Thrive Themes releases Rise Theme

Rise theme is the latest member of the Thrive Themes club.

This new theme has a simple, polished design that focuses on readability and typography and it’s ideal for both bloggers and affiliate marketers.

In fact, it was designed with input from expert affiliate marketer, Zac Johnson himself who shared with Shane Melaugh and the Thrive team his vision of the ideal Wordpress theme.

Here is how Rise Theme would look as a blog.


Notice the Feature box below the header, implemented via Thrive Focus Areas, which is ideal for collecting email addresses on your list.

Rise Theme also comes with a variety of landing page templates so it can be used to create landing pages like this.


Why Thrive Themes?

The tag line for Thrive Themes is conversion focused Wordpress themes. This means each of their themes are built to help you get more subscribers and make more sales.

While perhaps not as customizable as the Genesis Theme Framework, what we like about Thrive Themes are all the out of the box features that you get with all their themes.

Thrive Social Buttons

There are plenty of Wordpress social button plugins out there, but the fact is that the majority of them will slow down your website a lot.

Thrive social buttons are different. They look great and they load fast.

You can configure them to display aggregate share counts for social proof and the buttons are mobile responsive so they work great on mobile devices as well.

Thrive Focus Areas

Every Thrive theme has their own set of focus area templates. These can be used to show call to actions or include an opt-in form to collect email addresses.

Once created, focus areas can be displayed at different locations of your choosing based on the theme.

Thrive Landing Page Templates

If you want to collect leads or sell a product, then it’s super easy to generate a lead generate page or sales page template with a click of a button.

While perhaps not as powerful as say LeadPages or ClickFunnels, this does give you an excellent alternative to creating a high converting landing page if you are using a Thrive Theme.

Thrive Short Codes

Every Thrive Theme supports a wide variety of great looking short code elements.

There are short codes for simple things like buttons, blog post lists and content boxes to more complicated elements like testimonials, feature grids and pricing tables.


This makes Thrive Themes well suited for creating landing pages to both collect emails and sell products and services.

Final Thoughts

Rise Theme is an excellent addition to the Thrive Themes collection of premium Wordpress themes.

It has a nice, clean look and feel and you will be able to use it for a wide variety of purposes.

I’ve already written about Thrive Content Builder on this site, and while I haven’t tested it myself yet, I’ve heard good things about Thrive Leads as well.

These two plugins, in my opinion are already worth the Thrive Themes membership by themselves.

But if you are looking for an easy to use, yet powerful Wordpress theme then I would definitely suggest taking a look at Rise theme or one of the other Thrive themes.

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