How to Download Wistia Videos To Your Computer (the easy way)

Have you found the process to download Wistia videos to be overly complicated?

I know I have.

I spent quite a bit of time reading several tutorials on how to do this and they are all time consuming, slow and worst of all, didn’t always work.

Then I came across this simple chrome extension, that let me save Wistia videos to my computer with just a single click.

And in this article, I’m going to show you what this extension is and how you can use it yourself to save any Wistia, Vimeo and Facebook videos to your desktop computer.

Why do you need to download Wistia videos in the first place?

I’m always buying courses and trying to learn new things as a marketer.

And most of these courses use Wistia to host their videos.

For the longest time I’ve been looking for an easy way to save these Wistia videos to my computer. Because for me, I prefer consuming video content offline.

I get to avoid the inconvenience of having to login to whatever course site is hosting the videos, and it adds the convenience of letting me watch content while I’m taking the train to work, or just working out at the gym.

My time is often limited, and being able to watch videos offline is a great hack for using my time more effectively.

The free way to download Wistia videos

When doing my research into this I found a lot of tutorials that show you how to do this process for free.

The steps involve viewing the page source of the video, finding certain urls in the code, doing some code replacement and finally turning that into a downloadable mp4 file.

But there are 3 main problems for the solutions I looked at:

1. Non-technical people will find the steps confusing.
2. It’s too time consuming and tedious.
3. It doesn’t work in all cases!

There had to be a better way.

The best way to download Wistia videos to your computer

Enter Video Renegade, the best Wistia video downloader I’ve found. It’s a brilliant chrome extension developed by one of my group members, JR McKee.

While it’s not a free extension, the amount of time it’s saved me and the value it’s provided has made it one of my favorite tools I’ve purchased this year.

It’s really so simple to use.

Once registered and installed, Video Renegade will overlay a small download button on the top left on every video in your current browser window.

Hover over it, and a small drop own pops open and you can choose what resolution video you want to save it as.

Video Renegade Download Overlay

That’s it. One click and the video saves directly to your computer. From there you can load it onto your phone, iPad or whatever you want.

Here’s a video that JR did in my group that demonstrates the extension in action.

Video Renegade is actually not limited to just downloading Wistia Videos. It can also download Vimeo videos as well as videos on Facebook. The only thing it can’t do currently is download Youtube videos (because of Google Chrome limitations). But as JR mentions in the video above, a Firefox version will be coming out soon that adds this capability.

How I’m using Video Renegade

So far, I’ve been using Video Renegade to build my own offline library of video courses that I’ve already purchased.

What I love about it the most is how fast using Video Renegade is.  Even if those free methods of downloading videos worked reliably, it would still be too slow to download a several videos at one time.  With the extension, it’s just 1 click per video.

I’ve already started using it to consume all the content inside of ClickFunnels Funnel Flix. And I’ve downloaded many of the videos inside of Legendary Marketer’s Club as well.

It’s honestly changed the way I am able to consume video content. Everything is on video today, and the extension gives me a way to efficiently get through the content I really want to watch.

If you do get it, please use it for its intended use. It is perfectly legal to download videos of content you own or freely have access to.

But don’t start using it to distribute videos to other people that haven’t purchased the content.

Video Renegade Pricing

Video Renegade is available at 3 different price points.

Video Renegade Pricing

You can purchase a monthly license for $27 a month or a yearly license for $97 a month.

Or you can be like me and purchase a lifetime account for $197.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best Wistia video downloader? Then the best solution I’ve found is to use the Video Renegade chrome extension.

It’s fast and works much more reliably than any of the “free solutions” out there.

So if you want to start building an offline library of video content, go grab yourself a copy.

I guarantee you will love it.

Get Video Renegade today

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