How to Follow Up With Your Legendary Marketer Leads and Earn More Commissions

In my mind, Legendary Marketer has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs around.  The fact that they created a very compelling value ladder means the potential for affiliate commissions is huge.

This is why I built a free chrome extension that’s going to help you make more money with the Legendary affiliate program.

It’s called LM Affiliate Extractor and its sole purpose is to download your Legendary affiliate reports from your back office at regular intervals and push that data to a Google sheet.

From there, you can integrate with your favorite autoresponder using Zapier.  And if your service supports it, you can do some really cool automations which is the real power of using this extension.

In this article I’m going to show you how to set it up and then demonstrate some of the cool things you can do with it.

LM Affiliate Extractor Setup

But before we start, let me show you how easy it is to get yourself setup with the extension.

Step 1: Visit the LM Affiliate Extractor website and register.  You will receive an email with installation instructions.

Step 2: Install the extension through the Google Chrome store.

LM Affiliate Extractor Chrome Store

Step 3: Create a new blank Google sheet.  Copy the sheet url from your browser url bar.

Step 4: Open the extension by clicking the LM Affiliate Extractor icon in your Chrome extension toolbar:

LM Affiliate Extractor Icon

Step 5: Paste the url you got from Step #2 into the text field labeled “Google sheet url”

LM Affiliate Extractor

Step 6: Check the ‘Active’ button.  If this is your first time using the extension, you will be asked to authenticate using your Google account.  This will give the extension proper permissions to access your Google sheet.

You’re all set!

The only other thing to be aware of is that you need to be logged in to your Legendary Marketer back office for the extension to work.   By default, it will try every 60 minutes to login and download your reports.

If it fails, you will see a red ‘X’ overlaid over the extension icon.  To fix, just open the extension, click the ‘Check now’ button and login to your Legendary account.

I captured the entire process on video which you can see below. You’ll also see how I use the extension to integrate with my Zapier and ActiveCampaign accounts.

What can you really do with LM Affiliate Extractor?

Here are four ideas I’ve come up with so far.  If you can think of some others, I’d love for you to share them for me.

1. Automatically add all your leads to your favorite autoresponder with your tags

Legendary directly integrates with three email services: Aweber, GetResponse and SendLane.  So if you are using any of the 3 you can go to the Autresponders tab inside the 15 Day Challenge Funnel and follow the instructions to set them up.

But what if you are using a non supported email service like the one I use, ActiveCampaign.  By using the extension, you can now directly integrate with any service that works with Zapier.

2. Automatically segment your non paying leads and your paying members

One of the nice things about Legendary is that they provide you with the emails of both your non paying leads and your paying members.

But lumping all of them all together on a single list is not optimal.  The emails you want to be sending to your non-paying leads should be completely different from the ones you are sending to  your Challenge subscribers.

If your email service supports updating custom fields through Zapier you can now automatically segment these two groups through the Funnel field.  I show an example of this in the video above using ActiveCampaign.

3. Send emails based on your leads progress through the 15 day challenge

Another interesting field that Legendary exposes is the Last challenge complete day.   This open up a lot of possibilities, by letting you create automations that send out highly targeted emails based on their challenge day status.  Some ideas I had include:

  • Emailing people who haven’t started the challenge yet to watch the first video.
  • Encourage people who are stuck on Day 3 to reach out to their business advisor.
  • Send an email about why you should upgrade to the business blueprint for people who have made it past Day 5.
  • Reach out to people who have completed the challenge and get them on an email sequence that gets them to purchase some of the other products, like Marketers Club and the Traffic Rolodex.

These are just a few ideas I thought of but I’m sure you can come up with others if you are more creative.

4. Send automated SMS messages to your members

Here’s a strategy that I haven’t personally used yet, but I’m sure some creative marketers can take advantage of this opportunity.

As part of the affiliate data you get access to are the phone numbers of your members.

This means you can integrate with various SMS apps using Zapier.

One of the apps that this will work great with is Text in Bulk.   This is an amazing software that can help you create autoresponders for SMS messages.

I’ve done some limited testing with it and I have been able to automatically import my Legendary leads as contacts into the software using the built-in Zapier integration.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to maximize your commissions with Legendary Marketer, then you need to have a solid email followup plan.

One that converts your non-paying leads into paying Challenge members, and another that gets them interested in Legendary’s higher ticket offerings.

This is how you are going to earn those big commissions.

However, you can’t do this in an automated way with Legendary’s current set of tools.

That’s exactly why I built LM Affiliate Extractor, which now opens up a whole host of opportunities to follow up with your referrals.

It’s completely free, so why not take advantage of it.

Download LM Affiliate Extractor Today

About Chris Fong

Chris Fong is a blogger and a 6 figure a year affiliate marketer. He enjoys helping others learn about different marketing tools and helping people achieve success online.