Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Hack These Super Affiliates Blueprints For Free

How do you react when someone shares their ClickFunnels success online?

I see it happening all the time in the Facebook groups.

Does it inspire you?  Or make you jealous?

For me, it sparks curiosity.

I want to know how they did it.  And see if I can apply any of their strategies into my own business.

Affiliate Bootcamp Review

Last updated: July 29, 2019
Initially published on: July 29, 2019
Product rating: 4.8 / 5.0

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A free virtual summit where you can learn the step-by-step strategies from some of ClickFunnels’ top affiliates.

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It’s very rare to have anyone share their “secret sauce” with you.  Because most people are afraid of being copied and losing their source of income.

That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on ClickFunnel’s newly revamped Affiliate Bootcamp.

It’s a free virtual summit, that taps into the minds of some of the very best ClickFunnels affiliates.

In this Affiliate Bootcamp review, I’m going to share whether this new product is worth your time, or if it’s just the same recycled information in a shiny new box.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

What is the Affiliate Bootcamp?

Affiliate Bootcamp is an online virtual summit put together by Russell Brunson and his team at ClickFunnels with the goal of teaching affiliates how to turn their affiliate side-income into a full-time business.

But this is not one of Russell’s traditional trainings.

For the Affiliate Bootcamp, Russell called in 15 of his top affiliates to contribute their own personal blueprints into the product.  This Super Affiliate lineup includes:

  • Steve Larsen
  • Dave Gambrill
  • Rachel Pedersen
  • Peng Joon
  • Jim Edwards
  • Greg Jeffries
  • Jacob Caris
  • Dana Derricks
  • Joe Marfoglio
  • Spencer Mecham
  • Marley Baird
  • JR Rivas
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Tyler S. Clark
  • Billy Gene

What’s the premise?

Russell asked his affiliates a simple question.

How they would feed their family with nothing but affiliate commissions if they had to start again from scratch.

Yep, that means without an existing product to sell, without a proven funnel in place, without influencer connections to leverage, and without any established reputation to rely on.

Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp is free…with a twist.  You only have four days to consume all the content before it goes away.

If you want unlimited access to the content, then you’ll have to purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge upsell.

Who is the Affiliate Bootcamp For?

As one of the best affiliate programs out there, ClickFunnels has made its affiliates a lot of money and awarded lots of cool prizes like with their famous Dream Car contest.

Despite these successes, Russell says that  “81% of active ClickFunnels affiliates make less than $200”, and how he aims to change that by leveraging the knowledge of the successful 19%.

For that reason, you could say Affiliate Bootcamp is primarily aimed at:

  • Aspiring affiliate marketers who have no idea where to start
  • Beginner affiliate marketers who haven’t quite figured it out
  • Established affiliate marketers looking to try out new strategies

But most of all, the Bootcamp is an amazing alternate offer for those who are already promoting the One Funnel Away Challenge as an affiliate. It gives you a really compelling front end offer to promote which will really increase your OFA sales.

What Are the Best Parts About the Affiliate Bootcamp?

Best Part #1: The Super Affiliates really go in-depth with their strategies

When you see big names like Steve Larsen and Spencer Mecham on the roster of a free program, you have to wonder if you’re only getting a small piece of the puzzle.

Well, I can tell you that’s not the case here.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what some of the best affiliate marketers would do if they had to start over from scratch, you’ll never get a better answer than this.

Many of these entries include hour-long videos with week-by-week breakdowns detailing their EXACT approach.  And if you purchase the upsell, you will also get a behind the scenes look at their live funnels and automations.

The value to cost ratio of Affiliate Bootcamp cannot be beaten. Period.

Best Part #2: You can start with it for free.

Let’s be real, you don’t call in favors like that if you don’t expect to make a serious return.

So why on earth would Russell be giving all these Super affiliate blueprints away for free?

Well, the content of course is centered around ClickFunnels. Not only using ClickFunnels to build funnels to sell products and services, but also by promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate to generate recurring affiliate commissions.

Russell achieves this by having students of the Affiliate Bootcamp refer others to the Affiliate Bootcamp, who then become part of the ClickFunnels ecosystem.

In other words, it’s specifically designed to help both the affiliate grow their business, while simultaneously growing ClickFunnels.

This is the beauty of making an awesome free offer.

Best Part #3: It makes an already amazing affiliate offer even easier to promote

The One Funnel Away Challenge is already one of the best affiliate offers I feel you can promote.  The training is amazing, and you earn 100% commissions on the $100 sale.

The Affiliate Bootcamp now acts as a free front end offer that gets you MORE referrals and pushes them directly into the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The key is that the Affiliate Bootcamp content is a no brainer to get.

You’re not going to get this value anywhere else.  So people are going to WANT to have lifetime access to these blueprints so they can reference them whenever they want.  Plus, the added scarcity (you have 4 days to view the videos) will give your referrals that added incentive to buy the OFA challenge.

It’s really an awesome example of a sales funnel in action.

How Could the Affiliate Bootcamp be Better?

Bad Part #1: It’s Free, but not totally Free

Yes, the Affiliate Bootcamp is free to join.

But the “catch” is that you only get 96 hours (or 4 days) to go through the many hours of content and build your own 100-day plan based on what you learn. After that, you’re locked out for good.

This layer of urgency forces you to take action or miss out.

Anyone working a full-time job or dealing with other important commitments will find this more than inconvenient.

But that’s the beauty of the Affiliate Bootcamp.

The content shared inside is so valuable that anybody wanting to take action with it is going to take the One Funnel Away Challenge upsell as well.  This lets you keep your access to the Affiliate Bootcamp for life.

And you’ll also get an extra “behind the scenes” video for each affiliate and the amazing 186 page Affiliate Bootcamp PDF which has all the the blueprints in a single place.

Bad Part #2: It’s Primarily Focused on the Make Money Online Niche

If there’s one thing you’ll find in common between the participants of this training, it’s they all make money in the MMO—’Make Money Online’—niche.

It stands to reason that this is what they would teach and recommend since it worked well for them, but it leaves little on the table for those who are operating in other niches.

That said, many of the blueprints ARE applicable to other niches as well.  So if you are working in another niche, you just need to think a bit how to apply the strategies to your own business.

A Look Inside Affiliate Bootcamp

To get access to the Affiliate Bootcamp, all you need to do is visit this page and put in your email address.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is presented as a 4 day virtual summit.  You’ll get access to Day 1 immediately, and then you’ll be emailed links to Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 on subsequent days.

Each day features 4 different marketers, broken down like this:

  • Day 1: Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, Dave Gambril and Rachel Pedersen
  • Day 2: Jim Edwards, Greg Jeffries, Jacob Caris, Dana Derricks
  • Day 3: Joe Marfoglio, Spencer Mecham, Marley Baird, JR Rivas
  • Day 4: Josh Rhodes, Tyler S Clark, Billy Gene, Peng Joon

If you opt-in for the OFA challenge upsell, then you’ll get access to all the video content in a membership area like this:

bootcamp member area

As a free member, you only get access to the Summit interviews.

But as a paid member you’ll also get access to a 2nd, behind the scenes video for each of the featured marketers.  And the other bonus you get for joining is the Affiliate Bootcamp ebook, which contains all the content in one place.  In some instances, I prefer written content over video, so I really appreciate the content being packaged in this way.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Content

While Russell kicks things off with the first video, the rest of the content is made up of guest contributors.

To avoid turning this review into a book, I’m going to cover 5 of the 15 contributors  to give you a taste of the content you’ll find inside the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Let’s start with…

Russell Brunson

brunson vid 1

Duh, as if I’d skip over the man himself.

As I said, Russell’s familiar face will appear in the very first video of the course, laying out his complete ‘from-scratch’ plan to affiliate marketing in under 30 minutes.

Before Russell dives into his plan, however, he does give the obligatory mindset speech which could summarized like so:

  • Don’t expect to get rich overnight.
  • Don’t expect to get rich selling ebooks.
  • Go through the course, pick a plan you like and STICK to it.

Now onto the plan. Russell shows what he describes as his “go-to 2-step funnel”, a funnel he’s personally used “to generate millions of dollars in affiliate commissions”.

And when I say show, I mean show

brunson vid 2

The concept is surprisingly simple; choose a specific industry and show them how to use funnels in their business to… well, get more business.

Using the first page of the funnel to hook them on the idea, the second page should sell the concept of using funnels. Then, you instruct them to download a pre-made funnel which, of course, requires a ClickFunnels account.

Spencer Mecham

mecham vid 1

I talk about Spencer a lot on this blog, both in my interview with him and my Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review.

In a nutshell, Spencer knows his stuff — and it’s great to see him featured in Affiliate Bootcamp.

In his blueprint, Spencer presents a 49 minute video outlining exactly how he would approach his 100-day plan, which happens to be the same approach that ultimately made him a ClickFunnels super affiliate.

So what’s it all about?

Throughout the slide presentation, you’ll learn why Spencer loves to take advantage of organic traffic channels that rely on algorithms, such as YouTube and Google (hint: they can be manipulated).

More importantly, he talks about the concept of serving people in order to gain credibility and trust, which gives you a much better conversion than simply spamming every online group and forum you can find.

Of course, he also shows you actionable ways to implement this “giving” principle, but you’ll have to sign up for the real meaty takeaways.

mecham vid 2

This second video is a behind the scenes look at Spencer’s business, showing you how the theory (explained in the first video) translates to the real-world.

You’ll see everything from his exact funnels used to generate ClickFunnels referrals, to how he segments users using ActiveCampaign automation workflows based on whether they’re already a ClickFunnels user.

Steve Larsen

larsen vid 1

Steve Larsen is an ex-ClickFunnels employee who went on to build a 7-figure affiliate business within 13 months of leaving the company.  He’s also one of the main One Funnel Away Challenge coaches.  His Sales Funnel Radio Podcast is also a must listen.

In his 1 hour and 10 minute video, Steve walks you through the same system he used to build his business after leaving ClickFunnels, which includes a few lessons here that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

For one, Steve believes in targeting the same customer base that ClickFunnels focuses on themselves because they’re already proven to convert. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your “who”.

Secondly, you’ll hear why pumping affiliate profits back into your business is essential to rapid growth. This is what Steve refers to as “seed money” and it’s something a lot of new affiliate marketers are quick to overlook.

Of course, you’ll also learn about the common pitfalls made by newbie marketers, along with a deep-dive into real, actionable strategies you can apply right away.

larsen vid 2

Once again, the second video takes you behind the scenes for a real-world implementation of the advice given.

Specifically, you’ll get a closer look at Steve’s funnels, how he generates leads with free products (such as a PDF), and examples of how to incentivize leads to go through your affiliate link.

Jim Edwards

edwards vid 1

Another recognizable name on the roster is Jim Edwards.  He’s the creator of the amazing automated copywriting software Funnel Scripts.

Jim kicks things off with yet another mindset speech and the different ways to approach affiliate marketing — which just shows how important mindset is.

From there, he talks about who you should be targeted, where to find them online, how best to serve them, and how to position yourself to generate the most affiliate revenue.

This is all done through 50 minutes of what he calls “6 phases of the 100-day plan”, which can be summarized like so:

  1. Why you should sell ClickFunnels: Explains concepts such as recurring revenue, platform/software dependence, having wide appeal and the level of customer service.
  2. Pick and analyze your niche: Why you should always start with what you know, as inherently understanding the pain-points of your audience will give you a distinct edge in the market.
  3. Create your value trade: How to zone in on the problem your target buyer faces, answer their questions, and find irresistible angles to bridge that gap — whether it be through webinars, videos, PDF’s, templates, or software.
  4. Providing consistent value: Why consistently adding value to the community creates opportunities, as well as the benefits of creating and actively promoting your own community in order to push your own products and recommendations later on.
  5. Become the expert: How to position yourself as a trusted expert through—you guessed it—even more value, but this time framing the affiliate offer as the solution. This is the realization that people are more responsive once you’ve taken the time to establish yourself as an expert.
  6. Consistent marketing and promotion: How to create value-driven content that generates income, such as a masterclass designed to demo and promote ClickFunnels, as well as how to push your content through free and paid channels.

edwards vid 2

In the second video, Jim switches to practical examples of how you might execute on his 6-week approach.

The overarching takeaway here is not to complicate things, and just keep it simple when starting out. He shows you to create a bridge page showcasing demo videos, and how to create a reverse squeeze-page that pushes affiliate offers the right away.

Jacob Caris

caris vid 1

Jacob Caris started his career in corporate finance before getting into online marketing in 2017. From there, he managed to scale his affiliate income to 6-figures in just 18 months while working full time.

Jacob is one of my favorite people follow and he’s always dropping value in his facebook group Affiliate Marketing Mastery for Entrepreneurs with Jacob Caris.

Unlike some of the other affiliates, Jacob spends a bit more time talking about his background and why you should listen to him. (Trust me, he is the real deal, so listen up.)

You won’t be surprised to learn that Jacob’s strategy revolves around delivering consistent value, as well as good ol’ fashion trial and error — so he first spends some time talking about these points.

Jumping into his 100-day plan, Jacob breaks down a full, week-by-week strategy you can use. Just to give you a taster, this includes:

  1. Create your branding: Choosing between a personal or business brand, why Jacob recommends going the personal route if possible. There’s also a good lesson on platform-consistency to be had here.
  2. Build a community: Create a branded Facebook community in order to build credibility and a place to promote offers via a sticky CTA. You can also use Facebook group questions to capture lead emails.
  3. Leverage video: Video works really well for affiliate marketing, so it’s a good idea to leverage YouTube and Facebook lives. This could be product reviews, comparisons and journey videos. Aim for at least 1 video per week.
  4. Start blogging: Don’t overlook blogging as a way to attract leads and generate direct affiliate commissions. Jacob talks about setting up a WordPress site and all the setup that goes along with it.
  5. Create a landing page: Create a primary landing page for your brand that acts as a “home page”. This will be used to recommend resources and collect email addresses for future offers.
  6. Differentiation: Try to break away from traditional content. Do interviews with other affiliates, create unique case studies, run special giveaways, publish coaching calls, and build a catalogue of share funnels to give away.
  7. So much more: This is a beefy one, so I’ll let you dive into the Affiliate Bootcamp yourself to discover the rest.

caris vid 2

Going behind the scenes, Jacob’s second video takes you into his personal ClickFunnels account to see exactly how his affiliate funnel is laid out.

This is a high-commitment funnel as it’s based on offering your time, but you’ll see each individual step in the funnel along with a detailed explanation behind why this funnel is worth the effort.

Affiliate Bootcamp Pricing

As mentioned a few times in this review, the Affiliate Bootcamp can be accessed for free using this link.  All you need to do is put in your email address.

Once you put in your email, you’ll get an upsell to take One Funnel Away Challenge offer which is $100.  If you take the offer, then you will get lifetime access to the Affiliate Bootcamp content along with your OFA challenge access.

One thing to keep in mind, is that if you go through this route to purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge, you have to purchase the physical box version which adds an additional $19 shipping.

Going through the main OFA challenge funnel itself enables you to get the Digital only version…but of course you will miss out on the Affiliate Bootcamp Blueprints.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest reasons for my success in affiliate marketing, is that I’m constantly learning from other successful marketers.

But I’ve been doing it the hard way.  Reading blogs, watching videos, buying courses over many, many years.

It’s a lot of effort filtering out those gold nuggets from all the bad and outdated info.

I would have loved to have a step-by-step roadmap on how to get started and it would have made my path to success much easier.

That’s why it’s a no brainer to sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp and check out as many of these blueprints as you can.

It’s free to sign up and it gives you that direction you need to get started and become successful.

All you need to do is set aside the time to consume them.  Take some notes as you watch and then pick the 1 or 2 blueprints that resonate best with you and start implementing!

Do this and you will put yourself on the path to affiliate marketing success the right way.

Get your free Super Affiliate Blueprints

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you enjoyed this Affiliate Bootcamp review. Please note that any links inside this article may be affiliate links to the Affiliate Bootcamp. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, thanks! Any money we make keeps this site running and allows us to keep producing high-quality reviews.

Also please note that I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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