LeadPages Q&A

LeadPages is easily one of the most popular products today for building landing pages and collecting leads.

I’ve been a subscriber awhile now, so I thought I’d put together a LeadPages’ resource page that has answers to some of the most common questions people are asking regarding LeadPages.

This page will be constantly updated as LeadPages evolves, so keep checking back.

Can you sell things directly with LeadPages?

Yes, you can, although the process is tricky and can be quite technical.

For example, you can collect payments using Stripe and LeadPages, but there is some coding involved and you have an SSL enabled web server.

Check out LeadStripe for a comprehensive video tutorials on how to do this. (opt-in required).


If you really want to sell stuff, you may want to look at ClickFunnels instead. ClickFunnels has direct integration with payment processors like Stripe and it’s specifically designed to create sales funnels like this.

How customizable are the LeadPages templates?

The LeadPages editor, while simple to use is quite basic in terms of what attributes you can modify for each template.

You can make basic text style changes (fonts, colors, size) to different text elements. And you can change the colors of different elements.

Elements in any given template can be hidden, but not moved around. Images of course can be modified to use your own.

Where LeadPages really shines is the polished templates that they offer. The idea being that these are proven, highly converting templates that don’t need much customization to work well.

How do you implement content upgrades with LeadPages

Content upgrades are a hot topic these days. And why wouldn’t they be?

By offering a extremely targeted opt-in offer, some bloggers have seen their conversion rates jump up as high as 20-30%.


In the past, it would be quite the technical challenge to add content upgrades to your site, but it’s quite easy with LeadPages.

All you need to do is create a LeadBox using the Button or Image link type. This will create a 2 step opt-in popup which will increase your conversions.

Insert the generated code at the bottom of your specific post and you’re good to go.

To deliver your Lead Magnet, you can turn on Digital Asset Delivery for your landing page and select your specific content upgrade lead magnet. After someone opt-ins, LeadPages will automatically give your subscriber a link to download.

Can you use Leadpages with FB ads?

If you use a paid traffic source like Facebook ads, then this is one of the best ways to use Leadpages to build your email list fast.

LeadPages includes a Facebook publishing option that makes publishing any page to a Facebook tab very easy.

Here’s a detailed case study that shows how Marina De Giovanni built up an email list of 17,800 in six weeks for her newly launched fashion blog. Solely using Facebook ads and LeadPages.

If you want to learn more, there’s a free Facebook Ads training video course that shows you step by step how to get started.

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages? Which is better?

You will see ClickFunnels mentioned a lot as a competitor to LeadPages. And they do have some overlap in functionality.

Which product you should choose depends on what you are looking for.


If you want build a complete sales funnel that captures leads, can offer upsells and downsells, and directly sell a product then you should just go with ClickFunnels. It’s a very impressive system and you can read my review of ClickFunnels if you want to learn more.

However, if all you need is a service that captures leads, then ClickFunnels is definitely overkill and LeadPages is the right choice. Although it lacks the customization of ClickFunnels it’s much easier to get started with and it comes with a wider variety of good looking templates.

LeadPages is cheaper at $67 a month vs $97 a month for ClickFunnels. Plus you can create unlimited landing pages and Leadboxes with LeadPages while ClickFunnels has limits on the number of funnels you can create and the amount of traffic you can send to them.

How do you track visitors to your LeadPages?

LeadPages has some basic built-in analytics which allow you to see the number of visitors to your leadpage. And for LeadBoxes it will show you your conversion rates.

But a lot of people want more so you LeadPages does give you the option to add your own tracking codes as well. So if you use Google Analytics, Clicky or any other analytics service, LeadPages does support them.

Are there any cheaper LeadPages alternatives?

I know some potential customers may be put off by LeadPages’ monthly fee.

My favorite LeadPages alternative is Thrive Landing Pages. At $87 for a one time price, you can use this Wordpress plugin on any of your sites.


It currently includes over 100+ polished looking landing page templates and each of these templates is completely customizable. The editor, powered by Thrive Content Builder is much more powerful than the LeadPages editor so you can be a lot more creative with your designs if you like.

The plugin also includes Thrive Lightboxes which is an alternative to the LeadBoxes of LeadPages.

Can you host your landing pages and LeadBoxes on your own server?

There are two ways you can host your LeadPages on your own server.

The first is via the LeadPages Wordpress plugin. Once you install and activate the plugin on your site, you will have access to both your LeadPages and Leadboxes that are part of your account.

You can integrate any LeadPage you have created as a normal Wordpress page, the Homepage of your site, a Welcome Gate or as a 404 Page.

If you are not using Wordpress, you can also download the raw html of any LeadPage and upload it to your server and use it that way.

What happens to my landing pages if you unsubscribe?

Unfortunately, once your LeadPages subscription ends, all your LeadPages and LeadBoxes will stop working, including the ones hosted on your own server.

Who is using LeadPages?

It’s kind of amazing to see how many people are using LeadPages for their business. It’s hands down the most popular product out there for collecting leads which is why you see LeadBoxes on so many different sites.

Here are just are several bloggers that are using LeadPages right now.

What autoresponders does LeadPages work with?

LeadPages directly integrates with all the most popular autoresponders including Aweber, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and Mailchimp. So chances are, if you are doing any email marketing at all, your email service provider will be supported.

Once your autoresponder is connected, all your lists and existing web forms from your account will show up and you can pick the specific one you want to use with your current LeadPage.

What are some of the best LeadPages resources?

LeadPages has an awesome blog that is updated very frequently. It’s the best way to keep up to date on new LeadPages features, but they are always posting case studies and interesting split testing experiments.

You can also keep updated by joining the LeadPages Community on Google Plus which is quite active and you can get answers to your questions very quickly.

There’s also ConversionCast, the excellent LeadPages podcast hosted by Tim Paige where he interviews some of the top marketers and discusses their favorite conversion tips and strategies.

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