing Optimizations

Picking the perfect product is one thing, but standing out from the crowd with a high-converting Amazon listing is a whole other ball game.

You guessed it, Helium10 has a few tools up its sleeve to give you a competitive edge, including monitoring product indexing and tracking keywords, as well as a handy tool to streamline the listing creation process.


Scribbles is an Amazon listing optimization tool. It helps you take what you learned from product and competitor research, and implement that data into your own listing in the most efficient way possible.

For example, you could use Cerebro to filter down the top handful of keywords you should be using in your listing, but it doesn’t tell you HOW to use those keywords in your listing.

Scribbles- Amazon listing optimization tool

It works by taking your keyword list and breaking them down by words and phrases, visually prioritizing them based on search volume, and checking them off in real-time as you write your listing copy.

You’ll also see these words and phrases as suggestions as you begin writing, so no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Phrases as suggestions in Scribbles listing


Frankenstein is a keyword processor. Again, this should be used in conjunction with Helium10’s keyword research tools such as Magnet and Cerebro.

That’s because it essentially works as a list cleaner, taking hundreds or even thousands of potential keywords and distilling them down into the keywords that actually matter, based on the filters you apply.

Frankenstein-keyword processor

Filters include removing duplicates, maintaining phrases, converting to lowercase and removing single words of letters. You can also apply basic formatting to your list such as spaces and commas between each keyword.

In my opinion, this is perhaps one of the least spectacular tools in the Helium10 suite, but it’s still a nice addition and serves any number of use-cases as a dedicated list-cleaner, Amazon-related or otherwise.

Index Checker

Formerly known as 5k checker, the Index Checker looks at whether or not your product is showing up for the keywords you’re targeting.

It works by plugging in your product ASIN along with your target keywords for that product, and the tool will instantly check the live search results to see if you’re showing up for those terms.

Index Checker

And this doesn’t only look at the standard (or traditional) Amazon index, it also looks at the field-ASIN index and the storefront index, and it’s not uncommon to see differences between them.

Outside of just making sure that your products are where they’re supposed to be, you can also use the Index Checker to identify (and report) competitors that are using your brand name keywords in the product backend.

Keyword Tracker

Knowing where your products are showing up in Amazon search for their target keywords allows you to identify areas for better optimization. After all, a product unseen is a product unsold.

The Keyword Tracker works similarly to Google rank trackers, except it looks at the exact position of your products in the search engine (both organic and sponsored) for a given set of keywords.

Since products can rank for any number of different keywords and phrases, the tool groups them together to show the number of keywords in the top 10 and top 50 positions, along with the combined search volume for each group.

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Helium10 Pricing

Helium10 has several different pricing plans.

There’s actually a limited free plan which doesn’t require a credit card. 

This gives you limited access to the Helium10 tool suite.  Some of these limitations include 50 uses of Xray, 20 uses of Blackbox, 2 uses a day of both Cerebro and Magnet.  Plus, you get 30-day free trials to the Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Profits tools.

Then there’s the recently introduced Starter plan at $37 a month which is geared towards new Amazon FBA sellers.  On this plan, you get access to the Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course, full access to a few core tools like XRay and Profits.

The main Helium10 plan is the Platinum plan which is $97 a month.  This gives you full access to the entire tool suite with no limitations.

And finally, if you have a team that needs to use the tools then you should subscribe to the Diamond plan for $197 a month. It comes with multi-user login, higher usage limits, and access to their PPC management platform called ADS.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be a successful seller on Amazon, you need to do the proper legwork and research first.

Competition on Amazon is fierce. And You’re severely handicapping yourself from the start if you don’t do this.

Helium10 is my personal favorite set of Amazon research tools. It works great and they are always coming out with new tools as well.  The bonus Freedom Ticket course is also fantastic and it will show you how to use Helium10 more effectively.

Remember, a failed Amazon product launch will actually cost you a lot of money.  So investing $97 a month is really a drop in the bucket.

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Chirply (Platinum Plan)

Normal price: $997 per month

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon, and in the product insert, there’s some text that says “TEXT ‘Discount’ to 555-555-5555 to get 10% off your next order”.

Well Chirply, is a software that can do this for you. You can set it up to have your customers text you any keyword you like. When they do, you offer them a discount or free gift for their effort. And in return, they become your lead.

This is important because when you sell on Amazon, they own your customer list. The only way you can market to your customers again is if you collect leads off of Amazon yourself.

But that’s not all Chirply can do for your new Amazon business. It also allows you to:

  • Setup SMS marketing automations that will let you follow up and market your leads on autopilot
  • Create a professional IVR system (ie. Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for customer support) to provide amazing support for your Amazon customers
  • Coordinate with multi-person teams to handle both sales and support.

As part of my Helium10 bonus, you will get a free Chirply Platinum plan. This would normally cost you $997 a month through normal channels. But you get it free from me.

Group Convert (Silver plan)

Normal price: $17 per month

Facebook will be one of the best channels you can use to promote your Amazon products. And you should definitely set up a Facebook group for every product you sell.

It’s a great way to create brand loyalty, get reviews, feedback, and connect with influencers.

The only problem with FB groups, is that you don’t really own that audience. Facebook does.

But with Group Convert you change all this. This is a chrome extension that lets you collect the email addresses of every new member that joins your group.

You can push these emails to your favorite email autoresponder and start sending email follow-ups to your customers whenever you like.

How Do I Get My Helium10 Bonuses?

All you need to do is signup for your Helium10 account using THIS LINK. Make sure to open the link in an Incognito Window in Chrome or a Private Window in Firefox to ensure you get credit.

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Helium10 Pros

  • Rich product and keyword research tools for finding untapped opportunities
  • Powerful listing optimizations to give existing products more exposure
  • Useful maintenance tools for streamlining laborious work
  • Provides highly accurate data (hard to verify)
  • Chrome extension for real-time research
  • Excellent training available for each tool
  • Very generous free plan (access to most tools)

Helium10 Cons

  • Multiple tools for similar purposes (can be confusing)
  • No tools for optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Plans get real expensive on the higher end
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