7 High Ticket Affiliate Programs That Will Put Money In Your Pocket

A lot of people begin selling low ticket affiliate products because they think that’s the easiest way to start.

So they’ll promote cheap stuff they find on JVZoo or Clickbank.

But honestly, selling a $1500 affiliate product is not THAT much harder to sell than a $7 product.

And the rewards are so much greater if you are to incorporate high ticket affiliate commissions into your online business.

Just a few high ticket commissions each month can become a big percentage of your overall income and help you reach your goals that much faster.

So which high ticket affiliate programs should you promote? You actually have a lot of choices to pick from now.

In this post, I want to share with you 7 high ticket affiliate programs I’ve had success promoting myself.

I’ve purchased all these products and I’ve earned affiliate commissions with each of them.  In fact, I’ve made over $700k in affiliate commissions collectively promoting just the products mentioned here.

I hope this will inspire you to give some of these programs a try.

1. Affiliate Triad

[Commissions: Up to $1,665 per sale]

Affiliate Triad

If you’re looking for a hands-on affiliate training, then I would strongly recommend checking out Affiliate Triad.  It’s run by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, two of the most brilliant affiliate marketers you will ever get a chance to learn from.

The main concept behind Affiliate Triad is their monthly private promo of a high ticket affiliate offer where Jason and his team put together and give you all the funnels, email copy, and bonuses needed to promote this offer.

All you need to do is send traffic to it.

The best part is the community and support. Everything is done inside Slack, and I’ve been super impressed with how responsive and customer-focused the team is.

Why you should promote it

Affiliate Triad is like a Done-For-You affiliate promotion where you get a front-row seat as a master affiliate crafts the perfect offer in real-time.

There’s honestly no other program out there like it where you can leverage both Jason’s amazing offer specific bonuses and his unmatched ability to turn leads into sales.  And I’ve never seen two people like Jason and Wil working so hard for their members.

Affiliate Triad currently costs $347 a month. And if you promote it as an affiliate you get 40% commissions for 12 months. This potentially works out to $1,665 a year.

The price will continue to go up in the future which means the commissions will go up as well.

As an extra perk, all Affiliate Triad members get their Kartra accounts reimbursed (max $99/mo) for 12 months.

I’ve also created a free Partnership program around it, so you can actually promote the monthly offer through me if you like.  It’s a good way to test out Affiliate Triad first to see if it will be right for you.  Use this link to join.

Why you might not want to promote it

Affiliate Triad is only open a few days every month. It’s also best suited for people who have a built-in audience already so you can leverage Jason’s expertise and just send traffic.

Also, since there’s only 1 offer to promote a month, there’s a chance it could be an offer you’re not interested in promoting. Although you can still learn a ton by following along.

How can I learn more about Affiliate Triad?

2. Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA)

[Commissions: Up to $749 per sale]

SAA Membership Area

SAA is a combination training, live mentoring program, and community that is run by Jacob Caris.

Jacob is a ClickFunnels Dream Car winner and Legendary Marketer platinum affiliate.

The focus of SAA is on Facebook organic marketing. It teaches you the strategies to build an active, engaged audience on Facebook and closing high ticket sales with Facebook messenger.

Why you should promote it 

I really love SAA because the strategies can be learned and implemented regardless of any special abilities you may have.

The sales skills you learn can be used to sell any of the high ticket affiliate programs on this list.

And while SAA might seem expensive at first, just realize that getting group mentoring from a Super Affiliate the caliber of Jacob would normally cost you a lot more.

Why you shouldn’t promote it

You can only promote SAA as an affiliate if you are a member yourself.

And the outreach strategies taught inside SAA are the opposite of passive income. There is regular work involved if you want to make money with it.

How can I learn more about SAA?

3. Legendary Marketer

[Commissions: Up to $2,850 per sale]

Legendary Dashboard

Legendary is an online marketing education platform that was created by David Sharpe. It is made up of low ticket front end products and higher ticket products in the backend. These products are a mixture of digital content, video training, along with live events, and coaching.

Why you should promote it

Legendary’s products are really good and it has one of the best affiliate programs I’ve been a part of.

You can promote any of the 4 front end products which range in cost from $1 to $7.

Every paying member goes through their 15-Day Challenge which gets them familiar with the Legendary program and puts them in contact with their personal business advisor. On Day 5 of the challenge, each member will be presented with the Legendary high ticket offer which is where you can earn the big commissions.

In my experience, around 5% of paying members take the high ticket offer which is an excellent conversion rate.

You have the potential to earn from $1,000 to $2,850 per sale with their high ticket products.

Why you shouldn’t promote it

My main issue with Legendary is that it’s not available in all countries. So if you get an interested referral from a restricted country you are out of luck which can be very frustrating.

Also, while you can promote Legendary for free, you won’t get the highest commissions. To do that, you have to pay $30 a month to become a Pro affiliate.  There’s no other affiliate program I’m a part of that requires you to pay to be an affiliate.

How can I learn more about Legendary Marketer?

4. ActiveCampaign

[Commissions: No upper limit!]

ActiveCampaign Homepage

ActiveCampaign is the email service I use every day. I like it compared to other email software because it gives me the most power and flexibility in creating email marketing automations. Yet it is still quite affordable when you are just starting out.

Why you should promote it

What makes ActiveCampaign different from many other email services is that it scales to fit any business. It’s cost-effective in the beginning but if you upgrade to their more expensive plans then it can get pricy.

Which means you can earn some really high ticket recurring commissions with it. I have a few accounts that are paying $1k+ month in recurring commissions which is not something you get with most other affiliate programs.

Plus, the email platform itself is so flexible and powerful, that there is so much room to do different tutorials and trainings around all the things you can do.  You can also pair it with Legendary Marketer to do some amazing followup automations with it, to really increase your customer value.

Why you shouldn’t promote it

Well, first if you’re not using ActiveCampaign and you’re not planning to switch then you should promote your chosen email service instead.

ActiveCampaign also has a reputation for not being affiliate friendly. I have not personally found that to be the case, but you do have to be careful about direct linking.

Also, you need to have been an existing customer to join the affiliate program.

How can I learn more about ActiveCampaign?

5. Affiliate Secrets 2.0

[Commissions: $448 per sale]

Affiliate Secrets 2

Affiliate Secrets is Spencer Mecham’s flagship course. Spencer is best known as ClickFunnel’s #1 affiliate and his course teaches a lot of the strategies he used to become a super affiliate. His Affiliate Secrets course covers ClickFunnnels, Youtube (Spencer’s specialty), Google Adwords, Pinterest, FB groups, and a lot of other topics as well.

This is a great course, and I credit it for helping set the path for me to qualify for the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

Why you should promote it

Affiliate Secrets pays out $448 per sale which is pretty good. But what makes it unique is that you can promote it via Spencer’s free courses.

Any lead you get to sign up for the free course, will get marketed to by Spencer on the backend. And if they buy, you get the credit. Plus, joining Spencer’s affiliate program is free and is open to everyone.

Why you shouldn’t promote it

Spencer hasn’t updated Affiliate Secrets 2.0 in a bit, so some of the info may be a little out of date. But you will get free updates to 3.0 when it comes out.

How can I learn more about Affiliate Secrets?

6. Amazing Selling Machine

[Commissions: Up to $2,392 per sale]

Amazing Selling Machine inside

The Amazing Selling Machine is a complete training program that teaches people how to build a successful Amazon FBA business from scratch. It’s one of the all-time most successful courses, and they have already launched 12 times in its existence. It also has the highest price point ($4,997) and pays out the most commissions ($1,998) out of any program on this list.

Why you should promote it

Even during these strange times, Amazon is thriving. And so are many of the Amazon FBA sellers that are on the platform. I own this course, and the content is continually updated every launch to make sure it’s teaching you the very latest strategies. It has a lot of name recognition, and people get results with it. Plus it has some of the best guarantees I’ve seen for a digital product.

I’ve finished in 6th place in 3 different ASM launches, so I know there is A LOT of money to be made promoting this course.

And although the launches get a lot of hype, it is an evergreen product promotion as well.

Why you shouldn’t promote it

You don’t need to be a customer to promote this, but it’s hard to promote it effectively without having gone through the course itself.

That’s because the launches are quite competitive, and you can see people are putting together crazy bonuses to get people to buy through their link. You will need that experience in the Amazon FBA space to come up with great bonuses to compete.

How can I learn more about the Amazing Selling Machine?

7. Blake Nubar’s Partnership Program

[Commissions: Earn up to $597 per sale]

Blakes Partnership Program

Have you ever wanted to sell your own product, but didn’t have the time to create one? If so then Blake Nubar’s Social Media Lead Machine white label product is a really good choice.

I purchased it myself and rebranded it as the Affiliate Lead Machine which you can see by clicking the link. You can also promote this white label product as an affiliate. It currently costs $997 and you earn 50% commissions.

Why you should promote it

Blake Nubar is a master at organic Facebook traffic, so why wouldn’t you want to sell one of his trainings as your very own product. The product converts very well. I made $1k selling it with just a single post inside of my FB group.

And others like my friend Alex Elliot have hit over $90k in sales with the product.

Why you shouldn’t promote it

You will need to commit several hours of time to set the whole funnel up for yourself. And if you are in the digital marketing space, you might find it to be pretty saturated as a lot of people have taken Blake up on this offer.

The funnels are also built with ClickFunnels, so that requires an additional on-going investment if you’re not a ClickFunnels member already.

How can I learn more about Blake Nubar’s Partnership Program?

10 Ways To Promote these High-Ticket Products

There are a lot of different ways you can promote these high ticket products to earn those commissions.

Here are some ideas that have worked well for me.

1. Write a Blog review

Writing a detailed review is my favorite way to monetize these high ticket programs. Before people make a high ticket purchase they are going to do their research first. Your goal is to write a review that helps them make a buying decision. Which means you really need to have purchased the product and gone through them yourself.

Tell your story about using the product and highlight specific things that you like (and don’t like) about it.  This makes your review more credible, and you will make more commissions as a result.

Here are some reviews I’ve done:

2. Build a Great Bonus package

To really sell these high ticket programs you probably want to create a bonus package around it.

The secret is to add bonuses that are complementary to the product you are promoting. Perhaps it addresses a hole or enhances the experience of the product.

The best bonus page I’ve created was probably for my Amazing Selling Machine bonuses.

3. Build out a Silo

This sounds intimidating but it’s really not. All I mean by a silo is to write a group of related articles around a specific product.

So instead of a single review, you might add a separate bonus page, pricing page, tutorials, etc. All these pages are interlinked together.

What this does is make your site more authoritative around that product. Not only will a silo help you to start rank for more long-tail keywords around your product, but it will also help you boost your rankings for your main keywords as well.

If you search for Legendary Marketer or ActiveCampaign on this site, you can see I’ve created many pieces of content around each of these products.

5. Create a Case study

Nothing gets people more ready to buy than creating a case study around it.

It gives people a real-life example of how a product could work for them. And it demonstrates to them in a real way how it can get results. Plus it makes you more credible and authoritative as well.

I’ve taken a hybrid approach to this with my Legendary real-time case study. It’s a secret private group that’s for my Legendary affiliates, and I share what doing to promote Legendary and all my results.

6. Use Your Facebook profile

Your FB profile can be a really effective tool for promoting your offer. Especially for any program that teaches Facebook marketing like SAA or Blake’s program.

Just make sure to have a good cover photo and sidebar profile pic that had your picture and a clear call to action. And you can include a link in your profile.

While you won’t get rich doing this, it’s simple to do. And it will augment any of the other methods on this list.

7. Through Facebook messenger

I’ve made a remarkable number of affiliate commissions just by chatting with people over FB messenger.  And no, I’m not talking about spamming people with my affiliate links.

Instead, by being accessible and consistently providing value to people who chat with me, I’ve built enough goodwill that many people will just plain ask me to for my affiliate link before they buy something.

If you join SAA, you will learn the perfect way to sell any of these high ticket affiliate offers over messenger without coming across as spammy.

8. Through your email list

Email marketing is probably the most effective way to market any high ticket program.

People who join your email list are your biggest fans, and thus most likely to purchase a high ticket offer from you.

There is an art to email marketing however which you will need to master before you can sell effectively.

What’s worked best for me is my Six Figure Profits email course that’s available when you join my Facebook group.  The automated email sequences inside that course earn me affiliate commissions on auto-pilot.

9. Write Useful Tutorials

Like case studies, tutorials are an awesome way to show authority around a product. Because you are demonstrating your knowledge and providing value as well.

Of course, being able to create a valuable tutorial means you need to have some experience with the product you are doing the tutorial on.

Here are a couple of examples of tutorials I’ve written for Legendary Marketer and the Buildapreneur affiliate program.

10. Create a Compelling Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be a great way to promote a high ticket affiliate product. Because you give it away for free and also collect an email in the process.

SAA for example provides a Super Affiliate Blueprint template that you can customize into your own lead magnet.

Personally, my Six Figure Affiliate Roadmap has been a great lead magnet for me and has led to several high ticket sales from people who have read it.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to join at least one or two high ticket affiliate programs on this list.

Making them one of the key focuses in your business will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

If you do decide to join one make sure to check out my bonuses before you buy.

Not only will you get my mentoring but I’ve specifically designed my bonuses to make promoting these products yourself much, much easier.

About Chris Fong

Chris Fong is a blogger and a 6 figure a year affiliate marketer. He enjoys helping others learn about different marketing tools and helping people achieve success online.