FG Funnels Review: A Worthy Rival To ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is the big name in the sales funnel building space.

It has a huge community and lots of loyal fans.

But it’s not really known for their “pretty” funnel designs.

This is important because beautiful funnels build trust and give you automatic credibility.

FG Funnels Review

Last updated: April 16, 2021
Initially published on: April 16, 2021
Product rating: 4.7 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary
For those looking for a capable ClickFunnels alternative, FG Funnels is a very nice choice

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And the more trust you can build with each visitor, the more likely they will buy whatever you are selling.

And isn’t that the point of any sales funnel?

That’s where FG Funnels comes in.

It aims to be a prettier, more beautiful alternative to ClickFunnels.

While also offering a bunch of features that ClickFunnels doesn’t have.

FG Funnels Logo

In this FG Funnels review, I’m going to cover:

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What Is FG Funnels?

What is FG Funnels

FG Funnels was founded by Julie Stoian and Cathy Olson in late 2020.

The software is essentially a white-labeled version of HighLevel. But Julie and Cathy have added their brand Funnel Gorgeous on top of it.

This means you also get:

  • Additional Funnel Gorgeous templates
  • Funnel Gorgeous’ support
  • Funnel Gorgeous’ education

The platform rivals ClickFunnels, helping you build high-converting sales funnels and campaigns quickly by automating tedious tasks like creating professional-looking landing pages or sending the right follow-up emails after a purchase is made.

Sidenote: Julie was actually the former VP of ClickFunnels and she used to be a big part of their One Funnel Away Challenge.

Similar to all-in-one platforms like BuilderAll and Kartra, FG Funnels is designed to replace most (if not all) of your marketing stack. It includes features like a funnel builder, email marketing capabilities, and a CRM all under one roof.

Who Is FG Funnels For?

If you are already in Julie and Cathy’s Funnel Gorgeous ecosystem, then FG Funnels is very much targeted to you.  You are a fan of their design and branding, and you want to use that for your own funnels as well.

FG Funnels is also ideal for marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to create high-converting beautiful funnels without the hassle of coding.

It also targets small businesses that don’t have a marketing team or the time/budget required to integrate a bunch of different software tools together.

FG Funnels can effectively replace your:

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What Are Some Of My Favorite Things About FG Funnels?

Awesome thing #1: You get unlimited everything

Most funnel builders have some sort of tiered pricing plans.  And their lowest plan always has limits and doesn’t include all features.

For example, ClickFunnel’s lowest pricing plan limits you to 20 funnels, 3 domains, and 1 sub-account.  And you don’t get access to Followup Funnels, their email marketing solution.

Currently, FG Funnels is giving new signups unlimited everything.  You get access to every feature that FG Funnels offers, and there are no limits on anything.

While it’s unclear if this will always be true, you can take advantage of this offer by signing up for their Founding Members unlimited account

Awesome thing #2: It’s a complete CRM/sales pipeline

FG Funnels isn’t just a funnel builder. And it doesn’t stop at websites, membership areas, or email marketing either.

It’s also a CRM and sales pipeline platform that offers an end-to-end management system for capturing, nurturing, and converting leads.

For example, you can capture leads through your funnels, dedicated popups, or calendar appointments, and access the entire list of leads through your ‘Contacts’ dashboard:

the contacts dashboard

From here, you can view just about any information for any individual lead, including their contact details, when they signed up, as well as the date and nature of their last activity.

You can add any number of these contacts to an automation campaign, or you can send a bulk email or SMS directly from this dashboard.

Contacts can even be directed through the ‘Opportunities’ feature to create a sales pipeline that you or your team can execute on.

the opportunities feature

Awesome thing #3: It has powerful automation capabilities

The ‘Triggers’ dashboard is how FG Funnels sends specific information or actions from one area of the suite to another.

They also allow you to pull off some very powerful “Zapier-like” automations.

The triggers dashboard

After creating a trigger, you can select what must happen in order for the trigger to fire off, as well as a specific action that should follow.

For example, you could trigger an action when:

  • A date occurs
  • A tag is added
  • A reply is received
  • A form is submitted
  • A note is added to a contact
  • A task is added
  • A purchase is made
  • A link is clicked
  • And so many more

Lead magnet opt-in

Actions offer the same options as triggers, so you have almost no limit on what you can achieve here — especially since FG Funnels also supports webhooks for the techie folk.

Triggers can even be used to move contacts or leads into campaigns, which can have their own automations such as emails and SMS messages.

Awesome thing #4: It makes it easy to switch from ClickFunnels

If you are making the switch from ClickFunnels to FG Funnels, then there are a couple of features that make the transition much easier.

First, the FG Funnels page importer lets you import in any ClickFunnels funnels you may have with just a couple of clicks.

Without this feature, it would be a pain to switch platforms.  But the importer works very well in my tests, and you can move your most important funnels over to FG Funnels very easily.

And second, you will notice that FG Funnel’s funnel editor is actually very similar to ClickFunnels’ editor.  So if you know how to use ClickFunnels, then there’s really not much of a learning curve to switch over to FG Funnels.

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What Are The Annoying Things About FG Funnels?

Annoying thing #1: You have to pay extra for templates

Throughout my testing, one thing I noticed was that templates were scarce throughout FG Funnels.

Not because they haven’t been busy creating them, but because new customers don’t get access to any previously released templates or designs.

In other words, the later you join, the more you pay to catch up on newly released templates for your funnels and websites.

FG funnels template

This will set you back $49 per design, though they’re currently offering 50% off for active FG Funnel members.

While not outrageously expensive, this feels like a bit of a squeeze considering how few templates are available to new customers.

A Look Inside FG Funnels

The Dashboard

The FG Funnel dashboard pulls information from all the different applications you’ll find throughout the suite, as everything works together like a traditional all-in-one platform.

It’s essentially a top-down view of your entire business, including metrics like number of opportunities, pipeline values, conversion rates, manual actions, tasks, and more.

You’ll have a better understanding of what each of these means as we go through this review, but for now, here’s what the dashboard looks like:

The FG Funnel dashboard

I won’t spend much time on this as there’s a lot to get through and I’m sure you’re familiar with software dashboards at this stage.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key applications you’ll find in FG Funnels, starting with the obvious:

Funnels & Websites

Surprise! You can build funnels and websites with FG Funnels.

This is where you’ll get the most value from the platform, as it includes the fundamentals tools you need to create a high-performing sales funnel.


Clicking into the ‘Funnels’ section, the first thing you’ll notice is that some funnels have already been created for you.

It turns out these are templates. Unlike most funnel-building software, you won’t select a template during the funnel creation process.  Instead, you will clone a pre-built template that already exists on your account.

A slightly odd way of doing it, especially since templates can accidentally be changed with the original designs potentially lost forever.

the Funnels section

From here you can click the clone icon next to an existing template or start from scratch, which will actually allow you to import a ClickFunnels template by URL if you happen to be moving everything over.

In this case, I’ve cloned the ‘Minimal’ funnel with 6 steps, as it includes the basic elements of a traditional sales funnel.

Once you’re inside the funnel, you can navigate through the different stages and even drag to reorder the funnel. You can also see the thumbnails for each associated page, as well funnel stats and associated products.

Editting individual pages

More importantly, you can edit individual pages, so let’s do that. We’ll start by editing the squeeze page design, which opens up the FG Funnels page builder.

One thing you will notice are some similarities in the way FG Funnels approaches UI and UX in the page editor with ClickFunnels.

The page editor

For starters, the page editor follows a similar color-coded pattern for sections, columns, and elements.

Each of these can also be dragged and reordered on the page, while elements can be clicked to reveal additional styling options, such as applying padding, shadows, and color adjustments. And yes, text can be edited inline.

New elements can easily be dragged onto the page using the element panel, and the library of elements to choose from is pretty inclusive.

the element panel

Elements include the basics like text, bullets, buttons, images, videos, forms, as well as more funnel-centric additions like countdown timers, surveys, and progress bars.

There’s not much else to dive into that you haven’t already come to expect from any other good, modern page builder, so I’ll just summarize:

  • Triggered popups
  • Mobile design
  • SEO meta data
  • Custom CSS
  • Live previews

Finally, you can easily switch between the different stages of your funnel without ever having to leave the page builder, which I think shows a level of dedication to user experience that isn’t always a given.

The only thing missing is the ability to split-test funnels and create share-funnels, but word on the street is both of these are currently in development.


The ‘Website’ section takes inspiration from the way funnels are built, which makes sense because both a website and funnel are made up of a series of pages.

Once again, you’ll find some pre-made templates (though only two of them), this time oriented to more traditional pages found on a website.

The website section

Starting from scratch is also an option, but I’ll go with the ‘minimal’ template to demonstrate how this works.

After cloning the template, you can click into your website to see the different pages, which include the:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Testimonials page
  • Contact page

The website pages

You can also check the Stats tab for the real-time traffic and conversion numbers from each individual page, or adjust some basic website-level settings such as your domain name, favicon, and custom tracking codes.

From here, you’ll either want to add new pages or edit the existing ones, but you can also clone your existing pages rather than start from scratch.

In this case, we’ll edit our home page to see how it appears in the page builder:

The website page builder

Thankfully, the website page builder/editor is exactly the same as the one used for funnels, right down to the styling control and individual elements — which is how it should be.

Likewise, you can embed marketing elements like countdown timers, forms, and buy buttons on your core website pages to generate urgency, collect leads and sell products.

And yes, you can still switch between the different pages of your website without ever leaving the editor.

What about adding a blog?

Unfortunately, while you could publish content on static pages, a dedicated blogging feature isn’t supported yet… but apparently it’s in the works.

Adding a blog

Overall, it’s not quite as polished or technically advanced as dedicated landing page/website builders like Elementor, Brizy, or Oxygen, but it delivers exactly what’s needed for a simple, professional-looking website.


The FG Funnels membership and course builder is bundled in with the funnel and website builder, and rightly so.

Again, we’re looking at a series of pages filled with content, the only difference being that access to this content should be restricted based on certain conditions.

For that reason, the interface takes on a new face:

The FG Funnels membership

You’ll start by creating a product.

The different course types supported are:

  • ‘Sprint Course’ for short courses
  • ‘Marathon Course’ for longer course
  • ‘Membership’ for regularly updated content
  • ‘Build Your Own’ for a custom approach

In this case, we’ll go through the process of creating a simple Membership area with a paywall, on a monthly recurring basis.

After selecting the product type, FG Funnels will go ahead and generate a basic layout to save you some time:

The FG Funnels membership product

Despite the change in interface, everything is laid out intuitively and you’ll feel at home if you’ve ever used a similar platform to set up a course or membership area.

Individual lessons can be edited by clicking the pencil icon, which then allows you to add videos, images and text-based content. You can also upload files and other resources for your students to download.

Editing the lesson

But there are some things missing here.

For example, you can’t add gamification like quizzes or polls to your lessons, and there’s no certification aspect either. (You can see member progress in the backend, however.)

The visual customizations are also limited. Aside from some basic color and header section changes, the layout and text used throughout the member area are the same for everyone.

The visual customizations

If you were hoping for the same level of design flexibility as the funnel and website builders, you’ll be disappointed.

Finally, let’s talk about pricing and collecting payments. You can set the price of your course or membership by creating an offer, including options for free access, a one-time payment, and recurring subscription.

(Sadly, it appears Stripe is only the payment processor available right now, so those who rely on PayPal will have to wait a little longer.)

Pricing plan

Offers also give you an opportunity to bundle multiple products together, which can be useful when offering multiple pricing plans.

Overall, while the membership portal is perfectly usable in its current state, there is some room for improvement.

FG Funnels Marketing

You’ve built your pages and filled them content, but how do you actually capture leads and communicate with them effectively?

That’s where the FG Funnels marketing features come into play.


Campaigns is where you turn prospects into customers, by taking them through a series of stages designed to convert them.

Each folder is a collection of stages, and FG Funnels automatically tracks prospects going through these stages along with their reply-rate.

Note: A lead will enter into a stage based on the triggers you have set up, which we covered earlier in this review.

The FG Funnels campaigns

FG Funnels sets you up with some stages by default, but you can add your own folders and fill it with whatever you like.

At each stage of the campaign, you can add a series of automated actions to nurture the prospect, including automatic emails, SMS messages, voicemails, and Facebook Messenger messages.

The stage of the campaign

Again, advanced users can even add webhooks and tasks to influence other areas of the FG Funnels backend.

Once actions are added, they will appear in a sequence format, similar to how workflows appear in platforms like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign.

Here’s a basic sequence for a single-stage:

Campaign configuration

Email marketing

Setting up an email marketing campaign is very straightforward with FG Funnels.  It offers a handful of different templates based on your use case.

In this example, we’ll choose a ‘Simple’ email:

The FG Funnels email template

You’ll then be taken to the email template editor, which uses a drag-and-drop interface similar to the funnel and website builder — but it’s not quite the same exact editor.

Here you can move, change or remove different elements, as well as add new elements like buttons, dividers, and social icons.

You can also break up your content using column blocks, as well as apply some global settings like background colors and shared button styles.

Editing the template

I did find some inconsistencies in the UI/UX, however, such as not being able to edit text inline. Unlike the funnel or website builder, any changes to the copy are now done in the sidebar.

Still, it redeems itself with the sending and scheduling options, allowing you to take full advantage of your contact segments, as well as turning your emails into “drip mode” for recurring sending.

The sending and scheduling options

Overall, it’s a good, basic, easy-to-use email editor that synchronizes well with the rest of the FG Funnels suite. What you see is what you get.

Other FG Funnels Features

With so much to cover in one review, I wanted to shine a light on a few other notable features inside FG Funnels such as:

  • Opportunities. This is your project management system, a bit like Trello or Asana, and it relies on pipelines that you can configure to your needs from within your account settings.
  • Conversations. All conversations you have with your leads will be in here, whether it’s an email or SMS message, and you can respond directly from this instant-messaging inspired interface.
  • Forms and surveys. You can add various kinds of custom fields, styling the form, redirections, send a message, form builder with full reporting and submissions.
  • Calendars and appointments. Your FG Funnels calendar integrates with your Google Calendar, along with robust availability and the option to take payments for appointment bookings.
  • Reputation management. Every good product needs reviews and testimonials, and this tool will help you not only request them from your loyal customers but also keep them organized.
  • Chat widget. This is how you add chat bubbles to your website, allowing your website visitors (and warm prospects) to communicate with you directly from the page.

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FG Funnels Pricing

FG Funnels is still in its early stages, so there is currently only one pricing plan at this moment. It’s called the Founding Members Unlimited account and it’s $119 per month.

With this plan you get:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Unlimited texting
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited sub-users

This pricing is available to their next 850 members. Once that’s reached, then expect the price to go up.

If you compare this to the comparable HighLevel pricing plan, it’s actually a great deal. The equivalent Agency plan (with unlimited sub-accounts) would normally cost you $297/month. But with FG Funnels it’s way less than that.

However, HighLevel does offer a 14-day free trial, while FG Funnels does not.

Final Verdict

FG Funnels is definitely a ClickFunnels alternative you should consider.

Especially, if you come from ClickFunnels, you will find things very familiar to you, like the editor.

And if you’re already in Julie’s world, then it’s a no-brainer to start using FG Funnels. You’re already aware of and probably fans of her designs, and it makes sense to use the same platform she is using.

And you probably don’t mind the extra premium you’re paying, because you will be getting new templates, getting world-class support from Julie’s team, and access to her amazing community.

However, make sure to jump in soon, as the founding member’s price will go away eventually.

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FG Funnels Pros

  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Full CRM and sales pipeline
  • Advanced triggers and automations
  • Drag-and-drop funnel/website builder
  • Email marketing and recurring campaigns
  • Campaign automations (emails, SMS, and more)
  • Advanced form and survey builder (with logic)
  • Calendar and appointments (with payments)
  • Online listings for directory-style sites
  • Embeddable website chat widget
  • Native video hosting
  • Reputation management portal
  • Supports sub-user accounts
  • Excellent support team
  • Has a no-limits plan

FG Funnels Cons

  • No native webinar support
  • Basic membership/course builder
  • No split-testing for funnels
  • Limited templates (pay for more)
  • Very few integrations
  • No PayPal support (yet)
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