Richard Branson Quotes

Sir Richard Branson is an English entrepreneur and business magnate, most notably known for owning the more than 400 different companies under the Virgin Group of Companies, and being filthy rich!

Branson’s net worth is said to be around 4.5 billion USD! He is the 4th richest person in the UK. He owns the Virgin Group of Companies, a conglomerate which has more than 400 different companies under it’s umbrella. Most notable of which are large businesses and multinationals such as the Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Marussia F1, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Radio and many more!

As a businessman and an entrepreneur, Branson is second to none! His businesses have done tremendously well, and he has made a ton of money over the years.

Branson, like many of the successful business men and entrepreneurs like him (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs come to mind) was a high-school dropout.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this man is that he is self-made! Branson is an inspiration to millions of businessmen, entrepreneurs and people out there, due to the fact that he, unlike many others on the ‘rich-list’ is a self-made billionaire.

His famous words lays down the ingredients essential to any successful business. Business, like everything else that you do in life, is not just about making money. It’s about creativity, thinking outside-the-box, and ultimately having fun. If you make a ton of money doing it, that’s great, and that is the mark of a successful entrepreneur.

How would you interpret Branson’s famous quote?