Convertri Review: Build High-Converting Blazing Fast Funnels

Slow landing pages are a big issue, especially if you rely on them to generate leads to grow business.

The slower your landing page loads, the more frustrated each visitor will be.

Which is going to put a damper on your conversions.

Plus, this is not a simple problem to solve.

Convertri Review

Last updated: April 3, 2021
Initially published on: April 3, 2021
Product rating: 4.5 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary
Convertri is a decent sales funnel platform that helps you build fast-loading landing pages.

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If you are using a landing page builder that generates bloated landing pages, then there’s not a whole lot you can do.

Fortunately, there is a landing page builder that was built with page speed in mind.

And it’s called Convertri. Its special sauce is their Accelerated Page Technology. Which promises to load every page (yes, even huge ones) in less than 3 seconds.

Does it live up to its promises? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this Convertri review.

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Here’s what I’m going to cover:

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What Is Convertri?

Convertri, founded by Andy Fletcher in 2016, is a landing page and funnel builder with a focus on optimization and speed.

Much of this platform is around building attractive-looking landing pages,  encompassing a wide range of use cases such as generating leads through squeeze pages, generating sales through sales pages, and even just presenting information through a full-spread website.

But if there’s one thing marketers have in abundance these days, it’s flashy new software that claims to help you build amazing landing pages.

So what makes this one so special?

Well, with Convertri, the value proposition is less about building your everyday landing pages, and more about the simplicity and flexibility of building high-converting funnels by strategically linking those pages together.

Who Is Convertri For?

If you’re in the world of internet marketing, which, of course, is anyone who runs an online business, it’s safe to say you need your own platform to reach an audience and potential customers.

If it’s building and hosting a multi-page website, Convertri does that.

If it’s building landing pages to collect leads and drive new sales, Convertri does that.

And if it’s creating a series of pages designed to increase conversions and revenue, you guessed it, Convertri does that.

But not only can this platform be used for your own endeavors, but it’s also a viable business tool for those who run web or marketing agencies.

Finally, Convertri takes much of the technical know-how and headache out of landing pages and funnels compared to popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, so non-techies will naturally benefit.

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What Are Some Of My Favorite Things About Convertri

Awesome thing #1: Page load speed is stellar

If you go to Convertri’s website, one of the core selling points they consistently repeat is how fast their pages load.

With other page builders, especially WordPress-based page builders, the speed of your pages is largely dependent on your own configurations, including your web hosting provider.

Since Convertri hosts all their pages for you, they’re able to optimize everything as much as possible on their end, taking the onus off you.

After running a few tests, it’s fair to say that their pages load fast. For example, my long-form sales page loaded in 1.08 seconds.

Considering there are multiple background sections, a video embed, and various images scattered throughout the page, this is nothing to scoff at.

To give you a comparison, my own Elementor-built sales page clocked in at a disappointing 6 seconds.

Awesome thing #2: You can personalize your landing pages with dynamic text

One really cool feature that Convertri has is the ability to pass in dynamic text to your landing pages. This allows you to dynamically customize the copy of your page based on the keyword in your ads.

Let’s say you were running Google Adwords traffic to a landing page for your online dog training service.

You could then create different ads that targeted different cities in your area. For example, one ad might be targeting dog owners in Houston and another targeting dog owners in Dallas.

With Convertri’s dynamic text replacement feature, you can pass in the location (Dallas or Houston) as part of your landing page URL.

And then on your landing page, it would show a personalized headline, like “Welcome Houston dog owners” or “Welcome Dallas dog owners”.

Without this feature, you’d have to create a different landing page for every city you wanted to target. But with Convertri, you just need to build one.

Awesome thing #3: It has done-for-you funnels

If you’ve ever used ClickFunnels, you’ll be familiar with the funnel templates the platform is so well known for.

The templates are a series of pre-designed pages with a unified goal. You browse the library, select the one you want (and that fits your use-case) and tada… you have a funnel.

Well, Convertri does this too.

When creating a new funnel, you’ll be presented with a series of options from Webinar Funnels, Software Funnel, Info Funnels, and everything in between.

Each of these consists of multiple pages, each chosen, built, designed, and organized to suit the objective of that funnel.

For example, here’s the info product funnel:

Any number of changes can be made here, including editing the design or text of specific pages, changing the funnel structure or removing parts of it entirely.

Of course, you can also build your funnel from scratch using individual page templates, but you’ll need to know exactly what kind of funnel you want to build from the outset.

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What Are The Annoying Things About Convertri?

Annoying thing #1: It lacks template consistency

When you set up a funnel that consists of multiple pages, it’s generally a good idea to maintain some level of consistency in terms of design.

Not just because it’s ideal, but because a drastic change in design can confuse prospects and take their attention away from the content on the page.

Convertri goes some way in solving this with the done-for-you funnels mentioned above.

But most of the template library is made up of standalone designs, often leaving you with a mish-mash of pages that just don’t quite work together.

Is this a deal-breaker? Well, not really.

The page builder does allow you to customize templates to maintain consistency, so this won’t be a huge deal for those willing to make the necessary color and typography changes.

Annoying thing #2: Page Importer doesn’t work that well

The premise of the Page Importer is pretty cool.  Put in any funnel URL from another funnel building platform like ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels, and Convertri will import it straight into your account.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work well.

First, here’s the result when I tried to import my Happy Birthday funnel (ClickFunnels version):


Then I tried importing the GrooveFunnels version of the same funnel.  It did work this time and managed to pull in my background image.  But as you can see the formatting is was still a little wonky.


So as you can see, my experience with the Page Importer has not been the greatest so far.

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A Look Inside Convertri

The Onboarding Process

After signing up to Convertri (yes, there is a 14-day free trial), you’ll immediately be taken through a step-by-step wizard.

First, you’ll need a choose a domain name for your account in which your funnels can be accessed, whether that be publicly or privately.

Technically, this will still be a Convertri subdomain so it will look something like Though you do have the ability to set up a custom domain later on.

From here, it basically guides you through the process of creating your first funnel—which includes your first page—inside Convertri.

You name your funnel, choose your domain (as previously set), and off you go.

The process then takes you through template selection, customization, and everything else associated with the landing page and funnel building features. And yes, we’ll get to all that.

Overall, I like how Convertri eases you into things by navigating through the features of the platform in a logical order.

Landing Page Builder

As I hinted at above, any pages you create inside this platform will be housed inside a funnel, which is essentially a group of pages.

For the time being, I’d like to peel away the funnel aspect and just look at what Convetri has to offer in terms of traditional landing pages, whether that be home pages, squeeze pages, or sales pages.

After clicking the ‘Create a Page’ button, you’ll be taken to the template selection stage before moving into the editor. (Note, you can directly import pages from the web which is awesome and kinda scary.)

Building a page from scratch is also possible, but for those who prefer a foundation to work from, Convetri offers a frankly staggering number of page templates. Well over 200, in fact.

Yes, many of these are just variations of the same template, but given the sheer volume of choice and reasonable design quality, it’s fair to say they outshine the competition in this regard.

You’ll also find pages for practically every use-case you can imagine, from lead capture to coming soon pages. Unfortunately, there aren’t any filter options aside from using a search query to narrow these down, so finding what you’re looking for isn’t as straightforward as it should be.

Moving on, with your template selected, Convertri will move you into the page builder/editor.

The first time you load into the page builder, Convetri will prompt you with a walkthrough video and an interactive tour to help you understand how to use the tools available.

Realistically, if you’ve ever used a page builder, you can probably skip all that and jump straight into making the necessary changes because it follows the traditional layout.

The elements (or building blocks) on the left can be dragged onto the page as you’d expect. The selection of elements is modest, so don’t be expecting accordions, progress bars, or anything fancy.

One thing you’ll notice is that Convetri uses what’s commonly referred to as a pixel-perfect builder.  This means you can use absolute positioning for elements on the page.

Unlike block builders, this gives you a lot more control over where elements are placed, but it can also be fiddly to manage when it comes to proper positioning and spacing.

Convertri does provide a ruler/guideline system to combat this problem, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Clicking on an element will open the properties window for that element, including basic styling, more positioning options, and borders and shadows. Text is also editable inline.

These options will be slightly different depending on the element in question, but I was overall pleased with the level of customization available through this panel.

Finally, you’ll find a few additional features in the top section of the builder.

These include undo/redo buttons, page settings (for general styling, SEO data, and custom scripts), triggers and behaviors, layers, checkout settings and more.

Crucially, there’s also a toggle to switch between desktop and mobile editing. I found the template designs well adapted for mobile right of the box, so responsiveness has clearly been considered here.

Overall, the builder is easy to use, and the resulting pages are well-optimized and fast loading. It’s everything you’d expect from a modern landing page builder with a very healthy selection of templates to speed up the design process.

Funnel Building

Linking a series of pages together in a way that’s designed to boost conversions or increase sales is called a funnel.

In theory, with enough time and technical know-how, you could achieve this manually with any page builder. But Convertri is built for this purpose which makes it easier to pull off.

To demonstrate, I created a simple 3-step funnel that includes an opt-in page and two upsell pages.

From your page’s dashboard, not only will you see an overview of all the pages in the current funnel, but you can also drag and rearrange them as you see fit.

Once you’re happy with the order, you can click the little arrow symbol to connect them as part of a sequence.

This serves as both a visual indicator to you, the user, along with an instruction to Convertri to suggest the correct URL in the link settings as opposed to remembering the URL.

In most cases, this means you won’t have to load up each individual page to link to add a link to the next page in the sequence.

To check this is set correctly for opt-in pages, you go through the form settings under the ‘‘Thank You Page URL’, which is the redirect URL after a form is submitted. (You also first need to integrate an autoresponder.)

If you’re selling a product, you do the same thing but through the checkout settings instead.

As before, you’ll find that Convertri already populates the ‘Redirect URL’ field according to how you’ve linked the pages in the dashboard.

As the funnel-building aspect goes, what you have is just a more convenient way to string together a series of pages.

While this is what you’d expect from a funnel builder, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the implementation. It’s useful, but far from industry shattering, especially when you factor in the lack of funnel templates.

Fortunately, there’s a lot more surrounding the funnel-building aspect of this platform that helps to bolster its value, as you’ve seen up until now.

Tracking & Analytics

Any competent marketer knows that tracking the performance of your funnels is crucial to success, and Convertri knows it too.

So how do you keep tabs on everything inside this platform?

First, you can see the conversion rate of each page at a glance from within the page’s dashboard, by looking at the percentage in the bottom corner.

This already gives you some great insights into what pages are doing their job, and which pages are falling flat (and ultimately costing you money).

But you can see even more data for each page by clicking into the ‘Conversion Details’ via the settings icon. This gives you the exact number of conversions and visitors, as well as the ability to toggle which elements should trigger a conversion.

Convertri also offers a broader analytics dashboard for each funnel, which can be accessed through the sidebar menu.

This reporting interface gives you an overview of your pageviews, prospects and revenue for the entire funnel over the last month, as well as how that compares to the previous month.

For some reason, it doesn’t allow to change the timeframe of the report or make a direct comparison with other funnel reports, so it’s a little rigid in some ways.

Overall, Convertri’s tracking and reporting features are somewhat basic, but it also works right out of the box which is a compromise many will find acceptable. Of course, Google Analytics integration is available for those who don’t.

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Convertri Pricing

So how much does Convertri cost? Currently, Convertri has a single public pricing plan.  It’s their Pro plan that’s $99 a month.  Or $75 a month if you pay annually.

With the Pro plan, you can build up to 25 funnels, and have up to 25,000 total page views per month.  You can also have up to 10 custom domains and even 10 team members.

There is a free trial available as well.

There’s also an Agency plan that’s available on request.  This gives you access to the Convertri Autowebinar feature and 25 team members.  The price for this Agency plan is $199 a month.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for solely a sales funnel builder, then Convertri fits the bill.  It has a nice funnel editor, that’s completely free form, so you don’t need to deal with rows and sections.

So you really can place elements exactly where you want them.  And create designs that really match your vision.

Its main selling point though is page speed.

If the landing page you’re building, is not loading as fast as you would like it, then you might want to give Convertri a try.

Convertri builds landing pages that load fast, which can be a big help to your conversions.

If this is something you feel you need, then take the free trial using the link below.

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Convertri Pros

  • Easy, modern landing page builder (pixel perfect)
  • Creates landing pages that load fast
  • Supports dynamic text replacement for more customized landing pages
  • Hundreds of professional page designs
  • A selection of done-for-you, conversion-focused funnels
  • Native shopping cart with 1-click upsells, bumps, abandonment, and more
  • Native integrations for many popular marketing platforms
  • Supports popups and sticky headers
  • Agency features like sub-accounts

Convertri Cons

  • Lack of design consistency across page templates
  • Relatively limited page widgets/elements
  • No live chat support
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