Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review: Start Your Next Mastermind Today

Have you ever thought about running your own mastermind?

While I never have myself, I know of several people who run very successful and no doubt profitable masterminds.

But how would you go about running one?  What would you teach and how do the logistics work?

To learn every aspect of running a successful mastermind, you would probably want to learn from someone who has done it before.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

Last updated: Dec 19, 2019
Initially published on: Nov 23, 2019
Product rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins are legends in the world of masterminds. Knowledge Broker Blueprint is their in-depth training program that will teach you how to extra what you know and create your own successful mastermind.

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And that’s where the Knowledge Broker Blueprint comes in.

This program by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins is the definitive course on running a successful mastermind.  Both Dean and Tony run multiple, very successful million-dollar masterminds.  And they have distilled all their knowledge into this one course.

So in this Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, I’m going to take a look at what this entire course is about and let you know whether it’s worth investing your hard-earned money into.

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Here’s what I’m going to cover:

Why Masterminds?

Before we dive into the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, I wanted to quickly go into why Masterminds are such a great business model to get into.

A great Mastermind can be life-changing. For both the attendees and even yourself as the Mastermind organizer.

By surrounding yourself with others who are in your chosen niche, you can leverage each other’s life experiences to exponentially level up your own knowledge. You will learn things you don’t know, as well as the things you “didn’t know you didn’t know”.

Masterminds are the best way to grow your own network since everyone in the group instantly becomes part of your own.

Some of the people you will meet will become your mentors. Or you might become a mentor yourself.

Masterminds can help you find partners. Whether directly working together, or just finding someone to cross-promote offers with, and expose your brands to each other’s audiences.

All this happens because Masterminds foster this amazing environment for these sorts of collaborations.

Pat Flynn, is one of the most successful bloggers I know, and he directly attributes being part of a mastermind group, as one of the key factors to the success of his business.

Another example is Dave Sharpe, who has made Masterminds a core part of his Legendary Marketer program and runs a few events a year.

What Is The Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is an end-to-end video course that teaches you how to leverage the mastermind model; sharing your knowledge with others and building wealth at the same time.

The original name for KBB 1.0 was the Knowledge Business Blueprint. However, starting with the KBB 2.0 Launch in Feb 2020, the course has been slightly rebranded with the new name, Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

The program was developed by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson, some of the top minds in business, marketing, and personal development, with combined sales figures in the billions of dollars.

And each of them has been very successful in running their very own masterminds.  Tony and Dean have over 60 years of expertise in this area, so they really know what they are doing.

Together, they teach you how to extract your knowledge to create a curriculum, fill a room (either physical or virtual) to deliver that knowledge, and how to run the entire event, step-by-step.

If you’ve ever thought about turning your knowledge into a highly profitable business, this course will help you tap into the $129 billion industry.

But wait… who is Dean Graziosi?

dean bio

Since Dean delivers the majority of the training inside the course, I wanted to briefly give you some background on who he is, what he does, and why you should probably listen to him.

Dean Graziosi, like most successful entrepreneurs, started making money in business at a very young age — from starting a firewood business in high school to owning his first piece of real-estate by the age of 20.

Today, he’s made a fortune in real estate, has become a multiple New York Times best selling author, teaches others all over the world how to generate wealth, and has sold well over $1 billion through various products and business ventures.

Who Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint For?

Getting the obvious out of the way, this course is for anyone looking to start and grow a profitable mastermind business, so, naturally, it’s for people who have the time and dedication required to fully implement the program.

Now, you might assume that creating a business that’s based on sharing knowledge requires you to have some expertise to share in the first place.

While this is helpful for sure, Tony Robbins starts off the course by explaining that many knowledge-based businesses have been built on the back of other people’s lessons and experiences using the “reporter method”.

Of course, there are plenty of cases where people thought they had nothing valuable to share but later found that to be quite the opposite. A big part of the training is about tapping into your own resources as well.

Honestly, the only thing you really need to start a mastermind is the passion around a certain topic.  Then you can dive into the Knowledge Broker Blueprint and learn how to turn that passion into something you can both teach and sell.  And change lives in the process.

Lastly, although KBB is geared towards Masterminds, it can still apply to other areas as well.  For example, if you are developing your own coaching program, running a workshop, virtual summit or conference, you can apply most of the lessons to these contexts as well.

What Are the Best Parts About Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Best Part #1: The course makes you take action

It’s really easy to go through a course like this and just passively watch all the videos.  And you’d probably retain like 10% of what you watch.  But the modules are smartly designed to avoid this.  Because as you go through the videos, you’re consistently asked to apply what you learned and to do the exercise yourself.

For example, in one of the early lessons about Discovering your Superpower you’re asked to answer the following questions:

  1. List 3 things that make you stand out from your competition
  2. What are 3 skills you have developed that have allowed you to be successful
  3. What are 2 things you do in your business that make you the happiest
  4. What is your transformational story?

It’s a brilliant way to teach and ensures that you get the most out of the course.

Best Part #2: It’s not just about business strategy

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is first and foremost a training course on how to start and grow a mastermind or events business.

It contains all the practical and actionable business advice you’d expect to see, including naming, pricing and organizing your events.

But that’s not all you’re getting here.

Much of the material in this course is heavily based on the same principles that Tony Robbins has touted for years, that success comes from within.

tony robbins

“The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” – Tony Robbins

It’s no secret that the right mindset is a necessary ingredient for any successful business venture, so it makes perfect sense to have Tony (and Dean) do what they do best throughout this training.

Personally, I love this psychological aspect of the course. And you’ll get a lot of marketing strategies as well.

Best Part #3: The included MindMint software

mindmint software

Not only do you get hours of video and done-for-you templates, but you also get free access to companion software.

It’s called MindMint.

The software was developed by Tony and Dean to work alongside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course and is referenced quite a bit throughout the lessons.

It helps you do things like build landing pages, take payments, track sales, manage attendees, manage expenses, build out your agenda, survey your audience and more.

If you were to buy software that did all of these things, you’re looking at a bill of hundreds, potentially even thousands of dollars per month.

So while other people are having to mash different tools together to get a working system, you get everything you need to run a profitable mastermind under one roof, and it won’t cost you a penny extra.

Best Part #4: There’s an incentivized reward system

badge award

A reward-based learning environment is nothing new, but the Knowledge Broker Blueprint raises the bar when it comes to implementation.

Spoiler alert: It actually incentivizes you (shocking, I know).

Not only is an achievement system a great way to keep the momentum going as you work through the course, but the visual badge indicators—like the one shown above— give you a sense of progression that you just don’t get with every course.

Each module in the course also contains bonus lessons that can only be unlocked by completing the tasks within that module.

And there are even ‘Power Moves’ with even more content that can only be unlocked with credits, and you guessed it… credits are earned by progressing through the course.

power moves

What I love most about this is the intention behind it. At the very beginning of the course, Tony and Dean admit to using these “ethical bribes” throughout the course.

It’s a brilliant way to get their students to consume all the content of the course.

What Are The Annoying Things About Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Annoying thing #1: It’s a little heavy on self-development

No, you’re not having deja vu. I also listed this as something I really loved about the course.

The reason I’ve put it here as well is that not everyone is looking for the kinds of motivational tangents that Tony and Dean often go on throughout the training, which often consumes entire lessons.

Yes, the self-development aspect of this product can be a tad over the top in certain places — especially when you consider that this product isn’t really about self-development.

But if you’re at all familiar with Tony Robbins and his style of teaching, the tone of this course is nothing out of the ordinary.

Annoying thing #2: It’s mostly Dean (and his team)

When you see names like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson next to a product, you know you’re in for something special.

But if you’re wondering who the main man is behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, I’ll tell you…

It’s Dean Graziosi.

In fact, aside from the first module, which focuses a lot around mindset training, Tony barely appears in the rest of the course.

As for Russell? He only really makes an appearance in the bonus section, and having his name as a co-creator doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s a straight-up leverage marketing tactic.

To be clear, I’m not taking anything away from Dean, his credibility or his teaching style, but it would have been nice to see a more even spread throughout the course — especially given how it’s marketed.

An Inside Look at the Knowledge Broker Blueprint

course content

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is made up of 4 core modules that take you through a logical process of starting and growing a mastermind business, along with several bonus lessons.

While most courses tend to have more modules than KBB, I can’t stress how deep each module goes with not only the number of lessons but also how deep the lessons go into their respective topics.

The 4 core modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: Extract It
  • Module 2: Fill It
  • Module 3: Run It
  • Module 4: Knowledge Broker
  • Bonuses

Module #1: Extract It

extract it

This module contains 5 core lessons (each with a number of sub-lessons) that are designed to help you lay the groundwork for your mastermind.

As you’d expect from an early course module, there’s a lot of necessary mindset stuff in here, and who better to get you in the right headspace the Tony Robbins himself?

The lessons are:

  • Lesson 1: Tony Robbins Secret to Success — This lesson will be familiar if you’ve seen Tony in action before. In essence, it covers the “must-have” mindset in order to succeed in any business and the approach you need to adopt to make it big with this particular business venture.
  • Lesson 2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client — Dean takes over this one to help you dig deep and find your unique “superpower” (what you’re really good at, not just okay at), and how to use that information to find your ideal client with the help of a handy niche-narrowing tool.
  • Lesson 3: Story, Teach, Tool — Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage attendees as a speaker, and Dean shows you how to apply this in both mastermind and smaller workshop events. There’s also a detailed lesson on what, specifically you should be teaching.
  • Lesson 4: Your Toolbox — This one is PACKED with sub-lessons that walk you through a variety of tools, including the “Clarity Tool” to help focus your attendees, and the “The Needle Movers” tool to find out what’s working for them, and how they can further improve on it. Plenty of aha moments to be had here.
  • Lesson 5: Your First Agenda — A slightly shorter (but still key) lesson to end the module, this one shifts into the more traditional aspect of creating your business, such as finding a name and deciding on the length of your mastermind. There’s also a drag-and-drop software you can use for building your agenda.

Module #2: Fill It

fill it

This module is all about the philosophy of selling and exploring ways to sell authentically so that it no longer feels like a chore, but something you embrace.

Like the first module, this one starts off talking about high-level strategy, before going into some of the more tactical aspects of creating your mastermind, including done-for-you marketing materials you can use right away.

The lessons are:

  • Lesson 1: Becoming a Marketing Expert — Dean shows you how to become a marketing “expert” without feeling like a salesperson, as well as making an impact by persuading someone to give you money so you can help change their life. You’ll also learn a powerful technique called “hook, story, close”.
  • Lesson 2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint — Dean walks you through what he calls the “mastermind funnel blueprint”—which is a funnel-based approach to selling—and how to set it up. These lessons also include a conversation on how to correctly price your mastermind.
  • Lesson 3: The Wagon Wheel — This is where you start getting deep into the marketing strategy, including how to leverage Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms, along with email and affiliate marketing. The title of this lesson refers to how each of these work together to create a winning combination.
  • Lesson 4: The Different Pages — Going back to funnels, this lesson dives into the different areas of your funnel and how to optimize them for the best results, such as creating the perfect order page, or application page. And it’s not just theory, they also show you how to do this using the provided software.
  • Lesson 5: The Launch Secrets — In the final lesson of the module, Dean reveals a proven launch strategy that only his top paying clients ever get access to. There’s a reason they called this one “launch secrets”, but I’m not going to give anything away here. 😉

Module #3: Run It

run it

This module is all about how to run your mastermind event, including what happens after the sale, prepping for both online and in-person events, the types of emails you need to send after the event, how do you build real relationships with your attendees and more.

If you’re the kind of person that tends to get hung up on details as an organizer (like me), I think you’ll likely find this module extremely helpful as it directly tackles many of the questions I had going into this course.

The lessons are:

  • Lesson 1: The Perfect Mastermind Formula — Dean talks about his early days in the business when he once ran a small mastermind of 10 people (showing that starting small is okay). He also focuses more on the psychology of running such an event rather than the science, but that comes later in the module.
  • Lesson 2: Virtual Event Checklist — This is a checklist to follow if you’re looking to host a virtual (online) mastermind, including setting up the software and real examples you can model. There’s also a bonus video from Russell Brunson. If you have no intention of going digital, you may want to skip this one.
  • Lesson 3: The Perfect In-Person Event — Like the lesson before, this one is essentially a checklist for in-person events, and since this is a more complex event, there’s naturally more content to go through. It includes everything from choosing a location, communicating with attendees, logistics, prepping the room and everything in between.
  • Lesson 4: Last Steps & Thank You — This is a recap lesson that quickly goes over everything in the course up until the third module, as well as a personal thank you video from Dean. Hopefully, you haven’t had your fill of motivational speeches by this point, because there’s more of it here. 🙂

Module #4: Knowledge Broker

knowledge broker

Unlike the previous modules, this one isn’t a continuation of the module before it. It’s a standalone module with fewer lessons and an optional one at that.

Instead, it focuses on leveraging other people’s knowledge, the knowledge of existing experts as an alternative strategy to the “Extract It” module from the early part of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program.

This material gives the course a much wider appeal as you don’t need to have years of experience and expertise in order to take advantage of the mastermind business model. As long as you know how to find and approach the right people, you can just as easily pull this off.

The lessons are:

  • Lesson 1: What It Means to be a Knowledge Broker — Dean talks about what it means to be a knowledge broker, how to tap into your existing network to connect with experts, how to establish the right relationship with that expert, and, most importantly, strike a profitable deal for both parties.
  • Lesson 2: Getting a Commitment from the Expert — If the idea of approaching an expert for a joint venture scares you, this lesson directly tackles that fear. Dean shares some interesting strategies to get an expert to say yes, and overcome some of the inevitable objections you’ll face.
  • Lesson 3: Foundation of a Successful Business — This is where things start getting back to high-level strategy and mindset advice, straying quite significantly from the topic of the module, in my opinion. Here you’ll find more “secrets” on becoming successful in business, but it’s essentially one last burst of motivation to finish off the course.
  • Lesson 4: The Truth About Tony & Dean’s Success — This bonus lesson isn’t really a lesson, but an interview between Tony and Dean about how they got started in the mastermind/events industry, and the many pitfalls they faced along the way. It’s not core material, but it’s certainly a welcome addition to the course.

Other Bonuses

other bonuses

Aside from the bonus lessons found under the core modules (which are unlocked by completing sessions and quizzes), The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program also features a few other bonuses, separate from the course.

The bonuses are:

  • Bonus 1: Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge
  • Bonus 2: Dean’s Inner Circle
  • Bonus 3: Traffic Bundle
  • Bonus 4: Tony Robbins Platinum Videos
  • Bonus 5: Russell Brunson Training
  • Bonus 6: Tony Robbins Priming Exercise
  • Bonus 7: Jenna Kutcher Training
  • Bonus 8: Becoming the Reporter
  • Bonus 9: The Facebook Community

Make no mistake, there are literally hours of material in the bonus section alone, so if you’re worried about the depth of content in this course, worry no more.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Pricing

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint can be purchased for a one time purchase of $1,997.  Or you can take the payment plan option and get the course for 4 payments of $597 each.

This also included 6 months free of the MindMint software.

KBB also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  So if you feel you’re not getting enough value out of the course, you can ask for a refund.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn about creating your own mastermind, why not learn from the best?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a very thorough course that covers everything you need to run your next mastermind.

Dean is a really inspirational teacher and I especially love the stories that he weaves into his lessons.

And even though I won’t be running a mastermind anytime soon, I still got some incredible value from the course that I will be able to incorporate into other aspects of my business as well.

But if you are planning to run a mastermind, I would definitely give KBB a look. I think you will get a lot out of it as well.

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