5 Easy To Promote High Ticket Affiliate Programs

If you had the choice, you would rather earn high ticket affiliate commissions over low ticket ones.

But there are certain challenges to selling high ticket programs.

First, it can be harder to get people to buy higher-priced products.

And second, you usually have to be a customer yourself in order to promote them.

Which can be a little discouraging if it’s outside of your budget.

So does that mean you’re stuck promoting low or medium cost affiliate products?

Not at all!

I’ve uncovered 5 products that you can join for little or no money upfront, and still give you the opportunity to earn high ticket commissions. It’s really the best of both worlds!

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

#1: Groove Funnels

Startup cost: $0
Highest ticket commission (as a free affiliate): $279 first tier and $70 2nd tier sales
Website: GrooveFunnels.com

GrooveFunnels Homepage

GrooveFunnels is a polarizing funnel builder/marketing platform. It has a lot of fans due to the incredible hype it has received.

But the software is still buggy and lags behind its competitors in terms of ease of use.

That said, it’s still a beta product and it is constantly improving for those that have the patience.

Groove Funnels has a Forever Free plan, which doesn’t require a credit card to sign up.

And free users can become affiliates and earn $279 commissions on every GrooveFunnels referral that upgrades to the lifetime plan. Plus you also earn a $70 commission on any of their affiliates who upgrade as well (2nd tier commissions).

What makes GrooveFunnels special is that users are heavily motivated to upgrade. People are used to paying $97 a month (or more) for competitor products and the one-time, lifetime payment option is a really compelling deal.

The other factor that motivates people to upgrade, is the bump up to 40% first tier and 10% 2nd tier commissions. Once you start earning GrooveFunnels commissions, you become more likely to upgrade because you don’t want to be leaving money on the table.

So to earn high ticket commissions with GrooveFunnels, all you really have to do is get as many people as you can to try their free plan. Which is pretty easy.

Pro tip: if you’re promoting another funnel builder like ClickFunnels or Kartra, keep Groove in your back pocket. You can position it as an affordable alternative for people who have concerns about the cost of these other products.

Create your Free GrooveFunnels Account Today

#2: Rapid Profit Machine

Startup cost: $0
Highest ticket commission: Up to $898 for a Massive Affiliate Blueprint sale
Website: RapidProfitMachine.net

Rapid Profit Machine member area

The Rapid Profit Machine (RPM) is a complete DFY funnel created by the #1 BuilderAll affiliate, James Neville Taylor.

The funnel shows you how to set up the exact same funnel inside your own BuilderAll account with just one click. This includes 30 days of emails created right inside of Mailing Boss.

You also get access to a free membership area where James has put together a great little affiliate marketing training. Plus there is a private FB group for members where you can get help and live training.

The system is completely free to set up it converts amazingly well in my tests. And it’s also the only way to get a free BuilderAll account right now.

What makes this different from other systems is that it is a truly one-click install. There are multiple income streams you can earn from, but you don’t have to go in and add in your affiliate links for them. It’s all done for you automagically.

Promoting the funnel will earn you free BuilderAll leads (from people who set up the funnel themselves). And there are several ways to earn commissions inside of the RPM membership area.

The big-ticket commission item is for James’ Massive Affiliate Blueprint (MAB) system. You can earn up to $898 per sale for anyone who signs up for it through this funnel.

The Rapid Profit Machine is the perfect product to promote if you don’t like selling. Because James does all that for you via the funnel videos, emails, and training inside the membership.

If you have an existing audience to share this funnel with, then you are going to do really well.

Launch your Rapid Profit Machine Today

#3: Legendary Marketer

Startup cost: Between $1 and $7
Highest ticket commission (as a free affiliate): $950
Website: LegendaryMarketer.com

Legendary back office

Legendary Marketer is one of my favorite affiliate programs. It’s an online marketing training program that has a really nice value ladder of products to promote. The Legendary community is really active as well.

You can join Legendary through one of several low-cost front end products ranging from $1 to $7.

You will then need to go through the 15-day Business Builder Challenge. After that, you can apply to become a Legendary affiliate.

Once approved, you can start earning commissions on every Legendary product, including their high ticket Business Blueprint products. The highest Blueprint + Coaching package can earn you $950 as a free affiliate.

What’s cool about Legendary is you just have to focus on selling their low-cost front-end products. Then once your leads are in the system, Legendary’s own experienced sales team will do the selling for you to get people to upgrade to the high ticket packages.

Become Legendary Today

#4: Freedom Breakthrough

Startup cost: Between $7
High ticket commission: $498
Website: JonathanMontoyaLive

Freedom Breakthrough course

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough course is one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing courses I’ve gone through. Jonathan is an expert at Youtube and Tik Tok so I’d get the course just for that. The course is $997 and affiliates get 50% commissions.

But Jonathan also has a front end offer called the 3-Day challenge for $7. What I like about this format is how interactive it is and it’s geared toward getting people quick results. And quick results mean a customer who is more likely to buy the full course.

Anyone who buys the 3-Day challenge can become a full Freedom Breakthrough affiliate. This means you can earn the full $498 commission just by promoting this $7 challenge product.

Pro Tip: If you promote Legendary you will inevitably get people who can’t sign up for it because they live in a restricted country. I like to position the Freedom Breakthrough 3-Day Challenge as a good alternative.

Get Results Fast with the 3-Day Challenge

#5: Affiliate Secrets

Startup cost: $0
High ticket commission: $448.50
Website: Spencer’s free courses 

Affiliate Secrets

Affiliate Secrets is one of my original favorite courses. It was created by the #1 ClickFunnels affiliate, Spencer Mecham. The course sells for $897 and you earn 50% commissions.

What’s great about Affiliate Secrets is that anybody can sign up to be an affiliate for free. You can promote the webinar directly and let Spencer sell the course directly.

But you can also get leads under you by promoting his free courses. He has several which cover topics from Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, Sales Funnels, Course Creation.

Once they are in his email sequence, Spencer will upsell his Affiliate Secrets course to all the leads you send. And you will get credit for any that convert.

While Affiliate Secrets 2.0 has been out for a while, Affiliate Secrets 3.0 will be coming out soon. Spencer has a really great reputation, and I imagine that a lot of these free leads are going to convert into Affiliate Secrets buyers.

So it’s going to pay off to start sending free leads now.

Learn Affiliate Secrets from the #1 ClickFunnels Affiliate

Final Thoughts

I’m all about selling high ticket products.

Because it’s your easiest path to becoming a six-figure a year affiliate marketer.

All 5 of these products stand out because they are easier to get results with than your average high ticket product.

They each have a low barrier of entry and you can focus on selling their free (or low cost) front end offer. Then you can rely on the product owner themselves to upsell their high ticket program. And you’ll earn that sweet commission when they do.

Give it a shot and let me know if you have any luck promoting these.

About Chris Fong

Chris Fong is a blogger and a 6 figure a year affiliate marketer. He enjoys helping others learn about different marketing tools and helping people achieve success online.