15 Great Landing Page Examples That Will Inspire You

In my last two posts, I’ve talked about two products that make creating landing pages easier, LeadPages and Thrive Content Builder.

What I have found though is that even people who own these types of products still tend to get stuck when trying to create their first landing page. Sure, you can start from one of the many templates available, but sometimes you want a little more to get started.

Perhaps a little landing page inspiration?

So I decided to spend several hours scouring the web and trying to find some great landing page examples.

What I found is that there are a lot of beautiful landing pages out there and a lot of not so great ones.

Of course I don’t have any conversion stats for any of the landing pages I found, so the landing pages I’ve included on this list are just based on my subjective opinion.

Still, I hope these landing page examples will give you some inspiration for creating your next landing page.

Please note that it’s hard to capture the full essence of a landing page with a single screenshot. Click the links to see each landing page in the way they were meant to be seen.


FoodTruckr is the result of Pat Flynn’s wildly successful Niche Site Duel 2.0 series. It’s basically a niche site he created targeting Food Truck owners.

The site sells a book he created called How to Start a Food Truck: The Definitive Guide and to sell it, he’s created a beautiful long form landing page with a clean, flat look that follows his brand’s style.


Social Triggers

Social Triggers is a marketing blog run by Derek Halpern.

His blog landing page is all about collecting emails. The most obvious is the prominent signup form right below the hero shot. But look around the page, and I can count 5 other places on the page that he uses to get more signups.



Kissmetrics is a company started by Neil Patel of QuickSprout fame. They sell a web analytics product that helps you analyze your customer funnels.

I like this landing page for it’s clean look. There’s a clear call to action that leads you to enter in your website url and take the free trial. It includes a nice screenshot of the product and lists the benefits at the bottom of the page.



Slack is a popular free tool for team communication, offering easy group chat and file sharing capabilities.

The main focus of their landing page is getting people to click on the video and their signup form. What is funny is that the video is basically a commercial showing how Slack is being used by the company that filmed the commercial. You have to watch it.


Blog Tyrant

I’m a regular reader of BlogTyrant and Ramsey has put together an excellent example of a blog landing page.

On his top menu he has included 3 options. Each option targets a specific subset of his readers to provide them exactly what they are looking for.

However, the main focus of the landing page is his email signup form which you are drawn to with a picture of himself sitting on a couch outside.



Wunderlist is my personal favorite Todo list app. I like how it syncs my todos across all my devices.

I really love the polished look of their landing page. It’s very clean and highlights the app’s features very nicely with lots of screenshots.



Typekit is a subscription based service by Adobe which allows customers to embed fonts inside their websites and online documents.

The Typekit landing page is fairly unique in that presents things through the use of dynamic mouseovers.


Rafal Tomal

Rafal Tomal is the lead designer for Copyblogger. His personal landing page stands out for it’s extremely clean and minimalistic design.

Click his call to action button scrolls you down the page to his optin form. His incentive to get you to sign up is by offering a set of design resources which he highlights below the form.



Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular sites for teaching people how to play guitar. The goal of this landing page is to collect your email address up front and then have you sign up for either their free or paid plans.

Their landing page features a big call to action with video. If you scroll-down the page you will see lots of testimonials and hero shots.



DropBox is probably the most popular service for syncing your files to the cloud.

What is unique about their landing page is the large amount of whitespace, the hand-drawn style of graphics used and the fact that they actually include their signup form directly on the page.



GetResponse is an email service provider that provides autoresponder capabilities for email marketers. The main purpose of this landing page is to get you to sign up for their 30 day free trial.

To do this, their landing page highlights a video and a clear list of features and benefits that demonstrates how their service works. Their call to action button is very distinctive and clearly highlights the free trial offer.



The Four Hour Work Week is a lifestyle popularized by Tim Ferris and his book of the same name. Tim is a very well known brand with a lot of influence in this space.

The goal of Tim’s page is to collect email addresses so we see a big hero shot of Tim Ferris holding his opt-in form, along with some testimonials in the background.


Death To The Stock Photo

Death To The Stock Photo is a popular site that offers free monthly photo packs of stock photos that can be used anywhere. They also have a premium offering which offers access to their entire stock photo library and an extra bonus monthly photo pack.

To promote each one, their landing page features a split design . The left hand side displays an optin form for their free photo pack and the right side contains a link to purchase a premium subscription.



Okcupid is one of the most popular free online dating sites on the web.

Their landing page is extremely simple and focused. The call to action is prominently displayed front and center and forces the user to select what type of date they are looking for. A few benefits are shown at the bottom to give new visitors an idea of what to expect.



Stripe is a way for businesses to accept payments online and in mobile apps.

The Stripe checkout landing page is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s simple, yet beautiful at the same time. Click the Show me link for an awesome interactive demo. It’s very cool.


How to use these landing pages in your own business

Hopefully you’ve looked carefully at some of these landing pages and identified a few that might work for your own business.

Now, you never want to directly copy anyone’s landing page. It’s the just the lazy way to do things, and you can get into some hot water if you caught. But hopefully these examples can inspire you when creating your own.

One way to get your own landing page created, is to use a design crowdsourcing service like 99Designs. I’ve talked about them at length previously, but this is a great way to outsource design work like this.

In your design brief, include a landing page example or two from this post and you will get back an original landing page design that is unique, yet captures the essence of the example you chose.

Or if you are more of a DIY person, you can create the landing page yourself. I would recommend using a product like Thrive Content Builder for this because it gives you the most flexibility in building your own custom landing pages.

Its real-time editor and extensive set of Thrive widgets allows you to mimic a lot of the design elements and features that most of these landing pages use.

Do you have a favorite landing page example? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

  • Colin says:

    Great post Kinley, you know i just went premium with Death To The Stock Photo from your link here!

  • Thanks for compiling these pages! I’m really impressed with Rafal’s page. You know someone’s a talented designer when they can use four different fonts in one headline and it still looks great.

  • Kulwant Nagi says:

    Such a beautiful landing pages.

    I loved ‘4 hour work week’ the most. Can you please tell me which landing page builder should I buy? I am confused between LeadPages and Thrive content builder.

    Secondly I have also designed home page of my blog very well.. So hope you would love to check that.. 😉

    • Kinley McFadden says:

      Hi Kulwant. I would say LeadPages is great if you just want to get up and running fast. You just need to pick your template, tweak your copy and images and you’re ready to go.

      Thrive Content Builder is for someone who wants more control over the design of their landing pages. If you like spending time customizing where to put the various elements and things like that, then TCB might be for you.

      I do really like your new home page design Kulwant. It looks very nice! Thanks for stopping by.

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