How To Use Facebook Organic Marketing To Get More Traffic To Your Offers

I recently released a free affiliate marketing system called the Happy Birthday Funnel.

The goal is to create an affiliate marketing starter kit. Which allows anyone to grow their email list, build their authority, and earn affiliate commissions. Even if you’re starting from zero.

The way it works is that you get a premium (ie. paid) software called Happy Birthday in exchange for your email address.

Happy Birthday software

Anyone who uses Facebook or LinkedIn will find the software valuable. Since it will help them increase their organic reach on both these platforms on autopilot.

More organic reach = more traffic = more sales.

That’s not all.

Not only can you use the software itself, but you can use it as your own lead magnet. So once you’re inside the funnel you will get the training to learn how to set up the system yourself.

But, once you set it all up, how do you get traffic to it?

Traffic is what most marketers struggle with. Especially when you are starting out.

Fortunately, getting traffic to the Happy Birthday funnel is easier than most.

Because what we are offering to people is more valuable than your typical free report lead magnet. You are giving a software that actually sells for $47 for free AND it’s something most marketers would use (once they learn what it does).

Few marketers will say no to this. So the funnel converts VERY well.

All you need to do is get eyeballs to it.

There are many different traffic sources you can use, but in this post, I’m going to focus on one traffic source in particular.

Facebook organic marketing. And how we can use it to get traffic to our funnel.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

Why Facebook Organic?

There are several reasons why Facebook is one of my favorite traffic sources.

First, it’s free, and anyone can get results with it.

It’s also the fastest platform for you to build your brand. And there are no special skills required to make it work for you. You don’t need to be a great writer, or be on video (if you don’t want to).

All that’s required is time.

Facebook organic marketing is a long term strategy. But it can complement any other marketing strategy you want to use. Whether it’s blogging, Youtube, or anything else you try.

If you already have an existing audience on Facebook, then you can use the traffic strategies below right away. But, if you are starting from scratch it will take some time to get some traction. Don’t worry, I will show you my process below.

First, an example. Here’s a real post I did to promote the Happy Birthday funnel.

Example FB

It literally took me 30 seconds to create and I got a quick 100 leads into my funnel.

If you already a following on Facebook, you can do this right now and get leads.

Create a similar post on your timeline or inside your Facebook group (if you have one), and you will start seeing leads come in right away.

The 6 Ways of Getting Traffic On Facebook

But this is not the only way you can get traffic using Facebook.  Here are six organic methods you can use on Facebook to get people to your offers.

#1: Through your Facebook profile

As you become more active on Facebook, people will start checking out your profile to see what you do. If you’ve built up that “know, like and trust” factor then it’s more likely that people will click the links you’ve added to your profile.

Although it won’t be a ton of traffic, it’s passive traffic. This means you just need to set it up once, and you don’t need to worry about it after that.

In my own profile, I’m sending people to my Facebook group first.  And once they are in, I can send people to my funnel in there.

FB Profile

#2: Using your Facebook group

Having your own Facebook group is great for branding purposes. And it offers you many different ways to send traffic to your offers.

The first is by collecting the emails of the people who join your group.  You can use the Happy Birthday software as a lead magnet.  Then have a software like Group Convert to push those emails into your favorite autoresponder.

You can also send traffic using any group posts you make. For example, you could do a series of posts inside your group on how the Happy Birthday Funnel works, and teach your group members how they can use it themselves.

And finally, you can easily add your Happy Birthday Funnel link to a pinned Announcement post inside your group. Or in the Units section if you want to add some training in there.

#3: By posting on your Facebook timeline

I showed earlier how easy it is to get traffic from a profile post. You just need to create a curiosity based post that gets people to comment. As more people comment, the Facebook algorithm will show your post to more of your friend’s list. Then reply to every comment with your link.

Here’s another example post that did very well for me.

FB Profile Post

#4: Leveraging other FB Groups

Now, spamming your link inside a Facebook group is a poor strategy.  It doesn’t work, and it’s a quick way to get booted from the group.  But there is a better way.

A lot of groups have a special weekly promotion post where you are allowed to promote your links. Keep an eye out for them.

Here’s a good example from my friend Sam’s group who does a promotion thread every Thursday.

FB promotion thread

#5 Using Facebook Messenger

As your profile gets more active, you’ll start to have more interactions on messenger. Having these 1-1 conversations is the best way to build a rapport with someone.

And with the Happy Birthday Funnel you have a really compelling offer to share.  Again you’re offering something of great value, for free.  Who says no to that?

Of course, don’t spam your link upfront.  You’ll need to have an actual conversation for this to work.

#6 Through a FB messenger chatbot

Instead of sending people to the Happy Birthday funnel directly, you can use the software itself as a lead magnet to get people onto your Manychat chatbot list.

Then you would have the chatbot deliver the funnel.

Chatbot messages are getting really high open rates, so this is a great option.  Your chatbot could then guide your leads to setting up the funnel themselves.  And then you could share additional offers (with your affiliate links) that they could add to their funnel.

How to build an audience on Facebook

All the traffic methods above work great.  But only if you have an audience already.

But what if you don’t have any followers on Facebook yet? Then you’ll need to build that up first.

Let me show you my process for doing this.

Step 1: Setup your Facebook Profile

The first thing you need to do is make sure your Facebook profile is set up correctly.

That means making a commitment to using your Facebook profile for your online business only.

Here’s how my Facebook profile looks like:

FB Profile 2

You can see I’m currently promoting my Facebook group in my cover photo, sidebar banner, and bio. But you can use this space to promote any offer you want.

Honestly, I don’t have the best cover photo as I don’t particularly like taking photos of myself. But it’s still effective.

Here’s a nice example FB profile that my friend Zeky Ahmed uses.

Zeky FB Profile

These graphics can be designed for cheap using Fiverr. Or you can use these Canva templates I created for free.

Step 2: Start building your authority

Facebook likes it when you are active on the platform. If you are, then you get more visibility on all the content you post. Which means more potential traffic.

This means posting content on your own timeline and being active with your friends’ content and inside the groups you are a part of.

One of my favorites is Spencer Mecham’s Automation Nation Facebook group. Spencer is ClickFunnels top affiliate, and one of the best affiliates I know.

In my early days on FB, I was a regular commenter in his group. So much so that it helped me get on the radar of Spencer himself.

Spencer Top Commenters

While I have never met him in person, it turns out he’s a very humble and regular guy for a super affiliate! We’ve developed a friendly relationship on FB and it all started by becoming involved in his community.

He’s even been nice enough to feature me on a few of his Youtube videos. This has sent a lot of his audience over to my group which has helped me grow a lot.

Spencer Youtube Feature

“But Chris, it was easy for you to network with people because you already had results!”

While this is true, it’s still not difficult to get on the radar of different influencers. Even if you haven’t had results yet.

Just engaging with their content (making comments, asking questions) on all the platforms they are publishing on will get you noticed.

For example, if they sell a product, buy it, and provide a testimonial.

This is my variation of Bryan Harris’ Poster Boy method which you can read about here.

It’s not Facebook-specific, but you can adopt these same ideas to Facebook to build these great relationships.

Step 3: Facebook Daily Action Plan

Building the authority of your Facebook account can’t be done all at once. It’s something that happens over time.

If you really want to make this work, then I advise you to follow my daily action plan below. Follow this consistently, and you will start to see results within a month.

1. Add 20-30 friends per day. I suggest adding friends from groups you are engaging in. Focus on people that are actively participating in the group, either posting new threads or responding in the comments.

2. Engage with people on your timeline. As you add more friends, their posts will start appearing on your FB timeline. Spend time each day engaging (like/heart/comment) with any interesting posts you see. Pay special attention to posts that get a lot of engagement (100+ comments).

Capture these somewhere and start creating your own library of engaging posts that you can refer to when coming up with your own content to post.

Also, keep tabs on specific friends that consistently get a lot of engagement with their content. If their content resonates with you, use the Poster Boy method mentioned above to get on their radar.

3. Be active inside your favorite groups

Pick 3-5 main FB groups to join, and then consistently engage inside a couple of them every single day. Every group has a different vibe to it, so to get your feet wet, I would always suggest starting out by replying to the currently active posts in the group.

If someone is asking a question, leave a thoughtful answer. Remember, everything you say is a chance to make an impression on someone else in the group.

One important point is to pick groups that are active. This means either the group owner is posting regularly or there are multiple posts per day from other group members.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is one of my favorite places to get traffic, and it’s a great way to get leads to your Happy Birthday Funnel.

Yes, it’s a long term strategy that takes a bit of time and work.  But anybody can get results with it.  So it’s worth the effort.

If you don’t have an audience on Facebook yet, then start with my daily action plan.  You’ll have a nice sized audience in a month or two, and then you can start using the traffic methods discussed in this post.

Are you going to try it? Let me know in the comments.

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Chris Fong is a blogger and a 6 figure a year affiliate marketer. He enjoys helping others learn about different marketing tools and helping people achieve success online.

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