Tony Dorsett Business Quotes

“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

Have you found yours?

I found this wonderful quote by former NFL star Tony Dorsett while browsing Pinterest.

Dorsett had a distinguished and a highly successful career in Football, and this is a man who knows a thing or two about success!

I believe that in order to be successful, you have to be motivated and driven. You have to have something worth getting up for and fighting for every single day. Without the drive, the motivation and the inspiration, there can be no success.

So what is it that motivates you, and drives you to success? What is that one thing in your life that gives you direction in life? What is it that inspires you?

A few more Tony Dorsett quotes:

“Everything starts with yourself / with you making up your mind about what you’re going to do with your life. I tell kids that it’s a cruel world, and that the world will bend them either left or right, and it’s up to them to decide which way to bend.”

“I’m a strong believer that you practice like you play, little things make big things happen.”

 “Players are different today. They don’t understand that it’s a privilege to play this game. It’s an honor. You have an opportunity to make a lot of money. But when you’re complaining about only making $7 million to feed your family, nobody has sympathy for that. You’re going to turn people off.”


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