Funnel Scripts Review: The Fastest Way To Write Great Copy


The most powerful force in online marketing are the words that people read right before they buy.

I’m talking about the words in your emails, the words on your website, the words on your landing pages, and even the words on your checkout page.

Every sentence should serve a distinct and unified goal.

Funnel Scripts Review

Last updated: May 24, 2019
Initially published on: May 24, 2019
Product rating: 4.7 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary
Funnel Scripts provides an easy way to get proven copy for a wide variety of marketing needs, without having to hire an expensive copywriter.

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And copywriting is all about rearranging your words in such a way to make things sell better.

But here’s the thing.  Copywriting is hard.  Not everyone has the skill to be a good copywriter.

So what if you are one of those people?  Is there a better way?

Today, we’ll be looking at a platform that helps you with your copywriting called Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts Logo

Here is what I’m going to be covering in this Funnel Scripts review:

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Funnel Scripts Bonus

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a platform that aims to replace your copywriter by providing you with custom sales copy for everything from sales pages to webinars and email sequences.

But how does it work?

Well, the sales copy is generated by combining proven, pre-written sales material with some basic user input, such as information about your product, as well as the benefits of using it.

And yes, this process isn’t too dissimilar to manually changing parts of an existing sales template, but FunnelScripts guides that process and even generates multiple variations you can use from a single click.

Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?

If you’re selling products or capturing leads online, you absolutely need copy that engages and converts your prospects.

Some people have the time and talent to write this material themselves, from scratch. If that’s you, then you probably don’t need FunnelScripts.

But for those who are more inclined to hire this task out to (an often expensive) copywriter so you can focus on other areas of your business — then Funnel Scripts is for you.

FunnelScripts is designed for busy, cash-strapped entrepreneurs who need proven sales copy on demand, without having to sell off their eldest daughter for the privilege.

What Are Some Of My Favorite Things About Funnel Scripts

Awesome thing #1: The copy is actually good

It’s one thing to offer quick and easy copy, but it means zilch if that copy falls flat to your customers.

As someone who used to offer sales copywriting as a service, I was ready and willing to tear Russell Brunson a new one. Except I couldn’t.

For most scripts I tested, the text perfectly modeled proven copywriting formulas and techniques, as well as maintained a high level of readability and engagement throughout.

outline file

Awesome thing #2: Go deep with downloadable Wizards’

FunnelScripts has a ton of web-based scripts to work through, but they also have a few offline versions (in the form of downloadable ‘Wizards’).


These are for more involved templates that require a larger volume of questions, but they also produce MONSTER scripts.

If you want to know more about these wizards, I have a whole section on them later in the review.

Awesome thing #3: There are hidden bonuses

Okay, they’re not exactly “hidden” but there are a few bonuses found at the bottom of the navigation.


These bonuses are:

  • Inception Secrets is a recording of one of Russell Brunson’s live trainings. The “inception” part comes from the idea of selling anything to anyone and making them think it was their idea. Sneaky!
  • 5 Fast Shared Funnels are a collection of pre-built “ClickFunnels funnels” (sounds weird, I know) that can be imported into your account.  Assuming you have a ClickFunnels account that is.
  • Funnel Blueprints is an interactive PDF that categorizes each script inside Funnel Scripts. You can click to access the scripts from the PDF and I found this a nice alternative to the sidebar menu.

bonus content

What I don’t like about Funnel Scripts

Bad thing #1: A few scripts are thin at best

The concept behind FunnelScripts is simple; provide the platform some basic information and it will use it to cook up some high-converting copy.

For the most part, FunnelScripts lives up to that concept.

Some scripts, however, fail to add much to the information you provide, meaning you essentially write the script yourself.

You’ll find the user inputs bolded in any script you generate using this platform, so the following screenshot highlights my point perfectly.

thin scripts

In this instance, the headline, bullets and even most of the opt-in text has all been provided by the user.

Thankfully this isn’t a common theme within FunnelScripts.

Bad thing #2: It’s somewhat expensive

Gaining access to FunnelScripts will set you back $797 for a one time fee.

On one hand, this is still cheaper than hiring a full-time copywriter for the year which makes it easy to justify the value.


On the other hand, $797 can be a significant investment for many small businesses.

Whether Funnel Scripts is worth it or not to you depends on how often you’re going to be using it.

If you use it just once or twice, it might not be.  But if it becomes your goto copywriting tool, then you’ll definitely get some enormous value from it.

A Look Inside Funnel Scripts

The Onboarding Process

Let’s jump right into the platform.

The first thing you’ll see when logging into FunnelScripts is the main dashboard. Be warned, there’s a lot to take in at first sight.


I get the feeling they’ve crammed a lot onto this page to give off the impression it’s a very comprehensive platform.

To give you an example, the sidebar appears to contain each individual script and spans the entire length of the page. I even had to make a GIF to show you what I mean…

I’m not saying it isn’t a comprehensive platform, I just would have preferred a more streamlined interface. It’s 2019 after all.

To their credit though, there is a “How I do use this?” section at the very top that guides you through a 4-step process.

4-step process

As FunnelScripts suggests, a good place to start is the introductory video that gives you a quick walkthrough of the platform.

I typically skip over these but I found the video useful in this case.

quickstart video

Despite the cluttered interface it didn’t take me long to get to grips with what is essentially a very simple platform.

Script Types

But before we get into generating the scripts (which is ultimately what you’d use this platform for), I’d like to cover the script types.

I’ve already given you a glimpse of the sidebar which includes all the different scripts available, each grouped into various categories based on the use-case.

Let’s start at the top and work down.

  • Expert Secrets scripts are based on Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets book which is all about using funnels to market your products and services. This section includes templates for curiosity hooks, the ASK Campaign and the Epiphany Bridge.
  • DotCom Secrets scripts are based on an earlier book called DotCom Secrets, which is a more of an introduction to sales funnels and what they can do. This section includes templates for Amazon, call-to-actions and lead capture.
  • Sales Copy & Video scripts has some crossover with the previous section but includes a more general selection for sales and video templates. These include scripts for order bumps, one-time offers, and webinars.
  • Case Studies & Testimonial scripts are pretty self-explanatory and only include two scripts. These are case study templates and what they call the ‘Million Dollar Testimonial’ script.
  • Bullet scripts also include just a handful of scripts for creating bullets for sales pages, emails, and landing pages. Here you’ll find templates for ‘Brunson Bullet scripts’ and ‘FBM Bullet scripts.
  • Advertising scripts offer a few templates to be used with paid advertising opportunities. It includes scripts such as the ‘Facebook News Feed Ad’ script and ‘PPC Ad’ scripts.
  • Content Creation scripts are a bit of a mixed bag, covering everything from about page to story ideas. It includes templates such as the ‘About Me Page’ script, ‘Free Report’ script.
  • Email scripts are to be used for your emails (duh!), whether it be for one-time broadcasts or automated sequences. This section includes templates such as ‘Auto Follow-Up’ and ‘Onboarding Email Sequence’.
  • Title & Headline scripts cover everything from email subject lines to blog post headlines, including templates such as ‘Dirty Little Secrets’, the ‘Million Dollar Headline’ and ‘Timeless Classics Headline’.
  • Sales Letter scripts cover your product sales pages for both short and long-form sales letters, with templates such as the ‘Long-Form Sales Letter’ and the ‘PPT Video Sales Letter’.
  • OFA scripts are based on Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge which is comprehensive, funnel-building training. It includes templates such as ‘Hook Story Offer’ and the ‘Offer Stack’ script.

Generating Scripts

Now you know how Funnel Scripts is supposed to work, but how does it actually work?

Clicking into any of the above-mentioned scripts will take you to the specific page for that script.

The first thing you’ll see here is a video explaining the script.

script demo

This is a great touch that I think is easy to overlook.

While you don’t need to understand how a script works in order to use it, knowing the basics allows you to provide better inputs which will likely result in a better performing script.

Below the video is a set of directions on how to generate your script. This will be the same regardless of which script you select.


Further down you’ll see the input fields which will be used to generate your script and above it an option to load examples. Sometimes you’ll only see a few examples, other times you’ll see more.

For this particular script, there was only one example available:

example projects

The input fields give you some direction as to what should be entered and even includes some text below for an expanded explanation.

Despite that, the team behind Funnel Scripts recommend using the example feature to get a better idea of how they should be filled out.

Some scripts will have multiple examples, but in this case, I had only one to choose from:

import example

Not only does this give you a better picture of how the script comes together, but you can even use these suggestions verbatim or tweak them as needed.

Of course, doing so would eliminate the appeal of this platform as you’ll essentially be using a word-for-word template.

Once you’re happy with your inputs, all you need to do is click the blue button to generate the script. In this case, Funnel Scripts made me multiple variations to choose from.

build script

The bolded sections are taken from the information you entered above, and everything else is essentially part of a static template.

From here, you can download the scripts by clicking the ‘Get Results’ button.

You’ll be prompted to choose a format, or you can have it sent to your email if you prefer.

download results

Unfortunately, if multiple versions have been generated you won’t be able to choose which version you want to download from this menu.

Instead, you’ll have to clip the sections you want and open a different interface. (I know, why does it have to be so complicated?)

The clip icon can be found at the end of each version, and clicking it will save it to your ‘Clip Bin’.

clip sections

You can click the button to open your click bin at any time, where you’ll see a similar download option and the ability to delete individual clips.

It’s all very “extra”, but it works…

clip bin

And that’s it. That’s really the heart of what FunnelScripts is all about.

Pick a funnel type, fill out the input fields, generate your copy and download the results. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Downloadable Wizards

No, you won’t be getting Dumbledore on your hard drive any time soon.

A wizard is a program that runs on your computer, and it runs you through a very guided process. Wizards are commonly used to install new software.

Funnel Scripts provides a number of wizards based on Russell Brunson’s popular training material.

downloadable wizard

In this case, I decided to try out the Perfect Webinar Wizard. Let’s face it, writing killer webinar scripts is no easy feat.

Before downloading the wizard you’ll be prompted to watch another video explaining how it works.

wizard video

When you’re ready, you can go ahead and download the wizard to your computer.

This will work for both Windows and Mac, but you can also just download a PDF version of the questions if you prefer.

download files

Once installed, you’ll be prompted to enter your Funnel Scripts login details to gain access to the software.

With that out the way, the wizard will get straight to business by asking you a series of questions. In this case, I’ll need to answer 78 questions.

wizard questions

Going through all of them could take several days, but you’re not totally alone.

As you go through each question, the wizard will give you a fair amount of help with your answers, including comprehensive examples.

example answers

I did have a few issues, however.

Firstly, there isn’t a way to skip questions and have those sections omitted from the script if they don’t make sense for you.

And secondly, navigating to previous questions is a nightmare as you have to click the ‘Previous’ button for however many questions you wish to go back. A list view to jump directly to questions would have been smarter.

Anyway, when you reach the end of the questions you’ll be able to build your script, and the wizard gives you several different options.

download from wizard

Like before, you can export in either plain text or Word formats, but you also have the option to export as a PowerPoint file this time.

You’ll also notice that different scripts can be made based on your input, including the ability to export your answers.

Overall, these ‘Wizards’ are an excellent addition and something I’d like to see added inside the Funnel Scripts website itself.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts used to be a yearly subscription product.  So you would pay $497 a year for access.

However, with its most recent update, Funnel Scripts now comes with a new one time pricing model.

Gone is the yearly subscription.  And in its place is a more expensive, but lifetime price of $797.

Whether this price is worth it to you, depends on how much use you think you’re going to get out of it.

So think long and hard about whether you’re going to be needing to write good copy for your business.  If you think you will be, then getting in on this one time price is a really good deal.

Remember, good copywriters are worth their weight in gold.  But at the same time the best copywriters are also very expensive.  So keep that in mind when deciding whether you want to pick up Funnel Scripts for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Funnel Scripts isn’t the first service to offer copywriting templates, but it is one of the few offering this level of customization and efficiency, not to mention the sheer number of templates available.

Is it perfect? No, few platforms are. But if one thing is certain, Funnel Scripts absolutely delivers on its promise of fast, easy and high-converting copy without the need to hire an expensive copywriter.

If you like what you see, why not take it for a spin?

Improve Your Copy With Funnel Scripts Today

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Funnel Scripts Pros

  • Fast onboarding
  • Introduction videos for all scripts
  • A broad range of marketing script types to cover different use-cases
  • Script generator with input fields for easy customization
  • Script examples to get inspiration and/or save time
  • Multiple scripts can be generated from a single input
  • Downloadable Wizards for longer, more detailed scripts
  • A few unexpected bonus products

Funnel Scripts Cons

  • Some scripts add very little to your own inputs
  • Downloading individual scripts is unnecessarily complicated
  • Wizard questions could be easier to navigate
  • Some may consider it overpriced for what it is
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