ClickFunnels Pricing: What’s the Best Deal in 2020 For ClickFunnels?

If you have read my ClickFunnels review or my ClickFunnels affiliate guide then you are might be ready to pull out your credit card and get started with your 14-day free trial.

But before you do, I’m going to show you how the ClickFunnels pricing structure works so you can pick the plan that’s right for you and your budget.

Plus there are other products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem as well, that you might be interested in. So I want to show you the pricing for these related products as well.

Here’s everything I’ll be covering in this ClickFunnels pricing article:

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How ClickFunnels Pricing Works

If you take a look at the ClickFunnels signup chart, you’ll see that they advertise three different options.

ClickFunnels Pricing 2020

The standard ClickFunnels plan is $97 a month and you also have the ClickFunnels Platinum plan which is $297 a month.

With the standard ClickFunnels plan, you are limited to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors and 3 custom domains.

This makes the standard plan best suited for businesses that need to create just a handful of sales funnels and do a moderate amount of sales per month.

The ClickFunnels Platinum plan, on the other hand, has no limits whatsoever. That means you can create as many sales funnels as you want and send unlimited traffic to them.

This makes this plan perfect for people doing a high volume of sales with their funnels.

Or top affiliates who want to take advantage of ClickFunnels share funnel feature to add lots of funnels into their account.

That’s not the only benefit of upgrading to the Platinum plan. You will also get access to Followup Funnels which is ClickFunnel’s built-in email autoresponder system.

Using Followup Funnels you can create Action Funnels, which integrate directly with your sales funnels to send smart emails to your customers.

In addition, you will also be able to use Backpack, which is ClickFunnels own affiliate system. So if you’re selling a product you can create your own affiliate program and recruit other marketers to help you sell your product for a cut of your sales.

And finally, for those that want to go all-in with ClickFunnels, you can sign up for their newest ClickFunnels Collective plan which is a whopping $1497 a month.

This gets you Live Phone Support (24/7 technical support), Funnel Frameworks Access (24/7 strategy support) and the Funnel Flix All Access Pass.  Plus, you get access to 4 Live events a year, including the 2 Comma Club Momentum events, the Inner Circle Cruise and the Unlock the Secrets event.

The Share Funnel Plan

What happened to it?

There used to be a little known ClickFunnels pricing plan that wasn’t even advertised on the main ClickFunnels website called the Share Funnel plan.

And it only cost $19/month.

This is for people who are interested in experimenting with ClickFunnels but don’t have the budget to pay $97 for a standard ClickFunnels account.

Unfortunately, this plan is no longer available to new ClickFunnels customers.  But there are some existing customers on this plan who have been grandfathered in.

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How can I save money with ClickFunnels?

As part of my research, I haven’t been able to find any discounts for the standard ClickFunnels pricing plan. However, if you are planning to upgrade to the Platinum plan, there are a couple of ways to save quite a bit of money… if you are able to invest a little more upfront.

The latest and greatest deal for the ClickFunnels Platinum plan is to buy the OFA Platinum package. This is a super exclusive deal, that only ClickFunnels’ best affiliates are able to offer.

You can purchase this for $997 and it gets you 6 months of the Platinum plan for free, plus access to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

You also get some extra goodies like the 30 Days (physical book) and White Glove Onboarding Service that will get you up and running faster. Plus you will get access to the Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets Live recordings.

OFA Platinum

This works out to $166 a month for the Platinum plan, which is a savings of 44%.  This makes OFA Platinum hands down the best deal for ClickFunnels!  

When my ClickFunnels renewal comes up this is the package I will be getting.

The other way to save money is to purchase the 12-month version of Funnel Builder Secrets. It has an upfront cost of $2,997, but you get 12 months of the Platinum plan for free.

This comes out to $249.75 a month for the Platinum plan, which is a savings of 15.9%.

Not only do you save some money, but you’ll also get some additional training as part of Funnel Builder Secrets including:

  • Funnel Hacks Master Class
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 Months Free Access to Funnel Scripts

You can also purchase Funnel Builder Secrets for 6 months for $1,997 a month.  However, that works out to $332.83 per month so you’re not actually going to save anything.  So the 12-month version is the only one that will actually give you a ClickFunnels discount.

Whether you go through OFA Platinum or Funnel Builder Secrets, you can renew them once your access expires. All you need to do is reach out to ClickFunnels support and they will handle this for you.

This means there’s no real reason you should ever be paying the full $297 a month price for the Platinum plan.

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Pricing for other ClickFunnels Products

The ClickFunnels software is just one product in the whole ClickFunnels ecosystem. There are a bunch of other related products that can be purchased as well.

Which is what makes the ClickFunnels affiliate system so lucrative. If you can get people into any one of these ClickFunnels sales funnels, you have the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions when people buy any of these products and their related upsells and downsells.

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day intensive training program.  Over the course of the 30 days of the challenge you’ll be giving coaching lessons from Russell Brunson (yes, the man himself), Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen as they walk you through building your first (or next) funnel.

I’ve gotten so much value from this training that I’ve actually bought it twice!  It’s amazing.

30 Day Challenge Book

The cost of the One Funnel Away Challenge is $100 + shipping for the training and the physical One Funnel Away Challenge kit.

However, as an affiliate, you can earn 100% commissions promoting the OFA challenge which means you can pay for the cost of the training by just telling one other person about it.

Traffic Secrets Pricing

Traffic Secrets is the newest book that Russell Brunson has published.  The biggest problem that most of us face is getting traffic.  So Russell wrote this book as the solution to this problem.

Inside he teaches you who your dream customer is, find out where they are hanging out, and how to create the hooks that will get them into your funnel.

I have the hardcover version of the book, and you can grab it for free using this link.  Just pay $9.95 shipping which is still a great deal since it’s $19 on Amazon at the moment.

DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets Pricing

DotCom Secrets was the first book written by Russell Brunson. Inside you’ll learn why you should be creating sales funnels and how to get yourself profitable selling products online.

Expert Secrets is his follow-up book. It’s all about creating your own tribe of raving fans who will buy your product or service. There’s some great advice inside there, especially on how to tell stories and present what you are selling.


Paperback versions of both books can be purchased on Amazon. At the time of this article, DotComSecrets can be purchased for $11.89 and ExpertSecrets can be purchased for $13.56.

However, you can buy both books for a discount if you go through their respective FREE + shipping sales funnels instead. Shipping is $7.95 for both books if you live in the US.

Or if you want the Hardback versions of the books you can purchase it through the Traffic Secrets funnel.  One of the upsells is to get the boxed set bundle which includes hardcover versions of Traffic Secrets, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Unlock the Secrets for just $30.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Having great copy for your sales pages, opt-in forms or ads is super important if you want to market your products successfully.

But do you struggle writing good copy? If so, then I would definitely take a look at Funnel Scripts. It’s a web-based tool that helps you write better copy.

Funnel Scripts Box

You’ll be able to pick from a bunch of different “scripts” for different situations. Then, like Mad Libs, you will be asked to fill in the blanks. Once you are done, the software will spit out proven copy that you can use as-is, or just for inspiration.

The price for Funnel Scripts is $797 for lifetime access. Or you can get it as part of Funnel Builder Secrets.

My ClickFunnels Bonuses

Now you know how all the different ClickFunnels pricing plans work, you can pick the right ClickFunnels plan for your business.

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You’ll get access to them automatically if you purchase ClickFunnels, the One Funnel Away Challenge, Funnel Scripts, Funnel Builder Secrets, or the OFA Platinum through my links.

ClickFunnels Bonus Offer

Here’s what you will get:

  • Bonus #1: Dream Car Secrets Guide - Want to see how I won the ClickFunnels Dream Car? I wrote this guide which documents all the steps I took to go from struggling ClickFunnels affiliate to Dream Car winner.
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